Toya rice chestnut 10 kg gallery × × × × × × × ×  What is HigashiyaFounded in 1997, Higashiya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's...

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Toya rice chestnut 10 kg gallery


What is Higashiya

Founded in 1997, Higashiya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's lives.Designs and shapes considered to be patronized foreverTo simple things that never get tired forever. Somewhere simple and warm dishes are made by each craftsmanYou can feel the feeling you cherish carefully. A little bit more colorful than usual everyday tablePlease enjoy the dishes of Higashiya.

Toyamon rice crate 10 kg

It is a rice cake made from solid wood. Since the top cover is made to be removable, it is made with a convenient structure when putting together rice. There is also luxury, good color and texture of goodsIt is a design that does not get tired of watching forever.

"Rice Chest of Tung" Because paulowniae are resistant to humidity and contain components with insecticidal effectIt was handy for making tans to put clothes such as kimono since ancient times. It protects important rice from moisture and mold.


"Matsuda paulownia box made rice cake" Founded in Taisho 8th year, it is a manufacturer that makes traditional handicraft products boasting tradition over 300 years. It is said that a craftworker engaged in the construction of Nikko Toshogu in the Edo period began to make everyday items hereWe continue to make ceramics packages and various daily items everyday.


"Yurihonso Sasanishiki" It complements the taste of side dishesVery popular rice at KawashimayaYuri Honjo Sasanishiki 1 kgI will present. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, bactericides, post harvestsIt is cultivated rice without any use. Feeling loose and loose when put in the mouthIt is characterized by elegant sweetness.→ Yuri Honjo Sasanishiki from here


Other kinds of rice boxes in eastern shops

The rice boxes of Toya stock each size. 

Higashiya is developing a wide range of products

Apart from the items we introduced here, we have a number of Toya related products.Come, please have a look.

Toya's product list is →Here 
【Size】 W300 × D240 × H270 mm
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