Amenity of Tian Shan popular among professionals from home to home Building a store in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, own brand of Kagaya (Takumi factory)It is Chinese noodles of "Tian Shan"....

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Amenity of Tian Shan popular among professionals from home to home

Building a store in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, own brand of Kagaya (Takumi factory)It is Chinese noodles of "Tian Shan". This is a cedar-made Chinese sweet 18 cm size body.※ The lid and body will be sold separately. Tianyama is 40 years old, keeping making the food.It is handmade by special techniques using bamboo and cedar in China's own company's workshop. Besides Chinatown, it is patronized by specialists in the whole country such as restaurants and hotels. 

Natural scented cedar sauce of fragrant material

Since I use cedar on the side, I smell good cedars when steamed.Sakurai skin and rattan skin are used for fastening material with good appearance. It is firm making.The handle is easy to hold with rattan and strong cloth fastening. The upper part of the lid is knitting bamboo in the net. Extra steam will escape from here, so the ingredients do not become watery and steam it deliciously. [Notes · About using natural wood] The burner uses natural wood without waste.There are cases as below, but please understand as a property of handmade products of natural materials.We appreciate it if you can enjoy the difference of the material of one point after acknowledging it. ● Sizes are somewhat different, distortion, rattling, there are gaps ● Differences in color and grain appearance are different ● Wooden streaks and knots, black spots, spots, fine scratches ● After use, steaming It stretches and shrinks with steam or heat, there is a change in color and some form ● The color of the cherry leather fastening material (used for some products) is different, the pattern may be irregular ● The direction of winding Different from the picture ● Due to the nature of bamboo, there are cracks, hooks, chips, dents along the fiber ● Depending on the position, there are parts that are difficult to catch

The charm of Sairlo


Nutritious and healthy

I can eat more vegetables than raw vegetables and unlike boil it nutrients do not dissolve in hot water. I do not use oil like stir-fried food, and meat can suppress calories by excess fat falling. It is a cooking method that makes the material's striking appearance, so you can be satisfied with light taste satisfactorily.

Very easy!

Easy chin cuisine that sets hot water in hot pot with boiling water and waits for steaming afterwards. There is no worry of scorching or boiling. Do not take trouble, just steaming the ingredients will double the taste.

It can be put on the table as it is

Chinese noodles and smaller Japanese style sake can be delivered to the table as it is, so you can produce a nice table. There is no doubt that everyone will be pleased if they are cooked by a chef's favorite food, such as when a person gathers, etc. Moreover, the hand made by bamboo and wood has warmth, just feeling that it is warm with just being placed in the kitchen Become.

You can have 2 or 3 items at once

If you put different ingredients in a stage of the Chinese noodle one by one and steam it, you can prepare two or three items at once. Even for single-rice, if you step on top of the cold rice, the bottom step is side dish and you steam it, it will be easy for me.

Also to warm up and thaw

When steaming and warming, it will suck steam and it will be soft and finished. It is difficult to cool and it does not become hard as it cools rapidly like a microwave oven.

Vegetables are delicious

The sweetness and aroma increase as the taste gets thicker, and the one taste and the second taste are different from the vegetables eaten to date. Leaves such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage increase in taste and become sweet, eggplant is thick, sweet potato is hokuhoku. Even children who do not like vegetables are willing to eat.

Meat · fish plump and juicy

Extra fat, odor, moisture will escape and umami will condense. Meat is moist, soft, with fish and marinade that tends to have a passion are fluffy, prawns are preripuri. Juicy taste spreading in the mouth does not accumulate.

Chinese food · Shumai · Dumplings are soft and fluffy

Extra steam will escape from the lid, so the skin will not become watery, it will be a fluffy finish. The taste of the ingredients in the inside is tightly concentrated.

Tianyama's cedar sauce size variation

 ■ 24cm size lid■ 24cm size body ■ 21cm size lid■ 21cm size body ■ 18cm size lid■ 18cm size body  

How to use Sairo

1. Wet with waterWet the water with water quickly before use. 2. Boil waterPlease boil hot water in a pot. Especially in a small pot, hot water is quickly reduced,Please extend the water to the ninth minute of the pot. 3. SteamPlease boil the hot water thoroughly, please put the food that set the ingredients. 4. Keep the fire full enough that the steam risesThe extra steam will get out of the lid, so the ingredients will not get watery. 5. Check steam adjustmentPlease stab it with a bamboo skewer, please eat a little and make sure. 6. Using duplicate piles repeatedlyWhen steaming different kinds of ingredients at the same time, steam in order from the ones that are difficult to get through with the time difference.Please put the ingredients you are sticking in in the bottom row. 7. To prevent stickingWhen steaming dumplings, dumplings, cooking sheets andWhen laying vegetables of leaves such as cabbage, ingredients will not stick to the bottom and it is beautiful. 8. Steamed cloth for small itemsSmall materials such as rice and bean sprouts can be taken out by steaming with steamed cloth and steaming cloth.

Points to remember when using Sairo

● Note the empty firingWhen hot water decreases, please add extra hot water. ● Attention to hot steamTongs are convenient when taking out ingredients. I will catch a glimpse of hot ingredients.Also, when setting the pot in the pot or removing it, use the pot knobPlease take measures against heat.

Care of the stomach

【Care】After use, please wash well with scrub etc. without using detergent, please shade in a well-ventilated area.Because it is made of natural materials, it will cause mold to grow if it does not dry thoroughly. ※ About using neutral detergentIt is okay to wash with a neutral detergent when it gets sticky with oil,Please rinse off the detergent well with water. If the dirt is concerned, dishes under the ingredientsPlease use cooking sheet · leafy vegetables (Chinese cabbage · cabbage etc) spreading.Because food does not touch the food directly, it becomes hard to get dirty.

How to store the buds

Please dry it thoroughly, please keep it.If moisture remains, it will cause mold.Please store in a plastic bag etc in a place with less humidity such as the upper stage of the shelf without wrapping it.Even if you hang it on a wall and decorate it, it becomes a picture even if you put it in the kitchen as it is. It is wonderful.

Product Details

raw materials Cedar (body), cherry skins · bamboo leather (fasteners)
size Outer diameter about 18 cm, inside diameter about 16 cm, height about 5.5 cm (outside)
Production China
 【important point】The lid and body will be sold separately.Since it is a handmade product using natural materials, size, color, wood grain, etc. are somewhat different from the image.We appreciate it if you can enjoy the difference of the material of one point after acknowledging it.
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