Kiri Rice Bin – Capacity Of 5kg, Special Made By Senshuu Tomekawa

Kiri Rice Bin – Capacity Of 5kg, Special Made By Senshuu Tomekawa


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Kiri Rice Bin – Capacity Of 5kg

Kiri Rice Bin is a handmade storage bin (for rice, coffee, etc.) made by Kiri Tansu artisans.

By using the special characteristics of Kiri Wood (Paulownia Wood) that absorbs moisture, which help the artisans to raise the airtightness of the rice bin even more, this rice bin will be able to protect rice from moisture and insects, as well as to sustains the taste of rice.

This product was developed by the fourth generation of Senshuu Tomekawa, Mr. Tomekawa Noboru. Kiri cabinet is made with good airtightness, it’s a very good place as a storage for clothes because it can avoid moisture. The benefit of kiri cabinet will be applied to the Kiri Rice Bin as well, the rice bin will be able to protect the rice from moisture.

The manufacturer uses kiri wood that has been dried thoroughly, after drying this product below the sun, we also using the artificial drying machines. Though this drying process, even if the thing you will store inside the product contains some moisture, kiri wood will absorb the moisture, so you can prevent the occurrence of mold. Also, even if it’s surrounded by high humidity, since the kiri wood will absorb the moisture, it will prevent the moisture from entering the storage.

Kiri Rice Bin 2kg

The lid is cut by hand, little by little, while considering the size of the main body so it makes the perfectly suitable lid.

If you look closely, the grain of wood is connected. We make it precisely so neither the insects or moisture can penetrate inside the bin.

Kiri Rice Bin 2kg

The board is about 2 cm in thickness.

If the board is thin, it will cause deformation. On the contrary, it will become heavy if it’s too thick.

Because we want you to use it for a long time, we made it with an ideal thickness that is strong and easy to use.

We also applied a method that makes the board hard to be broken, so you don’t have to worry about its strength.

Kiri Rice Bin 2kg

Characteristics of Kiri Wood

Kiri Rice Bin 2kg

Protector Against Humidity

Among the kind of woods, Kiri wood is one of a rare wood in category of moisture absorption. The duct inside the wood can hinders the passage of water, and because the holes in fiber membranes are small, once it got dried, it will be difficult for water to break through inside.

High Level of Airtightness

Kiri wood inflated to moist outside air to prevent moisture from the outside. Conversely, when the air dries moisture will diverge and shrinks. Since kiri wood is sensitive to humidity, it has excellent airtightness, which able to keep the internal humidity constant, resulting in a long time protection for the contents inside the storage box.

High Resistance towards Insects

Because kiri wood contains tannin, it has a high resistance towards insects. A cabinet that made from Kiri wood is quite a popular choice in Japan because its excellence in humidity control and insect repellent.

Light Weight

Compared to specific gravity of water which is 1, kiri wood's specific gravity is 0.3, which is the lightest among domestic wood. Because the membrane wall of its cells is thin and the air layer is large, it is soft and very convenient to carry.

Raw Material Preferences

We are using the kiri wood from North America.

The kiri wood product that is distributed in Japan mostly comes from Japan, Chinese and North American, but depending on the production area, there are products that use chemicals in order to make them look beautiful.

In Senshuu Tomekawa, considering that it’s a storage for food ingredients, we are using the kiri wood from North America which contains no chemicals.

Because the annual tree ring is fairly beautiful and the material quality is excellent, we have been using it for about 30 years.

For adhesive, we use the woodworking bond made by Konishi Co., Ltd. We use bonds that is accordant with environmental standards.

There will no bad smell or any bad reaction to the eyes, and it’s free from formaldehyde so you can use it with no worries.

- Height 20 cm
- Length 36.5 cm
- Width 20 cm

This Kiri Rice Bin with the capacity of 5kg weighted for about 1.9g, which is very light, compact, and doesn't take much space.

A non-slip groove is engraved on the side of the bin's body, making it easier to grip and lift the bin.


Protecting the Rice from Deterioration

Cause of Deterioration In Rice's Taste


If the polished grain of rice to come in contact with air, the fat content oxidizes and the taste deteriorates.

Humidification and Dryness

Rice can get cracked by dryness, also will easily get mold because of humidification. The rice that got molded smells really bad.

Insects Occurrence

If the rice get destroyed by insects, the good part of rice and the flavour will deteriorates. Insects can come inside the storage while opening and closing the lid, the insects also can lay their eggs in your rice grains.

Kiri Rice Bin, Protect Your Rice Grains Firmly

High level of airtightness

A manual work made by the artisan, made without gaps to prevent the circulation of air and also to prevent oxidation of rice grains.

Constant Temperature and Humidity

Kiri Wood is the most suitable for storage and preservation of rice grains, which sensitive to the humidity and temperature change. Kiri Wood will firmly protect the rice grains from mold and dryness.

Insect Repellent

Kiri Wood contains substances called paulownin and sesamin which insects hates. It will firmly protect the rice grains from insects.

Kiri Rice Bin 2kg

About The Developer


Tomekawa Noboru
Senshuu Tomekawa's Fourth Generation

This product was developed by the fourth generation of Senshuu Tomekawa, Mr. Tomekawa Noboru in the first year of Taisho Era.

He is a skilled artisan who successfully won the Osaka Prefectural Governor's Prize at The Osaka Prefectural Industrial Arts and Craftsman's Work Exhibition in 1997.

Instead of doing a mass production, he created a handmade goods, step by step. He is an artisan who improving everyday with a thought of wanting to know about the soul and art in the making of his products.

History of Tomekawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Taisho 1st
Started Producting Kiri Tansu (Cabinet made from Kiri wood)
Showa 60th
Established Partnership Cooperation Osaka Senshuu Kiri Tansu Association
Showa 63th
Won Japan Mint's Award
Heisei 1st
Won Osaka Governor's Prize Designated by Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Heisei 3rd
Won Osaka Prefecture Craftsmen's Achievement Award
Heisei 5th
Received Traditional Crafting Industry Commendation for Industrial Achievement Award from Minister International Trade and Industry
Heisei 6th
Awarded Orders of The Sacred Treasure
Heisei 9th
Awarded the Confucius Prize from Osaka Prefectural Governor
Heisei 25th
Patent Application
Heisei 25th
Management Innovation Approval

An Interview With The 4th Generation of Tomekawa Tansu, Mr. Noboru Tomekawa

Tomekawa Tansu Interview

We went for an interview with Mr. Tomekawa. He is an artisan who is making Kiri Tansu with precise and thorough method with old good traditional skill that has been passed on since Tomekawa's family business was established, from the first year of the Taisho Era (1912).

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Product Detail

Name Kiri Rice Bin – Capacity Of 5kg
Material Kiri Wood/Paulownia Wood (from North America)
Weight About 1.9kg (with the capacity of 5kg (it might can contain a little more than 5kg)
Size Height 20cm x Length 36.5cm x Width 20cm
Place of Origin Japan
Important Notes · If you hit it, it could easily get dented (In case it got dented, it will return to its shape if you add a little amount of water)

· Since it has no colour, be careful of dirt. Wipe immediately if it gets dirty, please polish with the attached sandpaper.

· Do not wash. Please never wash as it may cause deformation or become mold. When cleaning, please use a brush.

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