Utilizing the weight of the brass, hard fall cutting board freshly From the "FUTAGAMI", it is a cutting board freshly made from brass. Although the size small, will firmly support...

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Utilizing the weight of the brass, hard fall cutting board freshly

From the "FUTAGAMI", it is a cutting board freshly made from brass. Although the size small, will firmly support the cutting board in the weight that was heavily brass unique. The brass also has excellent water resistance, even in the cutting board after washing you can prop up against without worrying about the moisture. From the texture of profound feeling and the casting surface unique brass, like a object when placed in the kitchen. There is a unique presence, it will change the atmosphere around those much fine.

Adapt to people and places, brass

"FUTAGAMI" is, 1897 (1897) founded, it is the brass of household goods brand brass castings maker "two-up" was launched in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Corrosion resistance is strong, brass that from the goodness of color, have been used in a variety of fields, such as hardware architecture and furniture from the old days. Soft texture with the material, gloss and elegant, also has a long history as a material, such as arts and crafts and Buddhist. And as the surface is oxidized you use it, out of a unique flavor, it is a material that will familiar to people and place. Cutting board fresh "FUTAGAMI" is, cherish this brass unique texture, have been made as it is not such as painting.
After casting, so as not to as much as possible to impair the state of the surface (casting surface) of the casting of the remains removed from the mold, was expressed as a facial expression. Brass unique flavor and characteristics, texture, even such as a chemical reaction between the metal and the sand mold that occurs when you cast has been taking advantage of it. Because the addition is not performed is such as by preventing oxidation color stop and clear, texture is deepening matured enough to use by aging, you familiar with the life.

In weight, which was heavily, firmly hold the cutting board

The best feature of the cutting board of "FUTAGAMI" is heavily with the weight of the brass unique. Also well supported with a large cutting board size. The width is also taken broadly, it can be placed even standing in the cutting board with a thickness if to 3 cm. Circular, square, etc., shape even without the stick, be placed in the machine is a sense of stability batch of fallen difficulty. In addition, the brass is because there is a water-resistant, be placed in the water around the kitchen You can use it without any problems.
In the portion where the cutting board touches, tin argument that has been applied. In addition, because it is embedded in a soft silicon on the bottom, nor does it damage the ground surface.
Smooth texture of profound feeling and the casting surface of the brass, as also shine as an interior. It may be willing to change much the atmosphere of your kitchen. Admire while, want to continue to use the important, cutting board fresh "FUTAGAMI". Please by all means to such a gift for loved ones.

Product Details

size W73 × D85 × H66mm
Thickness / 30mm of vertical put to cutting board
Raw materials Brass
Country of origin Japan (Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture)
※ depending on the shooting environment and your monitor, image by different color, such as in the same product. Please note.

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