Natto Starter Spores Powder 90g - Product of Yuzo Takahashi Laboratory Natto Starter Spores Powder from Takahashi Yuzo Laboratory is a transformation from liquid form of natto starter to powdered...

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Natto Starter Spores Powder 90g - Product of Yuzo Takahashi Laboratory

Natto Starter Spores Powder from Takahashi Yuzo Laboratory is a transformation from liquid form of natto starter to powdered form of natto starter to make it easier for making homemade natto.
With 90g of this Natto Starter Spores Powder, you can make about 900 kg of natto at home!
This product is a powdered version of the natto starter spores that is also used by natto manufacturers. We make it in powder form so it can be easily used at home.
To make natto, sprinkle natto starter on soybeans, then natto spores will attach to soybeans and ferment it in an appropriate environment.
Especially, the recent popular topic on the thrombolytic enzyme (nattokinase) which produced only by fermenting soybeans with natto.
Would you like to try making homemade natto?
Instructions (in Japanese) and spoon are included in the package.

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Health Benefits of Natto

The Surprising Power of
Natto Starter Spores

Natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto) is actually has amazing power which is very useful to our body. We will explain this to you next.

It Produces Nattokinase

Nattokinase is an enzyme that is produced when natto is being made.
It occurs at the stage of fermentation after adding the natto starer spores (Bacillus subtilis) after boiling the soybeans.
Nattokinase has a function of dissolving thrombus (blood clot) and make blood flows smoothly, which is now attracting much attention as an enzyme that is very helpful to improve health.
Especially, it is said to have an excellent effect on thrombolysis (the dissolution of a blood clot).
Aside for having an ability to disintegrate the fibrin (the main component of thrombus) directy, it also has a function of activating other thrombolytic enzymes in the body and increasing its amount.
In addition, recent studies have found that there are effects such as decomposing substances that inhibit the dissolution of thrombus, and shortening the decomposition time.
It can be said that it is a powerful enzyme that really enhances thrombolysis from various aspects.
Besides these all, nattokinase also has other abilities such as lowering blood pressure, and preventing blood-coagulation so the blood flow is improved.
The products which are made from soybeans are originally containing various enzymes, but among them only natto produces nattokinase enzyme.

Grow Good Bacterias In the Body such as Lactic Acid Bacteria

If you eat natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto), it is known that good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillales) and others which is useful for our body tend to increase in our body.
Experiment result shows that the amount of lactic acid bacteria has increased about 10 times when Bacillus subtilis var. natto and lactic acid bacteria coexist.
Also, natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis var. natto) also has the effect of suppressing bad bacteria. In addition, since lactic acid bacterias tend to increase, as a result, good bacteria are activated in the body.
We also can expect improvement of intestinal environment. The natto spores exert a remarkable effect on the intestinal action that prevents diarrhea and enteritis, and also prevents constipation by balancing the intestinal bacteria.
Besides all of these, Natto produces a lot of active enzymes in the body. It greatly contributes to digestion, intestinal control and other actions.

Why Does Natto Starter Spores Has Such Excellent Effects?

The secret of the usefulness of natto spores is its "strength".
Most intestinal bacteria in the body have short lifetime and weak nature.
Therefore, if you do not supply them frequently, you can not expect long-term successful activity in the intestines.
In exchange, the lifetime of Bacillus subtilis var. natto is long, and it is said that when it's taken once, it survives for 4 or 5 days in the body and exerts its effect.
It enters the body from the mouth, passes through the stomach acid in the stomach, reaches the intestine alive,and has the strength to be discharged to the feces without being killed in the body (still alive when being discharged in the feces).
In this way, only Bacillus subtilis var. natto which is in natto starter spores can pass through the body alive!
This is the main reason why Bacillus subtilis var. natto in natto starter exerts such excellent effects.

How to Use Natto Starter

After boiling soybeans, just sprinkle natto bacteria on the boiled soybeans and keep it warm for about 24 hours to make delicious homemade natto.
For more detail on how to make it, please click this page How to Make Homemade Natto.


How to Make Homemade Natto
We will explain about how to make homemade natto using natto starter (Bacillus subtilis natto) and soybeans (available with video and instruction pictures). The article will let you learn about natto and how to make natto in details.
Go check out the recommended products for natto, too!
Read the article here

This natto starter is made with 100% of pure culture natto bacteria extracted from organic soybeans.
We also recommend you Kawashimaya's high-quality natto starter spores powder, which is so good that even beginners in natto-making won't fail.
You can make 30kg of natto with 3 grams of this Natto Starter Spores Powder.
For those who are new and not familiar with natto-making are suggested to use this natto starter to make natto up to 15 kg and use a larger amount of Natto Starter Spores Powder to suppress the growth of other bacteria/spores which can contaminate the natto-making process.
For reservation method, store this natto starter spores powser in a low humidity refrigerator (cool dry place).

Product's Details

Product's Name Natto Starter Spores Powder - Product of Yuzo Takahashi Laboratory
Netto 90 grams
Expiration Date About 2 years
Storage Method Please store in a cool dry place with low humidity, such as refrigerator.
natto starter

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