What is Three Years Aged Denemon Miso, Additive-free A well-established brewery that established since 200 years ago, the "Ito shop". This "Denemon Miso" which was named after the first generation...

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What is Three Years Aged Denemon Miso, Additive-free

A well-established brewery that established since 200 years ago, the "Ito shop".

This "Denemon Miso" which was named after the first generation of Ito Shop is the main product of Ito shop.

This is a miso made by only natural ingredients without any additives.

It has plenty of umami and rich of flavor, and you can taste the deep richness that other miso don't have.

Miso Soup

It is made from big-grain soybeans which have a lot of tastiness, Seto's sea salt and natural water of Taketoyo Town, Chita District.

Three Years Miso
Seto's Sea Salt

This is the miso that was put in big Japanese cedar wood barrel, and let thoroughly and slowly matured for three years.

The ripening period is three years in a cedar barrel. This is a natural, no-additives raw miso with enzymatic yeast/culture living in it.

Please enjoy the deliciousness of this natural authentic traditional miso.

Sannen Miso

Those who order this three years miso will get an email about miso benefit and how to enjoy miso。 For those who ordered this miso for the first time,
will receive an email about the benefits of miso and how to enjoy miso.

What is Three Years Ripened Miso
(Sannen Miso)?

Customer's Testimonies

It was very delicious.
I usually eat out a lot, and sometimes when I cook by myself, I want to make it as good to my body as possible, thus I purchased this miso.
I cooked brown rice, and made miso soup with a lot of vegetables. It came out really delicious, I love it!

The aroma and flavor are very good.
Even if I just use a little bit of it, this miso made a strong taste. I use it for making many dishes, like miso soup, nabe, and boiled dishes.

This miso is very delicious.
If you make it into miso soup it will warm you up from the bottom of the body. I also like the smell so much.
And the price is also affordable comparing to the other 3 years miso, so it can be used for everyday dishes.

In a book about macrobiotics, it said miso that has been aged for three years is good, so I bought this miso.
It has a much stronger (deep) taste than the miso I used until now, so I can made delicious miso soup with just a small amount of it.
The taste is also very delicious, and it certainly very good for health.

peaking of Denemon, tamari soy sauce is famous, but I didn't know that they also make miso.
I tried this miso for the first time, but it's just as delicious as tamari soy sauce!

It's so delicious!
I think that this price is affordable for 3 years miso with all domestic materials from Japan and without any additives.

Message from Ito Shop, the Maker of Three Years Aged Denemon Miso.


Denemon was a traditional sake (Japanese liquor) brewer in the Owari no Kuni (Owari Province; now is a part of Aichi Prefecture) under the company name "Yoshinoya" which established since Edo Period (1603–1868), and had made 660 koku* of sake with brand name "Hinode Yama."

*Koku (石)is Japanese unit of measure of volume, which equivalent to 180,391 litres.

Using that brewing technique, we made miso and tamari soy sauce delicately.

Denemon is let matured (brewed) in barrels in our storehouse with suitable fungal culture and has been kept carefully for generations as a family treasure.

Dedicated for using only high quality koji since a long time ago, which has fermentation power like "repeating the fermentation for over two centuries", and using the transition of temperature of the four seasons, we made a mash that has incomparable delicacy.

In our shop, which specializes in koji making, the brewing technology continues to refine the senses from the base, and still making the best koji even now.

Please try our special and product, Denemon Miso, once,
and taste it's special flavor by yourself.

Representative Director of Ito Shop, Tomijirou Ito.


You can also buy a set of two packs here: Three Years Aged Denemon Miso, Additive-free 450 g x 2 Packs Set.

Product's Details

Name Denemon Miso (Three Years Aged Brewing)
Variety Soybean miso (mame miso)
Ingredients Whole soybean, salt
Netto 450 grams
Expired date 6 months
Storage method Store in cool dark place. Please refrigerate after the package is opened.
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