High quality rod moxibustion with loquat leaf powder It is a cylinder Mogusa dedicated to the warmth moxibustion "Shin Ibuki" who can do moxibustion easily even by a single person....

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High quality rod moxibustion with loquat leaf powder

It is a cylinder Mogusa dedicated to the warmth moxibustion "Shin Ibuki" who can do moxibustion easily even by a single person. By blending powder of loquat leaves in a cylinder lump,It was finished in a rod moxa that you can feel free to warm your moxa. For Munugasa, Japanese wormwood uses 100% domestic production of raw materials.It is made of handmade Japanese made rod type moxa. When you put on a fire, there is a fragrant smell of MOGURA, and feeling relaxed. In response to the voice that "it is hard to put out the fire after using it,By attaching a fire cap to each one, it became moxa more convenient and easy to use. There are 8 pieces of Mizukusa.If you are using "Shin Ibuki" please use this cylinder Mizu.AWarm moxibustion unit New Ibuki set (Biwai type) 

High quality Domestic wormwood 100%

The main ingredient of moxibustion is "Mogusa", the raw material is "wormwood". Wormwood has more nutrients than other plants and is originally called a hermit grass and is thought to have efficacy as a lower heat agent, antiparasiticide, diuretic, and hemostatic agent.Mogushi also has the meaning of "burning grass", it has the advantage that it is easy to ignite and disappears as an ignition material when rubbing trees from ancient times to make a fire, it is a very excellent material for moxibustion.
Kobayashi's old-fashioned Momoza uses all manufactured at the Miguro factory in Niigata. When making Momusha, the amount and quality of soft bristles on the back of wormwood leaves are very important. The glandular hair within the soft hair contains a large amount of volatile oil which is an active ingredient, and thanks to this oil, it is good for fire and it will become a mischievous piece of superior goods which does not feel the heat for the temperature is. Domestic wormwood contains about 20% of this gland hair.Among them, the wormwood of mountains in the Echigan and Echigo region is said to have many furry on the back of the leaves, and the quality is also good.

Loaf leaf powder blending

Loquat leaves contain ingredients such as amygdalin, which is said to have anti-cancer, analgesia, anti-inflammatory action and so on.Biwa warm moxibustion is a natural remedy that can expect the synergistic effect of this medicinal effect of loquat leaves and thermal moxibustion promoting blood and lymph circulation, and has been endorsed by many people from long ago. By blending powder of loquat leaves into the bamboo of this product, it is now possible to easily treat loquatoxi at home.

With warm moxibustion device + cylinder gutter, it is easy for one person to warm the moxa

It is recommended that you use this cylinder Mogasa together with a warm moxa, "Shin Ibuki".AWarm moxibustion unit New Ibuki set (Biwai type) 
By inserting a cylinder lizard with fire on a warm moxa, you can enjoy warm moxibustion easily by anyone just by placing it on a key.

Turn off the fire immediately, with fire with a cap

In response to the voice that "Robo moxibustion is troublesome to put out the fire ..."I put a fire-proof cap on one stick moss. When turning off the fire, you can quickly extinguish it easily simply by inserting a bar lizard into the cap.

It can also be used for pets

Recently, animal hospitals and so on may have acupuncture and moxibustion on pets (animals).Owner's request that they want natural remedies without using medicine as much as possible for pets as families seems to be. "Shin Ibuki" is also used in animal hospitals, you can use it not only for people but also for animals. ※ However, please be advised to use after using guidance from veterinarians, acupuncturists etc.

Product Details

type Stick-shaped Mottaria for Warm moxibustion device
Internal capacity Tubular Mottle (Biwa Type) 8 pieces
material Wormwood, loquat leaf powder
Expiration date nothing special
Preservation method Store at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity
Country of origin Japan
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