What is 100 ml of a seedless extract of domestically produced organic fertilizerDomestic organic JAS It is an extract which seeds seaweed of non-agricultural chemical loquat, in specially made brown...

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What is 100 ml of a seedless extract of domestically produced organic fertilizer

Domestic organic JAS It is an extract which seeds seaweed of non-agricultural chemical loquat, in specially made brown rice shochu for half a year or more.You can substitute it if there is no loquat, or you can use it for Lavum seed extract etc. Of course you can apply it directly to your skin.※ Please be sure to perform patch test before using. 

Characteristics of loquat seed extract

Uses the loquat type of organic JAS raw material from Kagoshima prefecture

As raw material loquat seeds, we are using the type of bean varieties that received organic JAS certification from Kagoshima prefecture.Of course, pesticides are not used at all.It is the seed of spontaneously dried loquat with sun drying.Here is the page of loquat leaf ingredients>>Loqua seed - Organic JAS Certification - (Fukudome Orchard from Tokunoshima) 

Mature carefully with special brown rice shochu

Brown rice shochu of Koshimine brewery born to be backed by solid technology and experience.Steep after steeping brown rice for a long time in water, use it for preparation.After fermentation at low temperature over a longer period of time, take out a rich sake in a single low temperature distiller.Browse rice shochu page here>>Special brown rice shochu 35 degrees 1800 ml - minor brewing - 

No additives such as antiseptic / fragrance are used at all

In order to use with confidence, we do not use any extra additives.

Kawashimaya homemade, affordable price

We process inside Kashishimaya and consign it only to bottles to a special factory in Shinshu.By cutting extra expense and making it simple design, we offer at an affordable price.


How to use a loquat seed extract

 ■ hot compressThe Biwakaise Composting Method is a therapy that utilizes a cloth containing Leprechaque Extract as a poultice and it is used for pain relief and so on.

■ビワ種エキス塗布法 ビワ種エキス塗布法は、ビワ種エキスを痛みや怪我のある箇所に直接塗る方法です。ビワの種に含まれるアミグダリンが、殺菌作用や鎮痛作用を持っており、体全体の腫れや消炎に利用すると効果的と考えられています。 口内の傷、口内炎、歯槽膿漏、のどの腫れや痛みといった口の中の疾患でも利用することができます。口内に塗布する場合は、刺激が強いのでエキスを3、4倍薄めて利用しましょう。 口内以外では、おでき、にきび、またすり傷、虫きされ、かぶれ、水虫、深爪などの症状にも効果的と言われています。 ビワの種エキスでかぶれを起こす人もいるため、事前にパッチテストなどを行っておくことをお薦めします。 ■ビワの化粧水もともと民間薬として火傷や傷に力を発揮してきたビワ葉は、痛んだ箇所の修復能力がとても高いので、化粧水として日常的に使用していれば、さまざまな肌トラブルの予防に良いと言われています。アトピーやシミなどにも効果的で男性の髭剃りあとにも使用できます。 ・手作り化粧水の作り方 水で5倍にうすめて(エキス:水=1:4)、お好みでグリセリン(保湿)を加えれば、手作り化粧水のできあがりです。グリセリンの量は全体の1/10程度を目安としてください。この分量を基準に、エキス、グリセリン共にお好みで濃度を調整してください。* 水で薄めるとアルコールの防腐効果が弱くなりますので保存は冷蔵庫で、2週間を目安に使い切りましょう。(夏場は1週間くらい)


Voice of loquat seed extract staff

The loquat seed extract is regularly used as a topical medicine for wounds.Because it smells good, I do not dislike children, I like it very much.Add glycerin and purified water and can also be used as lotion, so it is convenient to use variously.It is a fruity scent which I can not imagine natural, I like it very much because it is refreshing without stickiness.


Homemade wildflower extract series



Notes of 500 ml of loquat leaf extract

 Ingredient name: Bifida species fermented brothContents amount: 100 mlPreservation method: Please save to avoid high temperature and humidity.Precautions for use: Always perform patch test before using.Please stop using it if it does not fit your skin. Please do not use when there is a skin abnormality such as a scar or eczema. Our effect / efficacy guide lists the information compiled by our company referring to specialty books on tea leaves etc. The contents described here are commonly known effects and efficacy, not guaranteeing the effectiveness / efficacy of the products sold by the Company, but as reference information for knowing the characteristics of individual materials to the last I hope you can utilize it. It is recommended that moxibustion "Yellow Tea Moxa Nano Platinum" of electricity can be done easily with loquat warmth moxibustion.If you have a loquat leaf and a power supply, you can do comfortably alone by the Yellow Orient moxibustion.Yellow Teacup Nano PlatinumThe page of here is here. Loaf of loquat and leaf of loquat There is no relation to warmth moxibustion, loquat therapy using loquat seedIt is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company. Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here.
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