And over a 1000 grains (and seeds tablet)and isJapanese loquat seeds dry・roasted・powdered,easy-to-swallow tablet type processing it.Water and hot water over the river, and the sweet soft side and then biting...

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And over a 1000 grains (and seeds tablet)and is

Japanese loquat seeds dry・roasted・powdered,easy-to-swallow tablet type processing it.Water and hot water over the river, and the sweet soft side and then biting on the area you can also.


As a dietary Supplement,as a rule of thumb for adults is 1 times 10 grain the most,1 day to 2~3 times daily, with water or hot water with us.Mildly sweet there is a child is especially popular. Once a large amount of food that your belly loose if you.

And that 400 grains (and seeds tablets) features

Loquat is a Rosaceae of plants in a cold winter to flower all year round, its leaves green andVitality strong, and the green leaves of the old from the gastrointestinal workings of the facilities, phlegm, cut, cough suppress told.Loquat leaf ingredients,glucose・sucrose・fructose・maltose・starch・dextrin・tartaric acid・citric acid・malic acid・amygdalin・tannins・saponins etc. Among them, amygdalin and substance is the deterrent effect it is said that was a topic of conversation.Also, 高知医大 according to research one of the species is the work of the liver to active effect to it. (Reference:the loquat is a species of liver function improving) ■domestic and seeds is an easy to swallow pill was"and that"The raw and the seeds are bitter to eat, this roasting and eating easier."And I"is a lush, domestic farm raised and of the species of wood will dry・roasted・powdered,Swallow the tablets processed food. ■And species included in the"vitamin B17""amygdalin"is??And I kind of"vitamin B17""amygdalin"to include. Vitamin is healthy living important and essential to nutrients.Wild animals this instinct knows the nature of the"vitamin B17"to the intake as possible.Also, the"amygdalin"is the nature of the plant ingredients,to deliver healthy ingredients and researched.

The staff of the voice

Most of the sweet, small, and also the water in the drink drink as well.Start drinking from the feel good feel like, you can continue to drink.Atopy and rhinitis are eased.
Naturopathic researcher Dongcheng Yuriko teacher, according toLoquat species is the loquat leaf of 1,200 ~ 1,300-fold of amygdalin (vitamin B17)that contain it. Amygdalin, a blood-cleansing action, anticancer action, analgesic action bactericidal action there,Loquat seeds to eat and blood to clean,a variety of disease prevention and treatment is said to help you.Hay fever and allergic rhinitis, etc and the best of the best that modern technology has to offer. And seeds powderProduct this out

And over a 1000 grains (and seeds tablet)considerations

■Product name:Medlar or■Name:loquat seeds processed foods■Raw materials name: loquat Seed Powder, reduction of maltose, lactose, cellulose, sucrose esters■How to save:avoid high temperatures and humidity save■Sales Agency: tee・Air・eye■Country of Origin: Japan■Contents quantity: 250 mg(about 1000 grit) and leaves and and the leaves of the 温灸,and species use and combination therapy in regard toYour health and head the castle Yuriko's books in more detail in introduced. Dongcheng Yuriko you and health companiesOf the page here. And the leaves of the 温灸 is easy,electricity and moxibustion"Yellow Emperor moxibustion Nano platinum"for you.The Yellow Emperor moxibustion by loquat leaves 温灸, the loquat leaf and the power supply, if one is comfortable and secure. The Yellow Emperor moxibustion Nano platinumOf the page here.
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