And loquat leaf tea (Kagoshima Biwa leaves) is Loquat leaf tea leaf extract making and loquat in the best of, pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation of Tokunoshima production,And is the loquat leaf...

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And loquat leaf tea (Kagoshima Biwa leaves) is

 Loquat leaf tea leaf extract making and loquat in the best of, pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation of Tokunoshima production,And is the loquat leaf of natural drying by the sun.
びわの葉 天日干し
 You Yes cut to about 3cm as ready-to-use in leaf extract and loquat leaf tea of ​​the loquat. The loquat leaves grew up in natural cultivation (pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizers) in Kagoshima Prefecture Tokunoshima, it was dried in the sun. Or in the leaf extract of loquat immersed in distilled spirits, or you can leaf tea of ​​loquat put it in a teapot and pot.To healthy every day, please take advantage of the leaves of the loquat natural cultivation. JAS organic certification: Kagoshima Prefecture Organic Farming Association certification number 209

びわの葉 レビュー

How to make of loquat leaf tea





The material of the leaf extract creation of loquat

- leaves (dried leaves) of loquat: 150g about
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 · Sake: 1.8L (35 degrees or more) use the shochu and white liquor. Please be frequency is using those of more than 35 degrees.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 · (Recommended 4L or more containers) bottle container jar to use, such as plum wine is useful.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

How to make the leaf extract of loquat

Step 1 put the loquat leaves in a container

Turn on the loquat leaves in a container. />Loquat leaf uses about 150 grams against shochu 1, 8 liters.
Before being placed in the container, and keep massaging by hand will help out components of loquat leaf.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 Let's put in a container Once you have massaged the loquat leaf.


Put the liquor in step 2 container

We will put the liquor in a container.
As loquat leaf extract is firmly extraction, please use the 35 degrees or more of the liquor.
The loquat leaf extract is recommended only liquor and brown rice shochu rice.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 3 regularly mix the loquat leaf

Please mix and shake about 2-3 times a bottle of leaf of loquat a week.
 Once every two weeks, leaf extract of and I'll swap the top and bottom of the leaves of the loquat in the bottle Biwa is likely to be more extraction.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 4 to store about 2-4 months

To seal the bottle and store in a cool, dark place.
About two months if the summer, about four months Tatsuto if the winter, you can dark green liquid.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 This is the loquat leaf extract, the components of the loquat leaf is not dissolved plenty.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 5 retrieve the loquat leaf

After storage for about 2-4 months, the loquat leaf extract, the color of the leaves of the loquat Let's take out the loquat leaves When turned brown.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 It is the completion of the leaf extract of loquat.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 Leaf extract of the resulting loquat, is said to be stored at room temperature with a few years.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋
 Loquat leaf of you have finished with takes out put in a cloth bag,You may put in the bath as a bathing agent.Please be easy to try to enjoy the leaf extract creation of loquat at home by all means.

For Fukudome orchard

 Keiko Fukudome representatives, efforts to fruit tree cultivation of organic pesticide-free in the town Tokunoshima Isen-cho of longevity, has already more than 20 years. "In an organic pesticide-free cultivation in insects there are many sub-tropical climate, honestly, there was a lot of great difficulty.However, supported by the encouragement of family and friends, that I think good to crops has been doing anything.In the nature of Amami, full bathed fruit and juice the light of the sun,It is proposed that would like you to relish a lot of everyone the Biwayaocha "
 Loquat leaf extract ↓ here is also recommended. ↓


Loquat leaf tea (Kagoshima leaves of the loquat) 100g Notes

- Name: Loquat leavesAnd raw materials: Loquat leaf (Kagoshima Tokunoshima production)- Expiration date: according to the Product
It is 100g entering. It will deliver in simple packaging. Loquat leaves and loquat leaves moxa, regard loquat therapy using the loquat speciesIt has been featured in more detail in you and the health company Yuriko Tojo books of. Yuriko Tojo you and your health, Inc.The page here. Leaf moxa of loquat can be with ease, electrical moxibustion "Kiteikyu nano-platinum" is also recommended.With the Yellow Emperor moxibustion and loquat leaves and loquat leaf extract, you can easily pleasantly loquat leaf moxa at home.Kiteikyu Nano PlatinumThe page here.
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