Loquat extract isOrganic and leaves of Shochu on the pickled extract.And the leaves of the 温灸 in,and leaves of absence to the substitute,and leaf extract poultice as to use. Loquat...

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Loquat extract is

Organic and leaves of Shochu on the pickled extract.And the leaves of the 温灸 in,and leaves of absence to the substitute,and leaf extract poultice as to use.

Loquat extract how to use

■Heating padLoquat leaf extract poultice method, loquat leaf extract contains a cloth as a compress use of analgesia such as the use of therapy. Loquat contains amygdalin is analgesic and bactericidal action, thereLoquat leaf extract is lower back pain,neuralgia, frozen shoulder, rheumatism, knee, elbow pain,For bruises and sprains and musculoskeletal disorders believed to be good for you.
■And leaf extract coating methodAnd leaf extract coating method, and leaf extract pain and injuries point to a direct painting method.Loquat leaf contains amygdalin, a bactericidal action and analgesic action, and haveThe entire body of the swelling and inflammatory to use and effective. it is believed Mouth sores, mouth ulcers, pyorrhea, throat swelling and pain, and mouth disease inYou can use it. In the mouth, when applying the stimulation is strongExtract 3, 4-fold diluted for use. Mouth outside,and in, acne, or scratches, insect you are,rash, athlete's foot, 深爪 other symptoms alsoEffective and said. Loquat leaf extract in it to cause people toPrior to the patch test and go to the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options". ■And leaf extract 温灸And the leaves of the 温灸 seemingly difficult it is,even at home easy to make and the allowance method.The skin on top of the leaves, cloth, paper layering, and from the top of the rod so they are the warm, your little one move on.And the leaves of the 温灸 is also of far red-hot from the warmth in addition to body deeply and leaves of the component is dried. Electric 温灸 equipmentThat allowance is in addition handy for you.
Loquat leaf extract ↓this out.↓

Loquat extract notes

びわの葉エキス200mlAnd the leaves of the 温灸 is easy,electricity and moxibustion"Yellow Emperor moxibustion Nano platinum"for you.The Yellow Emperor moxibustion by loquat leaves 温灸, the loquat leaf and the power supply, if one is comfortable and secure. The Yellow Emperor moxibustion Nano platinumOf the page here.
Ingredients: medlar leaves white cartridgeIngredients: water, ethanol, loquat extract, caramel S, methyl paraben, ethyl paraben group methyl lithium acid Asia potassium.Content quantity: 200mlHow to save:avoid high temperatures and humidity, so please store.
And the leaves and and the leaves of the 温灸,and species use and combination therapy in regard toYour health and head the castle Yuriko's books in more detail in introduced. Dongcheng Yuriko you and health companiesOf the page here.
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