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Hinoura Cutlery Studio | What is a friendly shop kitchen knife From fire-making to forging, finishing work, carefully consistent cutting tool making. It is a stainless steel trivial kitchen knife...

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Hinoura Cutlery Studio | What is a friendly shop kitchen knife

From fire-making to forging, finishing work, carefully consistent cutting tool making. It is a stainless steel trivial kitchen knife of the original brand, "ally kimono (Ajikata)" "created by Echigo Kinzo" Hinoura Cutlery Studio "of commitment. Cutlery place Niigata · Sanjo area, the third generation Hisashi Hinoura, Mr. Mutsu Hinno Mr. Mutsu Hinoura are carefully forged one by one. I interrupted a rust resistant stainless steel with a sharp steel (white steel), I struck it carefully and finished it. Because it is a double edged SANTO kitchen knife, it can be used for a wide variety of ingredients such as meat, fish and vegetables.

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What is Hinoura Knife Studio?

Hinoura Cutlery Studio is a knife manufacturer founded in 1905. Niigata · Sanjo city famous for making knives. By a technique of fusing "steel" to "extremely soft iron" which is traditional Japanese technology (wrought iron), we are doing consistent cutter making from fire making to finishing work.
By train iron and steel, it is easy to sharpen even hard steel, it is hard to be chipped, long cutting tool, and product creation based on user's point of view is a belief. The three generations, Mr. Tsuno Hinoura and Mutsuki Hinnoura, who inherited the technique of traditional handwriting of Sanjo, are forged and finished with careful handworks one by one.
Not only kitchen knife, 鉈, Japanese style knife, special cutlery etc are also produced. Rather than producing more products, we aim to create products that earn more trust from customers.

Alto shop kitchen knife | Features

Make one by one, put in pieces and make it by hand

Inexpensive kitchen knife has been made by mass production type manufacturing method which punches out a mold with machine such as press machine from raw material iron plate. Under such circumstances, Alien shop kitchen knife is forged and handled with both hands of Hinoura Cutlery Workshop one by one careful handwork. It interrupts steel one by one with skilled skill, strikes it carefully and stretches it, it is a gem finished by the hand of man until completion.

Short cut, long lasting sharpness

I use stainless steel which is hard to rust for the metal. For steel used for interruption, white steel is used. By carefully hitting and stretching this steel material carefully, it becomes a sticky, long-cut kitchen knife by training. The whole blade is hard to rust and easy to handle. The cutting edge is sharp and its sharpness lasts long. I realized such kitchen knife.
Blade pattern is beautiful, cutting edge can be well cut. The cutting edge will get rusty just because of the steel, but to wash after use, you can use for a long time that dry well wiped. The inscription of "friend friend" is inscribed in the polished polished blade carefully.
The peak of the back has a solid thickness, the weight is not too light, too heavy, it is not too heavy, it's just a good size to use with ease.
Katsura buffalo wood material and "Park (Ho) tree" are used for the handle part. It is an oval pattern that can be used with either dominant handedness or right hand, familiarly fitting into your hands.
It can be used for every kind of ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc, with a double edged triton style.※ Since the cutting edge is thin and sharp finished, please avoid cutting the hard part such as meat and fish bones because the blade may be chipped.

It is also pleasing for gifts

Ally shop kitchen knife is sent in a dressing box. You can also enjoy it as a gift. It is ideal for gifts for those who like cuisine, sticking food dishes.

Size / specification

Size: about 310 mm in length, about 170 mm in blade width, about 170 g in thickness Weight: about 170 g Material: Blade / Steel: Blank paper No. 2, Bulk: Stainless steel, Katsura (Buffalo) Producer part: )

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