New handicraft design room|the chef's knife 180 is"Stainless Round Bar series"is a popular new handicraft design room, from the form of the beautiful, stainless material chef's knife appeared. People who...

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New handicraft design room|the chef's knife 180 is

"Stainless Round Bar series"is a popular new handicraft design room, from the form of the beautiful, stainless material chef's knife appeared. People who use this idea,created design. The material is stainless use. Look for stylish but have a pattern such as soft curves, rounded forms designed amazingly well with the hand is familiar to you.
The handle is also stainless, and the blade and the junction of no one. After use once to wash it,as well as to very hygienic to use. Sharpness is sharp,the chef's knife in the meat of the cut, not to mention fish, vegetables, fruits,food in General widely used.
This item is the chef's knife 180cm type.


New handicraft design office, introduction of

New handicraft design office, Tokyo Koganei-Shi design office. "Touch the five senses to feel important want to", "move the hand tools and materials and dialogue from The noticed the idea you want to", so that in the name of"handicraft"as the name.
A representative of the Yoshida vertebrate * Moritaka, a Japanese designer Sori Yanagi says he, Design and Mingei learned experience we can. The climate and the environment and tradition of richness thankful for being allowed to live by design, that today in the lives of at least reducing the desire and also daily activities designed.
New handicraft design office and work of the famous, stainless material for kitchen tool is aligned with the"stainless Round Bar series". Knives, a bottle opener or a pot stand,peeler etc are available. At first glance, the foremost eye-catching in its design. Stainless as a material from exudes that stylish there are of course, the soft curve important to see the overall good it gives us the impression. This beautiful,unapproachable, it is not hard on the hands, and I want to try, it is such a design no no no.....
In your hand and that none of the hand become familiar with it. Actually used as a concept, as a tool to interact with the Born of those using the in a position to have a well thought out design that is not like a operation.

New handicraft design room|the chef's knife 180 3 features of

Lightweight, easy to hold,hygienic. Thought-out design of artistic

This chef's knife is the material of the blade, also the handle is also all stainless. It for 160g and the chef's knife is light, the Daily Dish for a long time in the hands tired even of a good thing. Hand of the handle is a circle, The Shape of the deformed characteristic, we have when and fits in the hand more like a soft curve in a round form finish. So on from a power cut, even when the hand becomes painful to see.
Moreover, it is hygienic to use this knife great. The blade also the handle is also stainless, and the joint portion is not more for use once a to wash it,as well as to very hygienic to use.

Please cut it out, so strong

Of the blade body, the hardness of high molybdenum stainless steel,excellent strength and sharpness proud of it. The cutting edge on both sides of the stainless bowl, with a strong specification. This structure, with excellent sharpness, while maintaining frequent care without the durable, long period of time and a knife was realized.

Meat, fish and vegetables, cut them.

The chef's knife 180 is a full-fledged chef's knife and small size. The chef's knife was originally a large size of kitchen knives, and household use, especially in the hands of women is too many. This feeling of size is to turn on a dime, and relatively easy to use, I think. The chef's knife, a meat course, fish or vegetables and fruit to cut when well.

Actually were using it


How to care

After use, please wash. Then use a dry cloth to wipe and dry from storage. Also, regular grinding wheel in the sharpening, the sharpness and the longer you keep it.

Gifts for is pleased with it.

New handicraft design room|chef's knife, cute logo of stylish Packed in a box and send it to you. Gift and pleasure for guests. Cooking lovers,this cookware to gifts the best.

New handicraft design room|the chef's knife gallery

Size / specifications

Size: length 292mm,thin blade kitchen knives 180mm weight: 160g material: Stainless 3-tier steel country of Origin: Japan(Seki City, Gifu Prefecture)

New handicraft design room|knives list

"Stainless Round Bar series"knives lineup, the following 4 types as follows.
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