What is Mulberry Leaf (Kagoshima Produce Husk Leaves)It is the mulberry leaf which is optimum for mulberry leaf tea, organic pesticide-free chemical fertilizer from Tokunoshima cultivation, and natural drying by...

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What is Mulberry Leaf (Kagoshima Produce Husk Leaves)

It is the mulberry leaf which is optimum for mulberry leaf tea, organic pesticide-free chemical fertilizer from Tokunoshima cultivation, and natural drying by sun drying. Both men and women are rich earth of Tokunoshima who produced world's best longevity,Shima Mulberry, which used 100% of tea leaves raised in organic self parks since 1985, has strong vitality,It is getting noticed that it is effective for modern adult diseases. Mulberry leaves contain a lot of "DNJ (1 - deoxynojirimycin)" ingredients.It is said that this ingredient has a function of lowering the blood sugar level,It is a component that is attracting attention also to diabetes countermeasures and diet.Mulberry leaves are said to contain plants containing this "DNJ" ingredient in large quantities in nature. If you put about 2 g (1 teaspoon) of mulberry tea into the teapot and pour hot waterMulberry leaf tea with high health action is easily completed. (Approximately 25 cups per bag of this product)Also, if you soak mulberry leaves in shochu as they areMulberry leaf extract effective for skin trouble is completed. Please use natural cultivated mulberry leaves every healthy everyday.


What is Mulberry leaf?

Mulberry leaves (scientific name: Morus alba L English name: Mulberry) is a deciduous tree of the family Moraceae growing nationwide.There was also a custom drunk as a tea, mainly in sericulture areas, with plants that have been used for a long time as serow of silkworms.Mulberry leaves are not used, mulberry branches, root skin, mulberry seeds, etc. have been used as traditional Chinese medicines for a long time. In traditional Chinese medicine, mulberry leaves are classified as middle medicines (there are few side effects and the effect of cure for disease is matched).Even in the latest research, many health effects of mulberry leaves have been elucidated and attracting attention.

Active ingredient of mulberry leaves

DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin)As the active ingredient of mulberry leaves, the one I would like to introduce first is "DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin)".Since it has a function to suppress the absorption of carbohydrates and is excellent in controlling blood glucose level,It controls the sudden rise and fall of blood sugar level.It is a component that is attracting attention also to diabetes countermeasures and diet.Vitamins · MineralsMulberry leaves contain "Vitamin A", "Vitamin B 1", "Vitamin B 2""Vitamin C", "Vitamin E" and other vitamins,Minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium are also included.For mulberry leaves, vitamin A is 10 times that of spinach, vitamin B1 is about twice of kale,Vitamin E is about 10 times, calcium contains 1.5 times Komatsuna and 15 times iron.Dietary fiberDietary fiber is a component that reaches the large intestine without being digested,It increases the proportion of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria in the intestine and has the effect of relieving constipation.It is said that it has the effect of suppressing the production of carcinogen in the intestine.Mulberry leaves contain about 4 times the content of dietary fiber compared to keale,Recommended for those who want to prepare the intestinal environment.GABA (GABA)GABA In particular, "anti-stress" action is strong, calming excited nerves,It is a component that attracts attention because dopamine inhibitory effect is high.Mulberry leaves are said to contain about 6 times the GABA of Kale.RutinRutin is a type of polyphenol with high antioxidant activity.It helps absorption of vitamin C, it keeps the skin and blood vessels healthy and has the effect of preventing aging.It also has cardiac disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and recovery of blood glucose levels, and it is said to be effective for prevention of diabetes.


The efficacy of mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaves mainly have the following five efficacies. ● Improve constipation (promote intestinal action)● Diet (make a body that is difficult to gain weight)● Prevention of hangover (enhancement of liver function)● Metabolic prophylaxis (suppression of fat increase)● Diabetes prevention (gradual increase in blood glucose level after meals)Improvement of constipation... Mulberry leaf tea's abundant nutritional ingredients encourage the intestinal action, leading to constipation improvement.Typical ingredients include vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, minerals, dietary fiber, flavonoids. Recommended for this person: I am suffering from constipation. I feel a shortage of vegetables. Eating habits tend to be irregularDiet effect... DNJ (TM) in mulberry leaf tea has an efficacy to suppress the secretion of insulin.Prevent accumulation of fat, making a body that is difficult to gain weight.In addition, potassium as a component is effective for preparing diuretic action and body water balance.It has a function to refresh just legs and face. Recommended for people like this: I want to make a healthy diet. I care about beauty. I like sweet thingsHangover prevention effect... The flavonoids contained in mulberry leaf tea are a type of polyphenols and can be expected to enhance liver function.In addition, since rich nutrients such as potassium prepares the whole body,Prevent stomach stagnation and upset hangover. Recommended for people like this: many drinking parties and drinking alcohol often. I want to manage discomfort due to a hangoverHangover prevention effect... contains plant sterols such as sitosterol and stigmasterol, and dietary fiber.Sterols and dietary fiber are ingredients that are expected to have an effect of suppressing lipid absorption.In an experiment targeting obese patients, an average of 2.1% of waist-down per month has been confirmed. Recommended for those: I want to keep youthful and healthy forever. I am concerned about neutral fat. The vicinity of the lower abdominal area has been getting dizzyDiabetes preventive effect... The mulberry leaf DNJ (TM) has an efficacy to block the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine.Absorption of sugar becomes gentle and suppresses the rise of blood glucose peak after mealIt is said to lead to the prevention of diabetes.It has also been proved the efficacy of suppressing insulin secretion. Recommended for this: sugar is anxious. High blood sugar level and blood pressure


Mulberry leaf tea

Mulberry leaf tea is attractive enough to take plenty of abundant nutrients from mulberry leaves.There is an image that Nogi tea is hard to drink,Mulberry leaf tea is savory and has a taste similar to hoji tea and it is easy to drink so it is very tasty.Moreover, because it is non-caffeine it is also recommended for children and those pregnant,It is also best before sleeping. It is recommended to use the watering roll after leaving it in a multi-purpose. I will show you how to drink the most out of the ingredients of mulberry leaves. · When putting in tea pack... Put the tea pack in a yakan with hot water of about 80 ℃ where the bleaching is finished, put it on the fire,Boil down slowly for 4 to 5 minutes. Mulberry tea contains many amino acids,Please boil slowly from low temperature hot water before boiling and please deliver sufficient flavor ingredients.Since 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) is strong against heat and easily soluble in water,By boiling down slowly, ingredients are drawn out more. · When putting in teapot... Add about 2 g (1 teaspoon) of mulberry tea for one person to the teapot, pour out hot water at about 80 ° C which has bleached chalk and steam for about 2 minutes.Please be sure to put out hot water for first boiling. Please do not steam too much hot water from the second decoction.The taste comes out with the second roasted eyes. 【To make a delicious mulberry tea】In order to make delicious mulberry tea good or bad of "water" becomes very important.About mulberry tea brewed mulberry tea, let 's make it with soft water with minimal mineral content. When mulberry tea is brewed with hard water, there is a case that the original taste and aroma of leaves can not be drawn out,We recommend using soft water. * More tasty brewing points with tap water *Most of the tap water in Japan is "soft water".When drawing water, it seems good to take out vapors from the faucet so that it contains enough air.The air melted in water further enhances the smell of mulberry tea.Please boil off the chalk for about 5 minutes. Recently it has become soft water with little odor of calcium even in urban water,Still if you are still concerned about smell of chalk, please drink after boiling for about 5 minutes.Just a couple of hours, moreover, the tea will be delicious. [Please do before meals rather than after meals]The active ingredient DNJ (1 - deoxynojirimycin) peculiar to mulberry has a high effect of saccharides out of the body,It is expected to be effective for dieting and diabetes treatment.DNJ sticks out the sugar that entered the body outside the body, but after the sugar has been absorbed, DNJ has also diminished its effect.In order to maximize the ingredients of mulberry leaves,Drink mulberry tea before meals,It is necessary to put DNJ in the body beforehand. "Tea after a meal" is a Japanese lifestyle habit. However, for DNJ's carbohydrate control function as wellWe recommend that you drink from before meals.Instead of drinking a cup before meal, I started drinking before meals,We recommend that you drink over time while drinking.In particular, rice and bread contain a lot of sugar. Please add daily meal with mulberry tea before meal.I think that you can experience the active ingredients of mulberry tea just by changing the way you drink. [Tasty up with a little ingenuity! 】It is delicious when hot summer is tea pack mulberry tea is boiled down and cooled in a refrigerator and then served.Because it is non-caffeine, it is safe for children.You can enjoy it with a iced tea feeling by putting lemon slices etc. as you like.Also, you can eat delicious even if you divide shochu with mulberry tea. Please try.


Mulberry leaf extract

When mulberry leaves are soaked in shochu it can be used as "mulberry leaf extract".Burn · Lower back pain · Stiff shoulder stiffness · Sprains · Water spill · mouth sores · sore throat · hair growth · itching · eczema · insect bites · athlete's foot,It is mainly effective for skin troubles and can be used for various purposes. 1. Place mulberry leaves in a container2. Place the shochu in the container so that the tooth is covered3. Mulberry leaves are mixed regularly4.2 Keep in a cool dark place about 4 months5. Remove the mulberry leavesMulberry leaf extract effective for skin trouble is completed. If you use the extract as it is and the stimulation may be strong, dilute it with purified water according to the application, please use. Kawashimaya's "Mulberry Leaf (Kagoshima Produce Husky Leaves)Because it is a mulberry leaf of naturally dried and non-chemical fertilizer cultivation, and natural drying by the heavenly sun,You can use it with confidence in tea and extract.


Attention point of guava tea

桑の葉-有機JAS認定-(福留果樹園 徳之島産)乾燥タイプ 50g
 Name Mulberry leavesIngredient name Organic mulberry leaves (from Tokushinjima, Kagoshima prefecture)Internal capacity 50 gExpiration date stated in the itemHow to Save Avoid heat and humidity, please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.
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