Veitchii powder 100g(Kochi Prefecture production・pesticide) is aKochi Prefecture production of pesticide-free of veitchii(隈笹,熊笹)dried, high quality parts easy to swallow powdery them. Water or hot water to melt it, feel free...

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Veitchii powder 100g(Kochi Prefecture production・pesticide) is a

Kochi Prefecture production of pesticide-free of veitchii(隈笹,熊笹)dried, high quality parts easy to swallow powdery them. Water or hot water to melt it, feel free to rich in nutrients it can take in. A day to 5G a guide to water or lukewarm water to dissolve and drink. First thing in the morning-upon waking, your body is in fasting condition, or from inside the body healthy in a better way. Veitchii, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, other minerals and vitamin C, vitamin K, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and dietary fiber is a good balance of rich. Blood cleansing and bad breath, rid of odour,antiseptic and also used in prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and drink healthy ingredients.

熊笹 The effect of the

Rich in nutrients that contains veitchii, many benefits can be expected.

Bad breath prevention

熊笹 to the abundant chlorophyll in the skin surface or the mucosal surface and have antibacterial properties.. Antibacterial effects in the oral cavity or the skin surface to reduce odour, bad breath and body odor cause of prevention helps.

Atherosclerosis Prevention

熊笹 contains flavonoids and dietary fiber, cholesterol adsorption qualities. A thrombus is possible to suppress the generation of atherosclerosis to prevent the work there.

High blood pressure・cholesterol suppress

熊笹 contained in dietary fiber and chlorophyll, the bad cholesterol from the intestine absorbed to hinder the work there. Thus, the cholesterol levels in the blood can suppress all. Moreover, cells activated to work there and from the blood pressure, stabilizes high blood pressure prevention effect can also be expected.

Of the stomach the symptoms improve

Veitchii, the sterilization and detoxification of the"benzoic acid(What are these people doing this) the"named substances included in the stomach, the bacteria proliferate and to suppress them. Gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer due to Helicobacter pylori and Staphylococcus aureus were the bacteria suppress these symptoms and help improve it.

Veitchii powder (熊笹 juice)to drink

Hot water and blend with water and drink it this is the easiest light to continue, and in....... Water in the melt is veitchii Aojiru called. Note: iHerb does not imply any medical claims from this review has more, one add,the usual drink of green tea and milk mixed with drinking, too many people. A powder for application is effective, you can juice the taste of the person who is weak in their preferences in drink and clear air. Paths, just use a sprinkle as a salad, or rice in ochazuke is fun for you. This is a staple of the veitchii Aojiru drink to introduce. 1. Powder for preparing tea spoon in 2 tablespoons of the degree veitchii powder into the glass and take it. 2. Water or hot water and pour into a glass 150cc of water. Depending on the season, lukewarm and boiling water is also fine. 3. Complete tea with a spoon stir well. The first is the powder is"double"will stir all go and the water would be. 4. Anyone drink it in. stir well, and completely water and not juice is completed. After a few hours and veitchii ingredients sinking to the bottom in the can,stir and drink.

Since ancient times, the parent will have to bear service

Veitchii Japan to many Native gramineous plants,plant height is greater in 1m there were so many of us. Vivid green,in the autumn and winter, the edges of the leaves wither white appearance that is the Kabuki of how the image from "隈笹"it was said. Japan from ancient times familiar as a panacea, used in China from ancient times in folk medicine and herbal medicine as well known. Veitchii, the most significant effect is antiseptic and antibacterial, this action of utilizing the leaves of the soft feel, the bamboo, the bamboo one, such as portable food packaging of choice for. Or blood-clotting effect of small wounds fester stopped, skin diseases and stomach in the treatment of also used in...... In modern times veitchii tea, veitchii Aojiru,veitchii extract, etc., and as a dietary Supplement,widely it sold. Vivid leaves of how to love in the garden to the cultivated kinds, and widely loved and familiar plants.
[Contents/ingredients】 quantity / 100 g raw material / veitchii 100%(Kochi Prefecture production) ][how to use] day to about 4 ~ 5G to approximately 150cc of water or lukewarm water to dissolve and drink. Stored at room temperature if possible, avoid direct sunlight and place in storage. 【Shelf life】 product according to

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