Zenikoen - Life tea of the earth "Special selection"

Receiving plenty of nature's blessings, tea bred in the earth It did not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers at all, and was raised only by the grace of nature,A representative...

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Receiving plenty of nature's blessings, tea bred in the earth

It did not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers at all, and was raised only by the grace of nature,A representative green tea series of Zenikoen "Earth tea ceremony". We received plenty of the benefits of the natural world of soil, water and sun,I made it with tea leaves bred to the earth which was cultivated by many living creatures. To extract the umami of tea leaves, steamed fresh leaves plucked over time than usual.Sweetness increases, less astringent, finished in a rich flavor. This item is "special selection" tea which features sweetness and richness.Please try and taste the real taste of tea full of vitality.

Pesticide / chemical fertilizer not used

Zenikoen is in Shimada-shi, Shizuoka prefecture.From the desire to provide safe tea that matches nature, we have realized a field that can make delicious tea with organic fertilizer cultivation for more than 10 years. Beautiful tea garden that continues gently in the mountains.
"Earth tea ceremony" is cultivated in this tea field with no pesticide / chemical fertilizer.An ideal field where the natural circulation in the earth is done correctly, overcoming the occurrence of pests, born after trial and error.In this environment close to nature, you can draw out the original power of tea. Many creatures such as animals and insects grow up their lives and receive plenty of the grace of the natural world of soil, water, and sun, and tea leaves grow deliciously and delicately.

Tea picking carefully with human hands

In the spring, newly born sprouts shine faintly and beautifully.When blown in the wind and morning dew is dry, compliance begins politely by the hand of man. After that steaming, processing and packaging, we all go carefully with the producer's hands.

Extract sweetness "deep steaming"

In the steaming process, in order to maximize the "umami" "sweetness" of tea leaves, take more time than usual and steam raw leaves firmly deeply.Here, Ochanomizu color, scent and so on will be decided. Dried steamed tea while rubbing, finally shape and dry.
Among the "Life Tea of ​​the Earth" series, it was "superb" tea that was made by picking only the soft sprouts when the sprouts began to emerge."Specialty" tea is a new tea harvested after several days from its top tea, it is a tea with sweetness and richness. The color of the beautifully clear tea, the sweetness that you feel when you include it in your mouth,I do not feel astringency and the taste without habit is very popular.
"Life tea of ​​the earth" made from living ground and careful handicraft without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.It is organic green tea thought about the body. Please try it once.

Product Details

raw materials Organic green tea
Internal capacity 100 g
Producing area Shizuoka Prefecture
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity, please note the lingering scent after opening
 Since tea leaves are fine, please use teapot with ami.

How to make delicious tea

Temperature: about 70 to 80 ℃Amount of tea leaves: About 6 g (for two people)Steaming time: first roasting / 30 seconds, second roasting / 10 secondsPouring method: Please divide it into several times and pour it little by little

Product line-up

"Zengokuen | Earth tea ceremony" is available in all three products.Please choose according to your preference.

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