What is Deep Yoshino Wormwood leaves tea tea bag The finished wormwood leaf tea was pulverized with a planting machine to make it an easy-to-use tea bag. Midweek in July, reap...

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What is Deep Yoshino Wormwood leaves tea tea bag

 The finished wormwood leaf tea was pulverized with a planting machine to make it an easy-to-use tea bag. Midweek in July, reap the wormworm that stretched to 50 cm. It is completed through the manufacturing process from cutting and washing to drying and finishing. In addition, when shipping, it is completed at 130 ° C and it is made of wormwood leaf tea. It is made of wormworm cultivated in Organic pesticide in Higashiyoshino village, Nara Prefecture.Please use with confidence. Contents: 75 g (2.5 g × 30 bags) How to put motherworm tea · Wormwood leaf tea 3 ~ 5 g· Enameled or porcelain container· Water 3 cup (600 cc) Please decoction with low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes. Please be careful not to get out of fire as it will change easily when it is over 60 degrees so that it will not be hot. To put in a teapot, add one pinch of wormworm leaf tea and pour boiling water and steam for about a minute and a half to drink. As time goes by, it gets darker gradually, so please adjust according to your preference. Drinking wormwood tea It is always nice to drink it, but if you decocted tea, divide it 3 to 4 times a day and let's drink on meals on an empty stomach. Hungry well absorbs and you can expect an effect. Let's drink frequently without drinking at once. Wakamagi tea point · Decocting container Enamel drawing, Pottery made, Heat resistant glass made, Earthen pot, Evil. Avoid steel containers. Also avoid drinking plastic cups when drinking. It affects subtly the ingredients of wormwood. · Please be sure to close the lid so that the active ingredient of the wormwood will not escape with steam. · It is the quantity of dry weighted mushrooms. · Decoction time It changes somewhat depending on the season. I will make only the amount I drink on a daily basis. Especially during the summer it is easy to change so decoct two times or keep it in a refrigerator and let it warm when drinking. Also, after decoction, please remove the leaves with tea leaves etc. If you leave it in, it becomes too dark. · How to use Decoction Solution You can use it not only for drinking but also for external use such as ship and lotion.
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