Kumamoto・dried horsetail is Surrounded by lush nature in Kumamoto Prefecture 上益城郡甲佐町 grew up in a horsetail, and young, plucked, and cleaned within the day and dried. Pesticides and fertilizer no...

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Kumamoto・dried horsetail is

Surrounded by lush nature in Kumamoto Prefecture 上益城郡甲佐町 grew up in a horsetail, and young, plucked, and cleaned within the day and dried. Pesticides and fertilizer no farming"fertilizer natural farming"is the rice made of and is health farm of the agricultural land is taken for processing at home it. Pesticide-free leaves with the rest of horsetail ingredient is too small, you can take in,usually lacking nutrients can be supplemented.

Horsetail and wildflowers of power

Horsetail is a service of the Department of perennials in the spring, to come out with the"one"is the Horsetail spores of the stem part. The life force is very strong plant in the hand, strong weed, also known as nutrients are abundant, from ancient times medicinal plants throughout the country. Minerals very much the"storehouse of minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc"and what if I do. Spinach and by comparison, calcium is 155 times,phosphorus・potassium 5 times, magnesium 3 times also included it. Of essential nutrients silicate also contains a lot of and improvement of to help. Also, chlorophyll(chlorophyll)is a blood purifying effect, there is a chronic disease in General effects can be expected.

Too much tea or


手軽に、かんたんに飲めるのが利点です。 すぎな茶を大さじ1-2杯急須に入れ、熱湯を注ぎ、お好みの濃さでお飲み下さい。


ちょっと手間がかかりますが、より濃い薬効を期待できます。 すぎな茶5g-10gを約1リットルの水で煮出します。 お湯が沸騰してから弱火で1-2分程度煮出せば出来上がりです。 食前にゆっくりと飲むのが効果的です。 スギナの薬効の大きな作用の一つに、利尿作用があります。 これは女性に多いむくみを改善する働きがあります。 お茶とちがってタンニンを含みませんので、夏には冷やして頂くととても爽やかです。 もちろんホットもおいしいので、季節を問わずお茶代わりにどうぞ。


●Not too leaves Shochu pickled material ・not too leaf:150g degree ・liquor:1.8 L...brown rice Shochu or white liquor is used. The frequency is 35 degrees or more things please use. ・Jars and containers(4L or more of the container is recommended)...plum wine use, such as the wide mouth bottle is helpful.

Step 1 is not too leaves into containers

Not too of the leaves into a container, you. This is dry and not too leaves were used. Raw leaves if using,wash well,dry a little bit from the LeT's use.

Step 2 in a container and into the liquor

Container and into the liquor being. Not too leaf extract is extracted, such as 35 degrees or more liquor used.

Step 3 just leaves regularly mix

Not too leaves Shochu pickles jars a Week 2-3 times shake mix. Not too leaf extract is extracted easier.

Step 4 2-4 months storage

The jars sealed in a cool dark place to keep it. 2~4 months, the brown liquid is. This is not too leaf extract,from the leaves of a component of plenty of integrated. Usually 1 month is OK, but the thick extract if you want more long periods, try placing. Aged people who can extract good out of it, the only effect is higher.

Step 5 just leaves out.

Not too leaves Shochu marinated for 2-4 months after storage, and not too take a leaf out. Not too leaves Shochu pickled is completed. It was not too leaves Shochu pickled, and stored at room temperature even after several years have said. ※Pickled finished the leaves,extract minutes for the rest, the bath salts can be used as. I enabled the please use. Not too leaves Shochu pickled relieves fatigue may be beneficial. A very small amount (30ml approx), and before going to bed on the area you'll want to. Liquor you drink too much Please note.

Horsetail tea taste

Young harvested leaves using the or bitter taste, such as is not, green tea close to such a taste is refreshing and full of flavour. Click No,and the health tea as a daily drink as well.

Horsetail's efficacy

One is edible and has been used on Famous, its about growing up come out and horsetail also from of old indications is recognized widely been used. Not only in Japan but traditional Chinese medicine can contact Jingzhou(also no)has been well-known for many years as the most in Germany as an herbal tea it has been popular since ancient times it.

① Diuretic effect

Horsetail is a diuretic effect puffiness rid of helps. Contains a wealth of potassium in the body sodium is drained, and water metabolism is activated for kidney disease・heart disease・liver disease can come from swelling also effective. Of the kidney can increase, nephritis, cystitis and liver disease as a result, it may be possible.

② Detox effects

Chlorophyll components of the blood made the about for blood circulation, rather than to the body or harmful substances discharged to the outside as the detox effects can be expected. This allows your body to have lighter skin tone even better. The body of the function itself even in the diet as a support it's very good.

③ Blood purification

Water-soluble silicon,to clean the blood as the blood oxygen supply to the cells, to the activation of the help. Cancer prevention and cholesterol reduction effect is.

④ Autonomic nervous system of the tuned action

Sodium and potassium rich, and autonomic disturbances promotion is working there. In addition, prevention of diabetes, antipyretic, stones,atopic dermatitis improvement, anti-aging etc to the effect that there has been.

Horsetail is rich in ingredients that have

・Silicate ・minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, potassium, etc.) ・vitamins (B1, B2, C, etc.) ・chlorophyll(chlorophyll), such as horsetail or diverse ingredients are included. In the"storehouse of minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc"is said to be the most abundant mineral is characterized. Spinach and all, calcium is 155 times higher, phosphorus, potassium, 5 times,magnesium 3 times, very contains a lot of charm. I recommend this ・to clean the blood metabolism and to good people ・high blood pressure, cholesterol anxious ・more anxious ・the autonomic nervous system prepares those who want

Horsetail tidbits

Japan, where it is often seen in a"horsetail". Wildflowers in the old days from the famous Horsetail, spring wildflowers here. Small I was taken"some", in fact, Horsetail as a part of the Did you know? Horsetail is a service of the Department of perennials. The fern plant is a kind of flowers and seeds from forming spores in the increase. Spores to produce spores and the stalk is on,not too nutrient-stemmed Horsetail at. In early spring, and in the basement during the winter and slowly had grown up some from the ground and sprout in. One is edible and has been used on famous, that of nutrition stems in Horsetail in Japan from of old all-round medicinal herbs throughout the country. Chinese medicine in the questions after (if not only)known as, in Germany as an herbal tea it has been popular since ancient times it. The life force of the very strong weed as well known, the roots are 2 meters not even close to that...... and go After the war devastated the Earth, the first Living been. Japan TABATA in the garden, in the mountains can also be seen, the plant height is 10 cm from a 60 cm or so. Digging up all the roots are kept alive, or revived, mowing even out the most cause of farmers and plagued, and would say to those-- but it's only energetic life force with wildflowers, so that nutrients and energy from you to the effect I am looking forward to. Classification: Ferns plant gate access services rope access services eyes horsetails Department of horsetails genus scientific name: Equisetum arvense English :Field Horsetail, Common Horsetail place of Origin: Japan, Northern of the warm temperate region, plant category: perennial plant height: 10 ~ 60㎝

Of dried Horsetail caveat

・Stored at room temperature if possible, avoid direct sunlight and place in storage. ・Horsetail is alkaloids and enzymes, etc. for containing large amounts of ingestion is discouraged for good reasons. At one time large quantities of food, unless daily in tea or use in cooking to a degree, there is no problem. ・Pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding or refrain from ingestion or better said.

And health farms Ogata 弘文 message from the

"Super weeds・Horsetail" weeds that are too rude to say, its outstanding feature is horsetail out to the right of the weed is not. Horsetail is a acidic soil native to the soil to neutralize soil conditioners with the function of the alkaline plants. From deep within the earth minerals suck up the soil, clean earth, of the self-cleaning power to support rare plants. Storehouse of minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc and so on. The main ingredient is a saponin・chlorophyll・silicon・calcium・potassium・sodium・iron・zinc, and vitamins etc. What does calcium of spinach 155 times,phosphorus・potassium 5 times, magnesium 3 times, and the surprise of the figures. Our natural farming House is this plant's ability to produce from the healthy food you're making. Of course, global pollution and together we humans are tainted. Horsetail has the ability to take advantage,cancer and osteoporosis, including prevention of, and for connecting it and it would Tea to it. Years of natural farming continues on agricultural land growing Horsetail in peace and drink.

Product details

Capacity 100g
Raw materials Horsetail (dried)
Country of origin Japan(Kumamoto)
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