Houttuynia leaves, dry type 100g and (Hyogo Prefecture, pesticide-free) isIt dried the good part of the leaves of Houttuynia that are pesticide-free in a natural rich Hyogo Prefecture Kamigori. Rich...

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Houttuynia leaves, dry type 100g and (Hyogo Prefecture, pesticide-free) is

It dried the good part of the leaves of Houttuynia that are pesticide-free in a natural rich Hyogo Prefecture Kamigori. Rich nutrients of Houttuynia is the dried leaves that are tightly condensed. Since it is a pesticide-free, you can use with confidence in Houttuynia tea and Houttuynia cordata extract, and the like.
When the tea is poured Mizuyaku one liter kettle or pot, heated to put this product 10g ~ 15g, and boiled in about 1 to 2 minutes over low heat after boiling, please Strain the dregs in the tea strainer in hot . Houttuynia is also referred to as houttuyniae (executive), there are a lot of efficacy. It has been popular as a private panacea from the old days. Such as chlorophyll, flavonoids, potassium, magnesium, and the active ingredient of the mineral is not included in wealth. Eating habits is disturbed often one and, it is recommended to those who want to be healthy from the inside of the body.

The main efficacy and effects of Houttuynia

Houttuynia is the herb that the Ministry of Health and Welfare has allowed and may be sold in pharmacies. Leaves not only, flowers and stems, it is all grass roots, etc. can be used. The Houttuynia that contains a wealth of nutrients, you can expect a lot of efficacy. The tea of ​​Houttuynia, enzymes and chlorophyll (chlorophyll), flavonoids, and the active ingredient of minerals such as potassium, magnesium is included in the wealth. detoxification (detox) blood vessels to strengthen, purify the heart disease and high blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis toning eliminate gastrointestinal constipation skin problems improvement of antioxidant action, aging prevention blood, it is to be effective in such as the improvement of edema, poor circulation.

How to drink of Houttuynia tea

Houttuynia dried leaves tea is surprising it is not habit, is fragrant smell may be. Since there is no habit delicious be blended with other tea. And a strong odor when the leaves, but it is easy to drink almost disappeared when drying and heating. You can also drink with meals. Because it does not contain caffeine, you can drink in peace even before going to bed. And boiled in a pot or kettle as general tea, you can drink feel free to delicious. Is also a delicious drink chilled drink, such as a little mixed crop-roasted green tea, barley tea. [When brewed in a pot or kettle] 1. poured Mizuyaku one liter preparation pot and kettle, and put the Houttuynia leaves 10g-15g of dry. Cleanup will be easier if the tea leaf placed in a tea pack ※. 2. subjected to boiled fire, in the low heat boils, it began to boil for about 1 to 2 minutes. 3. When out tea strainer boiled, please Strain the dregs in the tea strainer in hot. 4. drink as it is as hot tea, even for ice even in hot, please enjoy iced tea instead of several times to cool. [When brewed in a teapot] put about Houttuynia leaves 15g of dry teapot, pour the boiling water. Place about 3-4 minutes, please enjoy Once you become the depth of your choice. ※ so that the depth of your choice, please adjust the time.

How to make of Houttuynia extract

The leaves dry place in a cool, dark place immersed in distilled spirits, extract of Houttuynia will be extracted in about one month to several months. Or use as Houttuynia makeup water, you can drink as it is.

Notes of Houttuynia

Houttuynia is basically referred to as the side effects are not, but, in the case of drinking, those who function of the kidney are taking a diuretic to hold the one and potassium have decreased with caution. It might hyperkalemia by too much taking the potassium that is included in many Houttuynia.

Producer for the "fresh farm Okumoto"

It is pesticide-free (reduced pesticide) plantation that has been cultivated in Hyogo Prefecture Kamigori. "Peace of mind to those who are troubled by atopy and food education, want to deliver safe food, we are working hard to cultivation wanted to make together." That the original idea, to pesticide-free, low-pesticide commitment It has been addressed.
現代農業 表紙

Of fresh farm Okumoto Houttuynia field Gallery

Houttuynia that has been popular since ancient times

Houttuynia has a long history, even in books of the Heian period are listed with a name that says "this cloth Toki" (splash). During the Edo era been actively used as a folk medicine, had been especially Houttuynia tea is generally widely popular as a health tea that is feeding feel free to nutrition. From growing health and nature-oriented, its effect in recent years has been attracting attention again.
[Contents / Ingredients: Contents / 100 g raw materials / Houttuynia 100% (Hyogo Prefecture) producer / Yukimasa Okumoto (fresh farm Okumoto) ][How to use poured Mizuyaku one liter pot and kettle, this product we put on the fire and put the 10g ~ 15g. And about 1 to 2 minutes boiled over low heat after boiling, please Strain the dregs in the tea strainer in hot. This or drink as it is, please enjoy tea instead divided into several times cold. ][Shelf Life] described in items

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