What is organic pesticide red rice (from Itoshima city, Fukuoka city)It is delicious red rice (mochi red rice) grown in Complete pesticide at Itoshima Town in Fukuoka Prefecture.It is a...

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What is organic pesticide red rice (from Itoshima city, Fukuoka city)

It is delicious red rice (mochi red rice) grown in Complete pesticide at Itoshima Town in Fukuoka Prefecture.It is a new motif type which became delicious due to unique breed improvement among red riceIt is a type called "two-length red rice".
To the red rice full of vitality that has continued to support the life of the Japanese from ancient times,It is this "two-length red rice" that was born born with crossed rice with good texture.
Mr. Yoshihito in Itsuku-gun, Itoshima-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, is cultivating red rice with non-pesticide-free chemical fertilizer.I am sticking to red rice which is easy to lodge and difficult to cultivate, iridescent chemicals and chemical fertilizers.Organic cultivation of red rice is extremely scarce nationwide. From nursery seedlings to Honda and harvesting, we do not use any fungicides, insecticides.The most troublesome weed control measures are weeding by reverse use of Jumbo Tanishi,We realized cultivation without using pesticides at all. We are making colorful, amylose-free, delicious red rice with organic pesticide.Both rice hairs and rice are beautiful, and red rice which is more delicious than anything,Farmers in Fukuoka Prefecture Nikko Town have selected and breeded over the years,I brought up my rugosity and raised it in large quantities.
 Red rice contains 4.6 times vitamin B1, 3 times or more phosphorus, 7.5 times vitamin E compared to polished rice.Red rice also contains a lot of dietary fiber, improving the function of the intestines and improving the intestinal environment.When red rice is left in water for 8 to 12 hours, many γ amino acids (GABA) are generated. Furthermore, catechol tannin (red pigment) contained in the bran layer of red rice,It is a kind of polyphenols whose antioxidant effect is attracting attention. Please add 2 to 3 tablespoons of red rice to the usual rice cooker and cook it.You can enjoy red rice rice packed with tight delicious and powerful ground forces.


How to eat delicious red rice

Rice red rice is characterized by its thinner color than rice, which is the same ancient rice.In order to produce a beautiful peach color, it is good to mix about 10% of red rice with rice. [Estimated blending amount]
· In case of cooking 2: white rice 270 g, red rice 30 g· In case of cooking 3: white rice 400 g, red rice 50 g· In case of cooking 4: white rice 540 g, red rice 60 g· In case of cooking 5: white rice 670 g, black rice 80 g 【How to cook】1) After washing rice, add red rice and mix gently. 2) Weigh out water.* Red rice is glutinous rice. Because it is sticky, it can be the same as when rice is cooked only with white rice. Please cook a couple of times and decide how much water you like. 3) Soak in water.Summer place: 30 minutes Winter place: Soak in water for around 60 minutes as a guide. 4) Cook rice.In order to avoid uneven cooked rice, mix it gently again before cooking.* Add some salt and cook it with a rice cooker with a moderate discreet amount of water to make it more deliciousIt will be finished. 5) Stir.When steaming after cooking is over, stirring immediately.Use a clean rice ball to dispense the whole kettle frequently.Put air on grains of rice and make chewy.

What is red rice

It came about 2400 years ago from China Mainland to northern Kyushu.Thanks to its productivity, nutritional value and taste,It spread to the northernmost tip of Honshu in a few years, and since that time in Japan,Civilization flourished mainly on making rice.It can be said that it was red rice that told Japan the beginning of Yayoi culture.
Red rice is the roots of rice, it is said to be the origin of red rice.It is said that it was a donated rice of Yamataikoku, and for the ancient Japanese gifts,It has been used as a celebration.The red rice pigment contains a red pigment (tannin)Compared with white rice, it contains a lot of protein and various vitamins and minerals.Mix with white rice and cook it slightly crimson.

Notes on red rice

 Ingredients: red rice from Fukuoka prefectureStorage method: Avoid heat and humidity, store at room temperature
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