About Black Rice - Natural Farming and Pesticide-Free 30 kg A early ripening black rice that has chewy texture when it is cooked with white rice.It turns into beautiful pink...

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About Black Rice - Natural Farming and Pesticide-Free 30 kg

A early ripening black rice that has chewy texture when it is cooked with white rice.
It turns into beautiful pink color rice when cooked because it is rich in the antioxidant type that is anthocyanin.

Black rice is rich in protein, vitamins B1 and B2, niacin, vitamin E, iron, calcium and magnesium.
Moreover, it contains very effective nutrients for fatigue recovery, improving beautiful skin, and atopy improvement.

This black rice is a natural rice plant grows on farmland where the soil was resuscitated with resuscitation hydrogen water without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, compost, etc.

If you add and cook this black rice together with normal rice, it will be delicious like new rice. That is because this black rice has a catalytic effect.


Cultivation Characteristics

It is a rice that is difficult to grow because the color is likely to be uneven due to recent abnormal weather, and uneven heading from natural farming method.

For about 20 years, this is the ultimate natural farming rice that used our own seeds using resuscitated hydrogen water to resuscitate soil in agricultural lands without pesticides and fertilizers.

Because it's cultivated without fertilizers and composts, this rice is a pure rice and the grain is small but it contains lots of energy.



About Black Rice: Black Rice Nutrients and Easy Way to Cook Black Rice
Black rice is said to be derived from China. When you cook black rice, it has a dark color like red rice's color. Although we may not see black rice that much in our dining table, black rice has drawn much attention in recent years because of its nutrients.
This is an article where we talk more about black rice's nutrients. There also information about easy way to cook black rice.
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The Message from Food Maker

It is rice that you can eat with without worry even if you have an atopy or rice allergy.
Rice that is fertilizer-free and cultivated with natural farming method has a high-quality taste even for those who don't have an appetite.

In addition, the anthocyanin (a type of polyphenol) that is the pigment of the rice's skin are attracting attention because it can remove active oxygen.
Furthermore, it also effective for beautiful skin and has anti-aging effects.

It also has the property of warming up the body, and is recommended for those who are cold or anemic.

How about taking a habit of consuming black rice that has many delightful effects (especially) for women?


How to Cook Black Rice Deliciously

How to cook black rice is easy.
Add 1 tablespoon (about 15 g) of slightly washed black rice in every 1 cup of washed white rice, then mix well.

Soak the washed rice in about 1-2 hours.
Please put the same water when you soak white rice.
It will become even more delicious if you add a little salt when soaking the rice. Don't forget to stir well before cook it.

Once it is cooked, let it steam for about 15 minutes.
Stir with rice spoon until the color is even.

If you think that the color is too dark, adjust the amount of the black rice to your preferred color.
Depending on the amount of black rice, the rice will turn purple and pink, and it will make the table colorful.

In addition, please enjoy not only the appearance but also the crunchy and chewy texture of the black rice.


The Commitment of Ogata Health Farm


Our goal is to create a world without any diseases by delivering organic agricultural products without any chemical-fertilizer or chemical-cultivation to families and society.

Our Commitments

1. We are not using any pesticide or herbicide from planting until harvesting stage.
2. We are not using any fertilizer.
3."Cleaning up the soil." We only use the residue of previous work for field plowing. We are emphasizing the natural ecosystem cycle to clean the soil (the rice husk generated in the production process are discarded in some fields due to difficulties of the production process.)
4. We are generating our own seeds (self-breeding) for years in order to detoxify pesticide and fertilizer ingredients remaining in seeds. Therefore, we can produce an organic and healthy seeds.


The Message from Ogata Health Farm

These rice are cultivated through "Natural Farming" method which did not use any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Rice that is raised by the natural power of earth, together with time, effort and affection from the farmers. We deliver the family's wishes such as health and longevity.

Our distant ancestors said that the changes in the global environment overlapped and miraculously occurred. There was such time where fertilizer or pesticide did not need in agriculture. The only things needed are the combined energy of the sun, the moon, and the earth. Nowadays, it was just an epic scenario because it is irrelevant according to modern agriculture.

In modern days, most people have a shallow way of thinking. The Old Testament says that evil thing can occur when people eat something that they should not eat. One example is when Adam and Eve eat the forbidden tree nuts, they got a punishment. Let's assume the forbidden tree nut may be the pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Humanity can suffer from various diseases by eating something which should not be eaten. Predicting such grief, the "Natural Farming" method by Mokichi Okada was advocated.

The natural farming without any fertilizer is starting to spread quietly in modern days. The Ogata Health Farm started to do the natural farming method to protect our family from 26 years ago. The natural farming cleans the soil and wakes earth force. The people who eat the product from natural farming can live a longer life rather than the people don't. Now, we are very pleased to deliver natural farming product to every family.

The rice from natural farming method tastes good even for those without appetite. When we are eating the rice, our body seems to get healthier because we are eating "pure" rice.

It is our biggest pleasure if you favorited our product at your home. Human being are made from what they ate. Please choose the right food for your family, because it will also affect your family's life.


Product Details

Name Black Rice - Ogata Health Farm's Natural Farming, Pesticide-Free Black Rice 30 kg
Place of Origin Kamimashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture
Preservation Method Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, and store in a cool place. We recommend to store in refrigerator during summer.
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