Glutinous rice"you can die for"-Akita Prefecture production special cultivation rice is theSilky firm texture is the charm of glutinous rice.Rice cakes and rice boiled with red beans on the please...

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Glutinous rice"you can die for"-Akita Prefecture production special cultivation rice is the

Silky firm texture is the charm of glutinous rice.
Rice cakes and rice boiled with red beans on the please use.
Akita Prefecture Yuri Honjo in pesticides and chemical fertilizers as much as possible without the use of any growth. (Special cultivated rice)
It will eat firm texture to stay.

Glutinous rice"you can die for"-Akita specially cultivated us rice producers introduction

In recent years, agricultural and livestock products for the safety of that interest is very high.From the post-war period of agricultural modernization and productivity improvement supremacy,Agriculture oil pickled・drugged, and therefore it is the Consumer down hanging in......At the time of the historical background, if you think"how cheap・not in large numbers"is a proposition I from I don't know. Change Modern is satiation of age. The taste and quality that currentlySafety to keep your end.The current“”,“organic”for agricultural products has been a focus of attention.However, its“”,“pesticide-free”with respect to standards, and the wide variety of cultivation methods exist.We are organic and chemical fertilizer cultivation, through the safety and aimed at the farming build. 1. The fertility of the soil, keeping the rice of the Constitution robust, and if the necessity of such pests and diseases to become stronger.2. Chemical fertilizers to minimize the ones giving and nourishing, rich in the delicious food that can be harvested. Our Suda Shoji of Agriculture against the idea.Rice is the original no pesticides or chemical fertilizers in toys and training you can.
It is Inamoto come to power only by the growth in the human helping can live without thatWild power to awaken a little.It only gives it,in nature a substance exists only grew up in a safe rice can be. Our IT backbone, and 不耕起栽培 farming,natural regression farming,duck farming based on the delicious brown rice, white rice,black rice offers you. Suda Shoji representative of the Suda family child

Glutinous rice"you can die of is"specially-cultivated rice and is

Special cultivated rice and is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of"specially cultivated agricultural products, according to display guidelines"Along the cultivated rice of having. Glutinous rice"you can die for you"is as much as possible pesticides, relying onAs much as possible fertilizer use,healthy grown.

Glutinous rice"you can die for"-Akita specially-cultivated rice for more details

・Name:glutinous rice(you can die is just)1kg・Raw materials name: Akita-production special cultivation rice reduced pesticide you die is still 100%
・Your order rice and such order,Delivery in 2 to 3 days time.*Depending on the time of year it's more than shipping.・Farm-fresh products for"commodity cash on delivery (e-collect) "not be used.
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