Free study What is tofu handmade kitElementary school student's summer vacation It is a tofu handmade kit perfect for free research · food education. Even if you are the first...

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Free study What is tofu handmade kit

Elementary school student's summer vacation It is a tofu handmade kit perfect for free research · food education. Even if you are the first time, you can enjoy making tofu easily in about 2 days.You can taste real authentic delicious tofu using Hokkaido non-pesticide soybean and Oshima bittern.
 If you have a convenient thermometer you can order with options (+280 yen).
 Boil the soybeans until it gets softer, just squeeze the soy milk, add some bittern and pour it into the mold and you will be able to make delicious homemade tofu.



How to make tofu with tofu making kit

豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋

What to prepare

 materialSoybeans: about 280 gramsNigari: 20 mL (mix with 50 mL of water)toolA potmixerOne piece of sticky cloth / bleached clothbowlMonkeythermometerRice paddle

How to make

① Wash soybeans and add them to waterWash soybeans and put them on water for more than 12 hours.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 ② put the soybean into a mixerRaise the soybeans to the monkey and drain the water.Place soybeans and about 1.5 times as much water as soybeans in a mixer and put them in a mixer for 2 minutes each in two parts. * Taste of tofu will mellow in water, if using mineral water or tap water pumped for about half a day. Depending on the strength of the mixer, it should be smooth in about 1 - 3 minutes.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 I call the juice made by grinding with a mixer "raw 呉 (Naga)".
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 ③ cook ② ②Transfer the soybean juice (raw kure) that became smooth with a mixer to a pan.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
Stir it gently with a long patterned shimmer so that it will not burn, and turn off the fire once it boils.
If a little bubbles subsides, boil again for a couple of minutes with a low heat.④ Transfer ③ to a sash bagSet the sushi bag to the bowl, and scoop by using the octopus syrup of ③.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 ⑤ squeeze the soy juiceSqueeze using a spatula etc. a sticky cloth containing raw kure. Sobori juice at this time is soymilk. Let's squeeze while careful of burns while warm, as it will be difficult to squeeze when it cools down.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
It may be squeezed with both hands as it gets cold and comes in touch with your hands.
It was separated into soybean milk (squeezed juice) and mushrooms (soybean milk residue remaining on the cloth).

豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 ⑥ warm the soy milk of ⑤ ⑤I put soy milk in a pot.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 Warm soy milk. I will slowly warm up until it reaches 75-80 degrees. The temperature at this time becomes very important.If the temperature is low, it will not set. If it is too high it gets settled quickly.Let's work with measuring the temperature using a thermometer or the like.
While warming the soy milk, melt the bittern with warm water. When using bittern in tofu making kit, add 50 ml of hot water of about 50 degrees to 20 ml of bittern and mix.
 ⑦ Add a bitternessPut the melted bittern slowly into the soy milk warmed up.In this case, let 's slowly pour into the rice paddle or the like while biting.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
Let's stir gently a couple of times slowly after you finish putting bitterns.If it mixes too hard it will become hard tofu.After that, steam for about 10-15 minutes, cover the pot and steam it.
While soybean milk is solid, lay it on a tofu box and spread it.
 ⑧ Pour into tofu boxPour the hardened tofu into the tofu box.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
* We call the condition before being in the tofu box called tofu (dumpling tofu).Let's also taste tofu.⑨ Place a weightPlace a weight on the tofu wrapped with cloth and cut off the water.Let's use a cup containing water etc. as a weight.Leave it for about 15 minutes. Discard the accumulated water.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 Completion of delicious tofuWhen the tofu set, gently lift the grass and take off the cloth.It is the completion of delicious tofu.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 If you do not eat immediately, let's put the water in the container and save it in the refrigerator.


What is Toyo Masari 'organic free soybean produced in Hokkaido

He has been making soybean in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido for more than 30 years.It is organic pesticide soybean raised carefully.
Since we have harvested since soybeans have fully maturated,It absorbs plenty of nutrition and it has a high-quality umami and flavor.
Pesticide-free soybeans raised with importance of organic pesticide / chemical fertilizer cultivation and natural drying.If it is boiled bean, you can enjoy the sweetness of plump beans.

What is the sea fineness sea finish 200 ml

Ideal for making tofu. Natural mineral It is abundant bittern. It is a bitterness made by the manufacturing process of traditional sea salt "Sea noodles".A valuable bittern which is widely used in famous tofu shop, real mellow tofu with richnessYou can make it at home.
 The production area is a solitary island surrounded by beautiful nature, Izu Oshima. The raw material is 100% pure sea water carried by Kuroshio.I do not use other bitterns and coagulants. As for the manufacturing method, seawater is concentrated in net underflow type saltfield,I collect the mother liquor that remains after collecting salt. In addition to magnesium chloride, the ingredient is rich in small amounts of trace elements in sea water, indispensable to life preservation.The taste is not only bitter but also has a slight salty taste and a subtle flavor and richness.Therefore, it not only solidifies the tofu but also brings out the sweetness and umami of soybean (soymilk) to its full extent. Even at home, sweet and rich, that old long nostalgic, delicious tofu will be resurrected


What is bleached cloth / cushion bag

 Fiber products specialty store in Tsubame, Niigata prefecture · Yoshida fabricIt is a set of bleached cloth / sushi bag for tofu. In response to your request to create fine-grained and smooth homemade tofuKawashima shop made by made-to-order. Please make use of it for homemade tofu making. · Sash bag (33 cm wide × 40 cm long)
 Very eyes fine, suitable for filtration, as familiar with Nell drip of coffee etc.In addition, it is a brushed material so soft and difficult to damage food. · Exposed cloth (33 cm wide × 40 cm long)
 Since chlorine-based bleaching powder is not used in the bleaching process, there is no worry about fluorescent dyes and heavy metals (such as cadmium and lead).
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
Homemade tofu is attractive with the original rich flavor and sweetness of soybeans. Once you eat it may not be enough with commercially available tofu. Come and enjoy your favorite tofu making.


What is Tofu Box

豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
It is a tofu box with convenient snake which makes tofu of about 2 parts.After completion it can be stored in the refrigerator as it is.
豆腐の作り方 かわしま屋
 Size ●: about 120 × 145 × 75 mmWeight ●: about 170 g● Material: Body / Sunoko / Polypropylene lid / EVA resin● Country of Origin: JapanCapacity: Approximately 1.0 L● Precautions: Microwave oven and dishwasher can not be used

How to make tofu & observation report of tofu

How to make nattoCommentary on how to make tofu, obviously, such as the secret that Norigi solidifies tofu.In this one book you can acquire deep knowledge about tofu making.
 Tofu observation reportMake a note of the condition of tofu, paste photos, and convenient notes that can be submitted directly to the school are attached.


customer's voice

The child was also interested and able to make it fun Children were also interested and able to make fun making things that everyday tofu can be made at home. It has a polite recipe and a report of observation, which is perfect for free research.

Kawashima-sama (40s · female)


 It is not comparable with commercially available tofu ... I was surprised to be able to make delicious authentic tofu so easily at home. It does not compare with commercially available tofu, I love tofu again.

Okami-sama (50s · female)


I am enjoying the taste I am repeating, but it is delicious, safe and secure. Like a raw cheesecake, I enjoy the taste of organic free soybean and distilled water without applying anything.

Mr. F (30s · female)


I was able to make tofu for the first time well I was able to make tofu for the first time well. The taste of handmade is wonderful, Okara was also very delicious as usual. I am looking forward to make it.

qwicha-sama (40s · female)


The process of transforming into tofu is very fun I made tofu as soon as the item arrived. I could see the process of gradually transforming into tofu, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much. I got a satisfactory cotton tofu.

Dear imjkhd (30s · male)



How to summarize free research

A free research tackled with good luck.It is a lot of fun to eat dishes made by yourself.Let's comprehensively comprehensively, so that the enjoyment is conveyed to other people.Summary Four points 
① TitleWrite it so that it stands out greatly.I will make a title that will make it clear by a moment on what I checked.Do not forget to fill in your grade or name.
② MotivationI will write why I was interested in the research.Also, please write about what you first made about that.
③ Introduction of research methodI will write in detail as much as possible on how we proceeded with research.I also put a lot of notes and pictures.
④ impressions and conclusionsWrite what you actually cooked and what you discovered in the research.Even if I fail, I write the result and what I found out there.


What is edible education?

"Dietary education" is to nurture the ability to practice healthy eating habits by acquiring knowledge about "food" and the ability to choose a well-balanced "food" through various experiences. Since eating is a basic activity that lasts throughout the lifetime, "food education" is important as well as children, even after becoming an adult. In addition to thinking about how to eat healthily, we cook dinner and cooking with someone, experience the harvest of food, taste seasonal and regional cuisine, etc, through food education "a ring of practice Let's spread out ").
 "Eating ability" to be worn by food education includes "to be able to maintain mental and physical health" through meals, "to understand the importance and pleasure of meals", "choose foods yourself, eat "Enjoying the enjoyment of eating with family and friends", "Knowing the process of food production and having a feeling of appreciation" and so on. These are learned and educated in various places such as home, school, region, etc. from childhood. And, even after becoming an adult, I practice it for the rest of my life and keep growing up. In addition, adults also have the role of "communicating such knowledge and experience of food and Japanese food culture to the next generation".Quoted from Government Public Relations Online

 If you have a convenient thermometer you can order with options (+280 yen).



facebook 豆腐づくりのコミュニティーページ

 facebook 豆腐づくりのコミュニティーページ

On Facebook, we opened a community page of tofu making.


You can share your views on tofu making and exchange opinions on Facebook.


Everyone can participate, so please take a peek!


https://www.facebook.com/ Tofu making community -1828732800725083 /


Free research Tofu Handmade Kit (Domestic organic soybeans, domestic noodles going without additives, tofu box) Points to remember

 set content· Tofu box × 1· Non-pesticide soybean Toyomasari 500 g × 1· Oshima's sea shine finish 200ml × 1· Exfoliating cloth for making tofu · club bag × 1 each· How to make easy to understand recipes· Observation report of tofu
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