Furikake Rice Seasoning Katsuo (Bonito) 28g, Made in Japan with Domestic Ingredients

Furikake Rice Seasoning Katsuo (Bonito) 28g, Made in Japan with Domestic Ingredients


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Bonito Furikake Made With High Quality Domestic Ingredients

Kawashimaya Furikake

From the main ingredient to the seasonings, all are obtained domestically in Japan. We valued the original taste of the furikake ingredient without any chemical additives, chemical coloring, nor preservatives.

The crispy and fragrant flavored dried bonito and grilled seaweed go really well with rice.

* In the product manufacturing process, we manufacture products containing milk components, eggs, and shrimp.


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Ingredients With Abundant Nutrients

This furikake is packed with plenty of sea nutrition that is centered on calcium. Only domestic raw materials are used, so it is perfectly safe to consume. You can easily use it everyday on your dining table or use it for lunch boxes.

Raw Ingredients
・ Bonito Flakes: Made in Kagoshima and Shizuoka prefectures
・ Bonito Bone Powder: Domestic
・ Nori: Ariake Sea, Setouchi Sea
・ Green Laver: Domestic
・ Sugar: Sugar beet from Hokkaido
・ Salt: From Ako, Hyogo Prefecture
・ Soy sauce: Soybeans (domestic), wheat (domestic), salt (domestic), seed koji (domestic)
・ Yeast extract: Domestic
・ Mirin: Glutinous rice (domestic), koji(domestic), shochu (domestic)

Recommended Usage

Sprinkle on warm rice

Kawashimaya Furikake

Mix in rice balls

Kawashimaya Furikake

For seasoning Japanese-style spaghetti

Kawashimaya Furikake

Mix with fried rice, potato salad, and omelet rolls

Kawashimaya Furikake

Product Detail

Product Name Bonito Furikake
Quantity 28g
Ingredients Bonito, sugar, salt, seaweed, soy sauce, bonito bone powder, yeast extract, mirin, green laver, (some include wheat and soybeans)
Storage Guide Please keep away from direct sunlight and don’t put it in high temperature and humidity.
Product Origin Japan

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