What is a casting frying pan that is easy to stir and cook easily A casting frying pan born from the Niigata · Tsubamesanjo "Sanjo special casting center" famous as "the...

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What is a casting frying pan that is easy to stir and cook easily

 A casting frying pan born from the Niigata · Tsubamesanjo "Sanjo special casting center" famous as "the forge of blacksmith". With the world's first technology, we made heavy iron fry pan thin and lightly finished.Weight is 1/2 of conventional products.Iron frying pan with difficulty in weight is easy to handle. With excellent heat conduction, the fire will pass through the core evenly to the ingredients firmly and evenly.You can enjoy full-fledged taste not only in stir-fry, but also stewed dishes and oven dishes. Furthermore, with fine asperity attached to the surface of casting,Drain excess food and moisture of the ingredients and make the dishes more delicious. You can use it not only for gas but also for IH and oven.
炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン
 This item is 26 cm type,The color of the handle cap part will be "yellow".

Features of "Cast frying pan easy to stir and cook easily"

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

Weight half
Boasting lightness while casting

With the world's first special technology, we succeeded in thinning and lightening the casting pan which was heavy and difficult to handle. Its weight is about half that of conventional products.The thinnest part is only 1.5 mm.

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

This thinness and lightness is called "the forge of blacksmith" and realized with Niigata prefecture Tsubame Sanza where the tradition of hardware processing is born for a long time. Compared with steel, cast iron is said to be brittle in general, not sticky.Improved this brittleness and made steel like strength stronger is called "FCD" cast iron. This frying pan is molded using this FCD cast iron as a material. While having toughness, it is different from a thick and heavy product, lightweight usability and handling ease is the biggest feature.

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

Fine unevenness
Drain excess oil, moisture

On the surface of the frying pan, fine irregularities are also attached, which are characteristics unique to the casting. This has the effect of reducing the contact points with foodstuffs and making it hard to scorch. Also, it absorbs extra oil such as meat and moisture from vegetables in the gap of irregularities on the surface, so it is very healthy.In addition, it cooks beautifully.

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

Excellent heat conduction
Thoroughly heat through, easy to stir and easy to stir

The key to making food delicious is its ease of transmission of heat.This frying pan is excellent not only on the bottom but also on the side heat conduction, so the fire passes through the ingredients firmly and uniformly. That's why you can enjoy authentic taste not only in stir-fry, but also stewed dishes and oven dishes.

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

Compact design
Because the possession is short, oven cooking is OK

It has been designed to keep hands short, and can be put in the open as it is. While compact, the side is deeper than a general frying pan, so the capacity is enough. It is convenient with border when transferring cooking, has become a simple design that does not get tired.

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

It is OK with IH
All heat source compatible

You can use it not only for gas but also for IH. Others, sheath heater, radiant heater, etc. are compatible with all heat sources.

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

You can choose the color!
Easy to grip Silicone handle cap

Silicon handle cap easy to grip, easy to grip, rich in color variations.It adds pleasure to the design. You can choose from 4 colors of red, blue, yellow, black. Since it is a heat resistant specification up to 250 degrees, even if it is put in the oven as it is OK!You can also easily remove and clean it.


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"Fried pans that are easy to stir and cook easily" Maintenance method and precautions for use

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン


How to Care

  • · After use, please wash thoroughly with a sponge etc. with dish detergent.
    (Scratches are attached when scrubbing or washing with scouring powder)
  • · After washing, wipe off moisture thoroughly with a dry cloth and dry it before storing.
    (Storage with moisture may cause rust)
  • · Do not use knives or scratches if you drop scorching etc.
    Please soak in hot water and remove it.
  • · Avoid using (such as acidic / alkaline detergent) in dishwasher and dryer,
    Please remove dirt with neutral detergent.
  • · Heat resistant silicone paint will fade as you use it.
    If it becomes thin and rust occurs, please lightly apply it to the fire and dry it thinly.


Usage notes

  • · While cooking or immediately after handling, the body will become hot, so do not touch with bare hands,
    Please use commercially available mittens etc.
  • · When you cook burdock, vegetables including tangerine such as lotus root, ingredients may discolor.
  • · The hole at the root of the handle is a hole caused by manufacturing. As water will enter after cleaning, it will cause rust,
    Please wipe off the moisture well with towel.
  • · When using a metal spatula, please be aware that the heat-resistant silicone coating may be peeled off.

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Size / Specification

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン

Size: Main body outer diameter 268 mm, main body inner diameter 260 mm, total length 396 mm, main body height 59 mm, overall height 97 mm, thickness bottom 2 mm, other than the bottom surface 1.5 mm
Weight: about 1.1 kg
Capacity: Approximately 2.9 l
Material: FCD cast iron
Surface painting: Heat-resistant silicone paint (Heat-resistant 600 ℃)
Others: Silicon cap (Heat resistant 250 ℃)
Producing country: Japan
Corresponding heat source: All heat source correspondence (gas, IH, sheath heater, radiant heater, etc.)

炒めやすく、煮込みやすい 鋳物フライパン
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