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Nanbu Ironware Ogasawara Land trillion gallery


What is Bonin Ogasawara

Born in Iwate Prefecture Mizusawa in 1929, deceased in January 2012. Representative of Southern Iron Casting Factory "Okashiba".He spread the modern design of the southern Ironworks and was also active as a writer. We are handling various ironware such as frying pan, iron bottle, objetEven though his later years celebrate his willingness to produce, he continues to make works until the end. While giving the heavy thickness peculiar to iron material and tasteful depthIronware with a high designality that also passes even today is highly appreciated overseas.

Benefits of using the Sukiyaki Pot of Land Bear Ogasawara Nanbu Ironworks

- I can absorb a lot of ironAlthough it is famous that iron cooked dishes are rich in ironIron that dissolves from the southern ironware is easily absorbed into the bodyRecent studies have revealed that there are many divalent irons. By ingesting ironAnemia, also called modern disease, and prevention of AlzheimerIt is said to be effective.
· Taste the original flavor of the materialIron pot with excellent thermal conductivityMake sure to add heat to the ingredients and securely confine the umami of the ingredients.
· Hard to scorchWhile Iron pot keeps on using, oil is familiar to ironA film is formed on the surface, making it difficult to get burned. As if the old tools were used upI feel like getting more familiar with my hands. The process of raising these iron pots alsoIs not it a point that can be enjoyed?

On how to use the Sukiyaki Pot of Land Bear Ogasawara Nanko Ironware

 · When using for the first timeLightly wash with detergent, rinse with hot water,Wipe off the water and put it on the fire. If you can see thin smoke put a cup of oilMake the whole pan familiar and take out the oil. Please stir the scented vegetable waste and start using it. · When using second time or laterPut a lot of oil, by lowering the pot temperature 1 degreeIt becomes hard to scorch. Remove the excess oil, add another amount of oil againPlease start cooking from low heat. · When washingWash it with hot water and wipe off moisturePlease lightly fire and please dry. Iron will rust if moisture and salt remain.If rust comes out, use a cleanser etc.Please rinse it thoroughly and dry it. Dirt is easy to fall when washing while the iron is hot.

Southern Ironware Ogasawara Suzuki Nabe of Land Trillion is a lifetime thing

Iron pots, no matter what they say,It is attractive that the taste of appearance comes out while using it. Commercially available stainless steel pan etcBurning sticks while using it, etc.The appearance also gets worse and worse. Ogasawara Kiko's iron pot is getting used and oil is getting more and more familiarIt seems to be able to cook even without oil. Also the used wok-iron pot makes a very tasty atmosphereYou can enjoy it as a part of the interior just by being on the table. By all means, there are only two of themselvesWhy do not you try growing a Sukiyaki pot?

Southern Ironware Sukiyaki Nabe Q&A

[Q1] Rust came out in the pot.
If rust comes out, rinse thoroughly with a turtle kid, fire on fire,Apply a thin oil and spend a few minutes on low heat.I will soon be black. Repeat several times it is more effective. (It is called seasoning.It is how to care for cast iron)Daily care is important. After washing, it is most important to skip water on fire.Also, it is best to use as much as possible.Let's not scare rust more than necessary. (Rust is harmless to the human body)
 【Q2】 The black paint on the surface has come off, is it okay?
Even if the coating is peeled off, there is no problem with use.Do not worry too much about deterioration of the coating film.I think that it is better to leave it to the change of nature and use it.
 【Q3】 When I leave cooking in the pot, the color of the dish has changed.
If you keep the dishes cool, the iron will overflow, changing the color and taste of the dish.When cooking is over, please transfer it to containers etc. as soon as possible. In addition, the ingredients that changed the color are iron, so there is no harm to the body.
 【Q4】 The pot of southern Ironworks is heavy.
The southern ironworks are made of iron, casting cast iron into casting molds, making it thicker and inevitably heavier.However, this combination of iron material and wall thickness becomes power to store heat and creates deliciousness.In addition, there are many fine holes on the surface of the cast iron, and they hold the oil and baked fragrantly.It is a property not found in other metals.
 【Q5】 Does the pot correspond to the electromagnetic cooker (IH)?
It corresponds to electromagnetic cooker (IH).Please do not use it because it can not be used with a microwave oven.
 【Precautions for use】· The pot is hot and it will burn if you touch it with bare handsPlease handle with a pot holder etc etc. · Do not place directly on the table but please be sure to put it on top of a pot litter etc. · It does not correspond to the microwave oven. 【Product Specifications】Weight: 2.7 kgSize: diameter about 24 × height 5 (cm) ※ 3 to 6 people
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