Ichi casting Hall was born from Nambu ironware in the oven pan Nambu ironware in the oven the bread is thick ironMaterial to and through the fire,to the core and...

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Ichi casting Hall was born from Nambu ironware in the oven pan

Nambu ironware in the oven the bread is thick ironMaterial to and through the fire,to the core and baked it. Also, iron on the surface is scorched, as they,Also quickly wash off and not directly.

Nambu ironware is

"The country's traditional crafts"No. 1 is designated as the Southern Steel Sink,By the middle of 17th century, the Southern lords from Kyoto to Morioka on the kettle, and he was invitedTea ceremony kettles made for of Will in. Since Morioka is made of high quality materials, endowed, andThe clan is in order to protect and nurture from all over the country 鋳物師・kettle Masters property to do with development. Rock casting the founding of the Meiji 35 years.110 years for authentic Morioka Southern Steel Sink top manufacturers, asWisteria from FMCG to various domestic as well as Europe, America, Asia and the world,Southern Steel Sink charm of the deliver continues.

Ichi casting Hall and is

Nambu ironware is produced brand ichi casting Hall.Traditional crafts, which is also Nambu ironware modern life into it and shape it. Oven of bread designers, Nakamura, Yoshitaka, Mr.Teapots and other daily necessities of the design to help you.The New York Museum of Modern Art in the cafe which have been adoptedCast iron crafts industry a lot of track record. Traditional history and Modern Art of Fusion spawned a frying panNo other originality we haveOn a lifetime of frying pan as well.

Nambu ironware in the oven bread begins to use and how to use

Get started(first time use)

Hot water or wash with water, then fire, from the water to fly out. And oil pulling,oil from do. Any vegetables such as Fry's is also valid.

How to use

●Gas if youFrying pan to fire to frying pan lightly warm from the oil people.And frying pan to fully heat. (Drops it and says the sound is approximate.)Then, put the ingredients from the temperature adjustment please. Blue smoke works out such that heating is not allowed. ●IH caseFirepower is"middle"below it,slowly heat a frying pan to the entire go on.IH is local to the load to suddenly raise the temperature, a strong thermal shock,distortion may occur. ●After use and maintenance・Hot water or wash with water. Turtle child 束子 is recommended (metallic 束子 is not allowed).・The principle detergent do not use (especially for stains, the smell is terrible when I received it. At that time surface oil to replenish, please.).・After washing,turn on the fire evaporates the water contained in the (This work should).・Every time,on the surface of the oil paint, you do not need to use the oil and not cooking, cleaning after, or while not in use, such as when the oil to the surface to resupply, please.・Particularly dirty,smell terrible and can baking soda be sure to use.・Baking soda is a gentle natural abrasive. Polished and oil to the surface to resupply as well.・And when the hot water is, the program boiled up from the wash, we, well fall.

Oven bread in iron supplementation

Iron skillet cooking is absorbed by the body andHeme iron and iron is that.......... Iron is heme iron and non heme iron, and heme iron is more efficiently iron can be absorbed. Also, the stew・with vinegar and ketchup using an acidic cookingHeme iron is more soluble and the best way to cook as recommended.

Nambu ironware in the oven pan features

南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 1. The wall thickness of the lid
The thickness of the issue. The pan body and the heat a lot for only from below, from above, heat is emitted. System to heat ingredients slowly and delivering deliciousness to pull it out. Also the style is heavy, and the ingredients to pressure cook. Food and soft finish.
南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 2. The beauty of forms
When viewed from above, the calculated form of beauty I feel... Beautiful iron skin and well match. The lid of one of the body, the handle is integrally molded in. Very sturdy will.
南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 3. A sense of volume to capacity
The pan body is clean slope depicted. Body, capacity, and even in the home of the heat source considering the site.
南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 4. Oil the same is outstanding
Soft, stable heat to the ingredients of the core went in...... The oil not only is very good. And those,Nambu ironware of excellent features. As well as the type of cooking to widen it. Simmer, bake, fry---rice is also cooked in.
南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 5. The lid of the hand is beautiful
Of have on hand,you fancy,beauty and functionality combine. Nakamura design charm full play to their will. Of have on hand,finely crafted and decorated, the staff we have is full body and integrated. Delicate to robust, all can not. And Nanbu ironware beauty of our drawers. Of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology are exhibited.
南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 6. The handle and the main body is integrally
The handle and the main body is one single unit. Heavy-duty loosening and there is no. The oven is available. The design of the handle and pair. Beautiful and harmonious.
南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 7. Any cooking devices
The oven pan will fit in with modern lifestyles,all cooking devices.
・IH cooker 100V / 200v
・Gas hob
・Series heater
・Halogen heater
・The object heater

Nambu ironware in the oven bread is a variety of dishes is hygienic.

Oven bread ingredients, bake and fry well,stewed rice cooked you can also.Oil not only is good for non-stick non The less, the customer is also very popular.
南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Sukiyaki
南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Chestnut rice
南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Paella
南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Dumplings
南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Chicken steak

Oven pan cooking state of the

Nambu ironware in the oven pan Q&A

【Q1】pan rust at all.
If the rust is out,the turtle, the children of 束子 to wash well on the fire, the water, and if,Thin oil,low heat for a few minutes as well.Immediately-thank you. Repeated several times and more effective. (Free-in. Cast iron how to care for it.)Daily grooming is important. After use, rinse the fire from the water to fly the work is all-important.Also, as much as possible with the best of care, and more.Rust more than necessary let's not terrify. (Rust is harmless to the human body is.)
【Q2】the surface of the black coating is, but will it be OK?
The coating is been used to is no problem.Also the coating of the degradation do not worry too much.Nature of change to leave,and use it better, I think.The coating is silicone resin, the country's food sanitation law in accordance with the safe thing. If entered into the body naturally discharged.
【Q3】skillet dish to put by for cooking the color of the world.
The dish is cold for me,iron out the past,food color and taste changed, as well..Cooking is done ahead of time when containers, etc. transferred to from the Please. In addition, the color changing component is iron, in the body to harm is not available.
【Q4】Nambu ironware frying pan was heavy in.......
Nambu ironware the iron, and the mold on cast iron is poured to make the wall thickness and just heavy.But this iron as a material and thickness combination of the heat, storing the power, and the delicious produce.Or cast iron on the surface of the fine hole in its oil holding savory baked it.Other metals not in the nature.
【Q5】type of care I would like to know more about.
The button is usually the back of the dish. A mild detergent do not try to use. (The surface is dirty you only wash.)After washing,dry cloth, etc. carefully wipe dry. And sometimes on the surface of the oil supply as well.Also it does not use oil to cook when,on the surface of the oil supply as well.Off the back cooking when the oil bathe in.Direct cooking on a relationship not from and a mild detergent to wash the rust on,not good.Dirty,smell terrible and enjoy yourself.
【Q6】in the oven pan 25 is electromagnetic cooker(IH)corresponds to the world.......
Induction cooker 100V,200V supported.Nambu ironware the iron in having a magnetic, there is a robust induction cooker suitable material.

Nambu ironware in the oven pan gallery

【Ichi casting Hall of Nambu ironware in the oven pan 25 size IH correspondence]JAN code:4571339021371Size: outer diameter 25. 5 cm×length 38 cm x H5. 7cm (main body forward of the depths)H4. 2cm (body rear depth)Weight: 2900gCountry of Origin: Japan
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