River Light poles JAPAN deep fryer The 20cm S - Free ShippingThe popular "extremely rust resistant frying pan" very from JAPAN in a frying pan club.Boast of tempura pot ingenuity...

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River Light poles JAPAN deep fryer The 20cm S - Free Shipping

The popular "extremely rust resistant frying pan" very from JAPAN in a frying pan club.Boast of tempura pot ingenuity is jammed a lot to everywhere! After all, the fried dedicated pot! Deep-fried food will finish well because steel with thickness.■ spout good cut■ easy to hold handle■ It is safe even for beginners because the instruction manual that explains to fried the way of the pan bottom tempura a sense of stability has been included.Tempura rack is attached to any size, also comes with chopsticks in M. ※ amount of the frying oil is basically a half position is a measure of the depth of the pot. Oil level will increase and put a tempura of material.In addition, since the moisture out of the material it will have evaporated in the form of bubbles,Please try not to cook with too much amount of oil from the beginning. Since the iron frying pan originally rust easily, it was must have the appropriate care is at the time of first use and cleanup.Therefore, the characteristics of iron pans, such familiar oil is good as it is,Quite a pile iron frying pan to rust River Rite we have developed and manufactured. Care becomes easier in iron frying pan, now very easy to handle. Since its launch in 2006, in the River Rite overlapping the quality improvement,Difficult to rust surface also realize the beautiful iron skin without color irregularity.Also it has become a beautiful frying pan to the eye.
[Special heat treatment]By forming the "iron nitride layer + iron oxide layer" on the surface of the iron plate, it will be extremely difficult to rust, and tough frying pan.


Features of the pole series

High thermal conductivity

Securely store up heat, so plenty convey the heat to the food, stir-fry is a crispy, pottery will finish fragrant.

Oil familiar well tough

The surface of the oil familiar is good "very" frying pan will not have the excellent anti-wear performance.Hard so resistant to scratches, it is very strong. The hardness of the surface, about 5 times the normal iron plate of the same manufacturer,About 2-fold compared to the 18-8 stainless steel. And delivers the prone nature difficult to deform even electromagnetic cooker (IH) of the heat uneven.Even burnt, because the scrub and polish with a nylon scrubbing brush or steel wool, you can forever use.In addition, you can play even got is stubbornly dirty neglected care caked.(It has been described in detail in the documentation that comes with the product)

Iron can be ingested naturally

Every time you use in cooking, you can ingest the iron naturally.Family health and small children of the meal, also in your child's meal of the growth piling, frying pan of iron is the best.

Bake unnecessary. Rust, easy to clean

Because you are subjected to special heat treatment, it was the weakness of the frying pan of a conventional iron, has solved the problem of "rust".But it has not been painted for a stop rust. Therefore, there is no need for use, including baking, you do not need the trouble of painting the oil even after finished using.None the use of the conventional iron-specific beginning of the work! Not need any troublesome care, it is easy to clean up.

IH correspondence

200vIH You can use it in all of the cooking heat source, including (electromagnetic cooker).However, Asia pot, can not be used in IH cooking heater. 


Very frying pan that can be used for a lifetime

 Iron frying pan can forever use.Frying pan, such as Teflon processing, will be degraded surface Improper degree of fire or care, it is generally about two years life. Iron frying pan, familiar condition of the oil is improved in every use, it is what a lifetime it can skillfully use.Can snuggle up with a lifetime much the same tools, we will increase the love enough to wear. For replacement need of it is not, economical and will also lead to the important resources.

How to use very a frying pan very well


Preparation before the first to use ... "It if oil"

"Pole" is, because it is difficult rust very As the name suggests, but they have not been painted for rust.First wash the inside and outside of the frying pan, (Is it safe to use the detergent.)Once you've "It if oil", you can use immediately.It should be noted that, prior to the break-in oilYou do not need to "burn from". 

The very first is, please use the especially carefully and rub the oil.

 Oil Narashino way① oil put up about one-third of the pot of depth, and heated for about 5 minutes over low heat.② to stop the fire, return oil in a container such as oil pot.③ kitchen paper or the like, and the oil that remains on the inside of the pot, please wipe evenly rubbed as to Nabehada.


プロの料理人や、鉄のフライパンを上手に使いこなしている人達が調理の前に必ず行っているのが、「油返し」という作業です。「油返し」を行うと料理が焦げつかず、より美味しく仕上がります。 油返しのやり方① フライパンをコンロに乗せ中火で充分温めます。② 油をたっぷり(お玉一杯ほど)入れ、フライパンの肌に油をなじませます。③ 油が熱くなり、フライパンに充分なじんだら、油をオイルポットに戻します。これが、「油返し」です。この後、調理に必要な量の油を入れて調理開始です。



After use

Iron pot is not a storage container. Please change immediately transferred to another container is finished cooking. If you leave the dishes and cooking of salt, you may be pitting like to Tetsuhada is affected is the acid.

 ① frying pan using, for example, scrubbing brush or sponge in hot, please wash with hot water. (Dishwasher is not allowed)※ paper towels, etc. before you wash, you have wiped off as much as possible oil and dirt. ② Then, please put away from wiping a drop of water drained. Wash the frying pan of iron in the detergent, because worsen "familiar but oil film" also, please use as described above.


テフロン加工フライパンから取り替えた場合(火加減が強すぎる) 今までテフロン加工のフライパンをお使いの場合、「強火で熱すれば速くできる」という慣れから、つい火加減を強くしがちです。 テフロン加工フライパンの熱伝導率は鉄の217分の1。鉄のフライパンは料理する材料に合った火加減、適切な油の量を間違えると、あっという間に素材を焦がしてしまいます。
解決方法1. 火加減をいつもより弱めにすること2. 料理に必要な油の量をみつけること3. 毎回使う前の準備「油返し」をきちんとおこなうこと




Size is a common "very", "very JAPAN".


For the pole series replacement parts

The durability is excellent, but the wood of the handle portion in the long-term use will wear.If such backlash occurs, you can easily replace the handle and bolt.
  Asia pot eyebolt is here.>> 


Reason to stick to the frying pan of iron

In order to or fried or baked delicious food, you need a high temperature of about 170 ~ 180 ℃.Iron is a material to withstand higher temperatures, but the best feature is located in the heat dissipation and heat storage. In other words, at the same time and also has the property that plenty of stores heat,Many of you have the heat dissipation characteristics of the best in food. This characteristic,It is possible to cook at a high temperature and a short period of time, it means that cooking can without missing the taste. In Chinese, the ladle of metal hit to violently pot and stir.This is possible, durable iron unique. In addition, even if the scorched, you can return any number of times in the first state. The biggest advantage of iron can be found in the place called "use as the familiar oil, condition is getting better."Unlike Teflon deteriorated in a few months to several years, as long as care, from parent to child, and to the grandchildren from the child,You can go continue to use Over the decades to 100 years."Replacement one after another, disposable and go tool" rather than, "while love,We of the tool can "to be nurturing to a better state.

River Light, Inc. The

 From the 1960s to the 1970s, Japan had been said that the high-growth period.One of the tool, carefully groomed, while the repair, rather than go through long cherish,Replacement to the ones one after another new, the values ​​that the old ones Yuku is disposable,This era began to rapidly penetrate also between the general consumers. It was not an exception in the world of small cooking utensils.Many of the people, discard the frying pan of iron that has been used for many years, hard burnt care is simple,There was also a time came to buy a frying pan nonstick. Disputed to such a trend, the continued proposed a frying pan of iron until the stubborn was the "River Lights." Hikari Horie founder, but was originally the architectural hardware manufacturing,In the "food, clothing and shelter, the most familiar to many people, moreover, are you directly connected to the health and well-being is a" food ".From now considered to work in the field of "food" is important ", we worked the turning of the business. Then, went to the United States, we were met in an iron frying pan of the United States of "Taylor & Ungu" company.The frying pan is that one person of hippies that had advocated the revival of the United States was designed at that time,"Than those frying pan maintenance is effortless fluorine resin processing, food can be delicious,Was what people of those of good iron to the body was born from the idea that in he is "excellent. The handle than the hard resin attached dirt, hard dare hand familiar well heat is transferred wooden.Made of iron and wood, to the frying pan of a simple structure, Mr. Horie I was looking at the "MONOZUKURI of origin".
 Only "easy and convenient - music" is found, ready-made side dish and instant food the child's diet,Mother has increased to dispense with sweets. For the family, that eat to make a delicious and good for the body food, to the purpose of the original cooking, diet,As we stacked the kind of work and time, children perceive as being "asked to put their hands",We will accept the parent of affection. Then, in the site of important "food" so much, it the need for appropriate ingredients and tools we thought.
 "Cheap price and appearance were pursuing only the" sell easy "rather than a commodity, standing in the position of the consumer,We want to create a tool for the consideration of the health and lifestyle of the consumer.Good tool is to improve the quality of consumer of life, something that can become an opportunity to enrich your life.Let's make that kind of tool. "That is the work of River Light.

 Outer diameter: 20cm full water capacity: 1.5L ※ amount of frying oil: reference value of about 0.65L height 6.8cm Weight: 1130g
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