River light poles JAPAN steak pan [free shipping] isAuthentic items from a dedicated steak pan.Plate thickness 2. 3mm is usually more thickened,slowly and over low heat heat can put.Steak and...

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River light poles JAPAN steak pan [free shipping] is

Authentic items from a dedicated steak pan.Plate thickness 2. 3mm is usually more thickened,slowly and over low heat heat can put.Steak and the same shape, and gravy spread without the gravy and make effective use of their bake, you can do so.200 ~ 400g of meat 1 piece Bake of suitable size. Iron skillet is the original service or use, for the first time, and cleaning, when proper care was required.Therefore, the oil of the familiar is good, etc., of iron frying pan the characteristics of theFor services to steel pan reverse Light Company is the development and production of new. Iron skillet well and it is fun and easy to handle, and more. Since its introduction in 2006, the reverse Light Company in quality improvements,and to the surface color from the beautiful iron skin is achieved.The beautiful frying pan has become.
【Special heat treatment】The iron plate on the surface of the"Iron nitride layer+iron oxide layer"to form that is extremely resistant to rust and strong, skillet, and more.

Pole series features

High thermal conductivity

The heat from the lodging,food hot and plenty of telling it,the Fry is crispy,grilled is a savory finish.

Oil good toughness

Oil not only is a good"pole"of the pan surface, excellent abrasion performance even.Stiff of the strong, and very sturdy. The surface hardness, the manufacturer's usually a steel plate of about 5 times,18-8 stainless and compared to the about 2 times. Heat of and and induction cooker(IH)in deformation is demonstrated.Burnt with even, nylon scourers or metal in with the Polish of long use.Incidentally, care to neglect stubborn stains and even if you can play.(Item came with to see you.)

Natural iron intake can be

Cooking and a natural iron intake can be.The health of their families and small children the diet of a growing child's diet, the iron skillet is the perfect choice.

空焼 be unnecessary. Rust, easy care

Special heat treatment for the conventional iron frying pan was in the weakness of,"rust"issue.Rust stop coating to which it is added. Therefore, the Get Started With of 空焼 you may not need to use, from the end of the oil painting that the hassle is not needed.Conventional iron-specific start using of work without! Troublesome to clean from the front,then tidy up is easy.

IH support

200vIH(induction cooker), including all of the cooking heat source in use.However, Asian pot, IH cooking heater cannot be used.


Lifetime use very frying pan

Iron frying pan for many years to come can be used.Nonstick pan, etc., of peanuts and cared that the surface is degraded, and in General, about 2 years lifetime. Iron frying pan,use it, and the oil of the familiar condition, the better I used to have a lifetime thing.My whole life, and the same tools and the snuggle thing is the more you use, the more you become attached to us. Replacement of required because there is no economical resources, cherish the.

Very frying pan as well how to use

The first time you use the preparation of..."oil from"

"Pole"is, as its name suggests, is extremely resistant to rust, the rust stop coating to it.The inside and outside wash(detergent's okay.)"Oil from"had not been ready to go.Incidentally, the oil from beforeFrom the "baked"so that you don't have to.

The first is to methodically oil to no use.

Oil from way① Oil to a pan depth of 1/3 from it,on low heat for 5 minutes to heat.② Stop the fire,the oil to oil pots and other containers in the back.③ Kitchen paper, such as the inside of the pot remaining oil to the pan, the skin will be more like a wipe.


プロの料理人や、鉄のフライパンを上手に使いこなしている人達が調理の前に必ず行っているのが、「油返し」という作業です。「油返し」を行うと料理が焦げつかず、より美味しく仕上がります。 油返しのやり方① フライパンをコンロに乗せ中火で充分温めます。② 油をたっぷり(お玉一杯ほど)入れ、フライパンの肌に油をなじませます。③ 油が熱くなり、フライパンに充分なじんだら、油をオイルポットに戻します。これが、「油返し」です。この後、調理に必要な量の油を入れて調理開始です。


We have the

The iron pot is not a storage container. The dishes are immediately transferred into another container changed. Dishes to leave with culinary salt and an acid, such as Iron Skin is affected as the hole is open there.

① The frying pan is hot with a scrubbing brush or sponge using,wash it with hot water. (Dishwashers are not permitted.)※Before washing paper towels, etc,you can just oil and wipe off the dirt you have. ② After that, drain the water droplets for from please. Iron pans using detergent in the wash and,"no oil film"is also dropped, because as mentioned above please use.


テフロン加工フライパンから取り替えた場合(火加減が強すぎる) 今までテフロン加工のフライパンをお使いの場合、「強火で熱すれば速くできる」という慣れから、つい火加減を強くしがちです。 テフロン加工フライパンの熱伝導率は鉄の217分の1。鉄のフライパンは料理する材料に合った火加減、適切な油の量を間違えると、あっという間に素材を焦がしてしまいます。
解決方法1. 火加減をいつもより弱めにすること2. 料理に必要な油の量をみつけること3. 毎回使う前の準備「油返し」をきちんとおこなうこと



Size is"Pole""Pole JAPAN"are common.

Ultra Series replacement parts

Durability is excellent, long-term use in the handle portion of the wood is worn down.Rattling occurs such as if the handle and Bolt can be replaced easily.
Asian pot for the eye bolt here>>

Iron skillet to find out why

Ingredients delicious baked fry for about 170 ~ 180℃, high temperature is required.Iron and high temperature withstand material, the best feature is the improved thermal and heat dissipation needs. That is, with plenty of heat storing properties also have, at the same timeMany of the ingredients to the optimal heat dissipation characteristics have. Because of this property,High temperature&short of cooking allows the flavor to escape without cooking it and that's why the sfpropelpager class can handle parameters in the usual way. The Chinese food is of metal, and the ball violently into the pot, bumping you at all times.This can be a sturdy iron is. Furthermore, the sear, even if the first state again and again back in...... Then, iron is one of the most important benefits of"the more you use it, the more oil is familiar,feel better"with the river.The number of months to a few years in the degraded Teflon, unlike the care given,from parents to children, children to grandchildren toSeveral decades ~ 100 years, and continues to use it can be.“After the replacement, disposable as a tool”, but not“favored, whileFrom the good to the state and have can tools at all.”

Silver Light Company and is

During the 1960s and 1970s, Japan's high-growth period, it didn't.1 one of the tools to carefully clean, repair, and long treasured it, thanOne after another, with new ones replacing the old ones are disposable as well as values,The lives of ordinary people during the most rapid penetration was age. It is a small cooking tool in the world was no exception.A lot of people,used for many years in an iron skillet and discard,easy to clean scorched with,Nonstick pans to buy was was. It was a trend to oppose,but not in an iron skillet continue to make proposals for"reverse lights"in. The founder of Horie Mr. Masamitsu Yamasaki, a discoverer, and is the architectural hardware manufacture, but"Food, clothing and shelter, in the midst of many people as the most familiar, but also, health and happiness is connected to"food"in there.This from"food"in the field of work is important to"think of the business, turning to the figure there. Then the US went to the United States,"Taylor&pop"company of the iron skillet to meet.At the time American humanity in the resurrection of the chanting was of a hippie 1 person, I could it is,"Pan is therefore a fluoropolymer processing other than cooking, is delicious, and IGood for the body made of iron is better"and even for. The handle is dirty with resin than,dare hands, the familiar is good and heat is transmitted to the wood.Iron and Wood made,the simple structure of the pan, Horie, said:“manufacturing origin”, and looked at it.
"Easy・convenient・game"if you asked the child, a meal made of prepared foods and instant foods,Sweets such as where the mother is increasing. For the family,delicious good for the body I cook and eat this is the original cooked・meals for the purpose of, andSuch work and time put in children's hands"had to"and feel takeThe parent's affection to receive it. And it's most important“food”of the site's ingredients and utensils you need and we think.
"Cheap price and look just the pursuit of"sell and the"product, not the use of the hands in a position standing,Use of Health and lifestyle considering the tools I want to create.A good tool is the use of the hands to improve the quality of life, make life more rich to go get one.Such tools make go." That is,the reverse lights work.

The inner diameter 28×20 cm(elliptical) body height: 4.5 cm maximum width:51cm weight: 1,460 g the inside bottom diameter: 23.5×15.5 cm(Oval)
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