Dried Natto (Mild Salt)  80g

Dried Natto (Mild Salt) 80g


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Natto is a representative fermented food of Japan.
Its nutritional effect has become widely known, but for those who are not good at unique odors and stickiness ...。

Dried natto can be easily eaten, and is the one for them

Let the dry natto as it is, and you can enjoy it with a less sense of odor and stickiness with a crunchyness and candy-like sensation.。
The nutrients are condensed by the amount of moisture, and the effect can be obtained even with a small amount.

For emergency and as preserved food


In the unlikely event of natural disaster, living in an evacuation center makes it more likely easy to get colds, flu, tetanus, food poisoning, and there are also concerns about food hygiene.

The natto bacteria and digestive enzymes contained in natto are strong enough to attack the bacteria that cause these symptoms, so it is a good idea to put dry natto in the emergency bag.
Since it will last for a long time, it can be used as a preserved food.。

Dried Natto's Nutrients and its Effect


Dry Natto is a food comprised of nattokinase, soybean, soybeans polyamines, and vitamin.
When natto is dried, there are increases of dietary fiber such as potassium 1.5 times, iron 1.8 times, and zinc doubles.

Excellent Effects of Nattokinase


Nattokinase is an enzyme that is produced when making natto.
It occurs at the stage of fermenting natto, after natto starter were added onto boiled soybeans.

Nattokinase is currently gaining a great deal of attention, it is an enzyme that helps to promote health by dissolving blood clots and making good blood circulation.

Significantly, it is said to have an excellent effect on thrombolysis。
Besides on it directly effect on the fibrin, the main component of blood clots, and decomposing, it also activates and increases the amount of other thrombolytic enzymes in the body.

Furthermore, recent research has shown that, it also has the effect of decomposing substances that hindering the dissolution of blood clots and shortening the decomposition time.
It can be said that it is a powerful enzyme that enhances thrombolysis from various angles.

In addition, nattokinase also has the effect of lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow by making it flowing smoothly.

Soy products are originally foods that contain various enzymes, but only natto produces nattokinase enzymes.


The benefits of Natto Spores

"Strength" is the key to the Natto spore

Most intestinal bacteria in the body have a short life span and are weak
Therefore, if its not been restore consistently, we can not expect a long activity in the intestines.

Conversely, natto bacteria is very effective, as it have a long life, and once ingested, it can survive in the body for 4 to 5 days.
Entering from the mouth into the body, passes through the stomach acid in the stomach, reaches the intestines alive, significantly it has the strength to be discharged into the stool wihtout dying.

In this way, only natto bacteria can pass through the body alive!

This is the biggest reason why Bacillus natto can bring an excellent effect.


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Product Details

Net content 80g
Ingredients Natto (soybean (domestic) (not genetically modified), Bacillus natto), palm oil, salt, yeast extract
Preservation Methods Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
Expiration Date 180 days

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