One can be dried natto is Domestic soybean use 100% minced around natto, and freeze-dried (vacuum freeze-dried)or. Dried natto is,in Kumamoto Prefecture", which for""dried the For"called,from the old familiar ingredients....

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One can be dried natto is


Domestic soybean use 100% minced around natto, and freeze-dried (vacuum freeze-dried)or.
Dried natto is,in Kumamoto Prefecture", which for""dried the For"called,from the old familiar ingredients.

Natto the taste and flavor of it,by drying out the flavor and also nutrients even up.
1G, in 43 billion of natto bacteria has spores state(spores)can survive. (Japan analyzed)

Food additives and salt, sugar, oil, genetically modified soy-free too all comforts.
Commercially available dried natto is saline, but this is salt-free.

The hand feel is usually of natto-like stickiness and not and all.
The texture is crispy,support and good stiffness.
Usability well, natto stickiness is weak and easy to natto nutrition can.

Dishes also use,other supplements like nutrition for the purpose of daily brasseries is also effective.


What is Natto and How to Eat Natto Deliciously
Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. It is considered to have a unique flavor, with a strong smell and sticky texture.
Natto is a versatile food, there are many delicious ways to eat natto. Follow these delicious recipes to help you enjoy natto to the fullest!
Read the article here

Drying natto how to eat

Intact and and to

The usual natto such. if there is no hand that can support and be eaten.
Snack sense for children and snacks with alcohol also.
Dog and cat can also be eaten.


Miso soup or soup on the

Miso soup if you put the instant noodles 納豆汁 of voila.
Dry natto with moisture of soft easy to eat more.


Baby baby food

Food additives and salt, such as the use of the baby food, make music.
And then just like that,the busy mom also can use it conveniently.


Seasoning mix

Soy sauce and miso Darren,a bowl of sauce to soak you.
Pickled or will serve also delicious, and as a seasoning in cooking but also.


Salad topping

Nuts and croutons sense, such as in salads or even sprinkle.
Especially Japanese-style salad to keep fit.


And cooking sprinkle on

Natto dishes, I got the drying natto from easy.
Natto pasta,natto, soba,fried rice and Curry, yakisoba from there.
No freshly cooked rice and sprinkle even cooking.


Ochazuke to

Rice it is that good, the sauce dried natto, mixed rice on hot water or tea to natto with rice is also recommended.


Use in our range. I preferred the original menu try to find.

Disaster food and preserved food as

One of the disasters,shelter life can be if you have a cold or the flu, tetanus and food poisoning, such as fashion and food hygiene in terms of anxiety surface again.
Natto contains Bacillus natto and digestive enzymes the symptoms that cause the fungus against attack can have the strength of a disaster, such as a bag to dry natto is put, it is a good idea.
Shelf life of the preserved food as you can.

Drying natto nutrients and effect

Dried natto, natto kinase, soybean isoflavones, soybean polyamines, vitamin containing food.
Natto is dried by the dietary fiber is increased, potassium is 1. 5 times,iron is also 1. 8 times,zinc is a 2 times increase.


Nattokinase excellent effect

Nattokinase and natto one, when the production of enzymes that this.
Soybean is boiled after adding Bacillus natto,the fermentation stage occurs.

Nattokinase is a clot dissolving effect, or blood black, there is work, health-improving enzymes, as now a great attention.

Especially thrombolysis is effective and used.
Blood clots, which is the main component of"fibrin"to work directly with decomposition in addition to the effects on the body other thrombolytic enzyme activation, and to increase the amount of bones.

Furthermore, in a recent study, the thrombus dissolving substances that inhibit the decomposing action, or decomposition to shorten the time to action Your we recommend that you schedule log backups and copying at frequent intervals.
Indeed from various angles thrombolytic strengthen, and the strong enzymes become.

Also, nattokinase, and besides this blood pressure lowering action and blood, PLUS to improve blood flow to the effects such as well.

Soy products are originally various enzymes, including food, but nattokinase enzyme
Produce natto of it.

The Bacillus subtilis of excellent points

Bacillus natto the usefulness of the trick is its"strength"there.

The body of most of the intestinal bacteria, life is short, and weak characteristics.
Therefore, always replenish it,in the bowels of a long career is not expected.
Instead, the Bacillus subtilis life is long, I take 4, 5 days in the body to survive,effective as well.

From the mouth enters the body,in the stomach of the passage through stomach acid alive, bowel reach it without dying to the flights and is discharged to the strength it is.
Thus, the living body can go through and Bacillus subtilis only!

This Bacillus subtilis has excellent effect can be the biggest reason.

Drying natto freeze dry product variations

Product details

The contents of 45g
Raw materials Domestic soybean(non-genetically-modified),Bacillus subtilis
Soybean production region, primarily in Hokkaido,Tohoku
Origin is the year payment is only by credit card.
How to save Avoid direct sunlight, please.

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