What is sesame oil of Hirate Oil shop (ball squeezing method sesame oil)?The sesame oil of the Hirate Oil shop is a fine sesame oil made based on the belief...

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What is sesame oil of Hirate Oil shop (ball squeezing method sesame oil)?

The sesame oil of the Hirate Oil shop is a fine sesame oil made based on the belief that "as much as possible naturally as well as fragrant and delicious oil".It is made from high quality non-pesticide white sesame seeds by traditional manufacturing method (ball tightening squeezing method), squeezing carefully with just the stone mill weight without applying heat.
 Squeezed oil is slowly filtered with the most extravagant handmade Japanese paper,It becomes sesame oil which is packed in containers manually and remains rich in flavor.Natural and highly safe oil. It is valuable as it is hand-made. To enjoy the fragrance, sesame oil. Of course not stir - fried,Especially, please use it for tempura such as fish shrimp and shellfish.Because you can eat raw food, also dressing, Chinese noodle soup. Sesami oil of Hirate Oil shop features natural color and thickening that has not been decolorized.Simply use a small amount, the usual dishes are upgraded! Sesame nose smells appetite.
 Characteristics of sesame oilSesame oil contains an antioxidant (sesaminol) that prevents oxidation.It prevents the generation of lipid peroxide due to active oxygen that causes cancer and other lifestyle diseases. It has extremely high stability and heat resistance.It is popularly used for tempura and stir-fried sake, taking advantage of flavor and stability, and also for flavoring Chinese food. Abundant oleic acid · · As good cholesterol remains intact, it lowers bad cholesterol.


About sesame of raw material

Radioactive substances are not detected for raw sesame.


Customer Opinion We have received many compliments of words


It is far more delicious than sesame oil so far If you use it directly for salads and Japanese cuisine, it is very tasty and you can understand the difference well.It is much more delicious than sesame oil I had bought so far.

H-sama (30s · female)


The fragrant sesame fragrance and subtle color make you appetite I like the sesame, I smell appetite for this fragrant sesame scent and faint color.White sesame oil did not seem to be sesame oil and I felt unsatisfactory, but this is delicious. It can be delicious whether it is raw or heated.

K-sama (40s · female)


The taste of dishes comes alive without habit Because it is hand-milking, the taste of dishes comes without lots of peculiarity, so it feels very delicious and good for the body as well.

Mr. N (40s · female)


The sesame fragrance is just fine. The sesame fragrance is not as strong as roasting, it is just fine as it is not as thin as white, it is just fine. I am having fun with Japanese style dressing etc. together with Ponzu.

Mr. S (40s · female)


It is very popular among children. As it is delicious as it is, I am looking forward to using it for crisping and dressing. It is very popular among kids when used for spinach Namul.

H-sama (30s · male)



Until rapeseed oil and sesame oil are made



Step 1. Roast raw rapeseed

I will roast the rapeseed in a firewood kiln.
 Fry roasted rape slowly for about 30 minutes with a wood fire, skim the moisture and adjust the firepower by the amount of firewood.
 The amount of rapeseed can be roasted at one time is about 50 kg.From there, 15 L - 18 L of rapeseed oil can be squeezed. Rapeseed can not be squeezed sufficiently without roasting.On the contrary, if you scoop too much, bitterness comes out in the texture of rapeseed oil. While roasting, confirm the roasting adjustment while looking at the color by crushing the rapeseed many times with your fingers.

Step 2. Remove impurities from rapeseed

Sift the roasted roasted rice seeds to remove something other than rapeseed.

Step 3. Breed rapeseed

The rapeseed put on the sieve is crushed to the extent that it breaks the skin by the force of the pressure roller rollers.

Step 4. Steam rapeseed

Put the leather cracked rapeseed in a wooden tub and place it on the characteristic steamer.Heat the burned firewood and steam is coming out from the steamer.
 Put a wooden trough on it. There is a small hole in the bottom of the wooden bucket, and when steam is applied from the bottom, steam is passed through from the bottom of the wooden bucket to the top. Steaming rapeseed while adjusting steam.By steaming, the rapeseed oil expands and the oil becomes easy to squeeze. Steaming for about 5 minutes, if the steam comes out evenly from the whole, it is a good steam condition.

Step 5. Fly steaming of steamed rapeseed (relaxation)

Spread steamed rapeseed and steam steam firmly.If you steam steam, spread an oil filter mat on the characteristic wooden pail and pack it with rapeseed.
 Oil-filtering mat is one of indispensable tools for traditional oil squeezing, and it is characterized by being made of human hair. The human hair mat has moderate strength and softness, and it is optimal for squeezing the oil, as extra oil other than rapeseed oil does not seep out. It is a special order made by a wig maker and the place that can be manufactured all over the country is limited now. I will stepping on rapeseed packed in a wooden bucket with bare feet.By filling the rapeseed with moderate pressure here, it becomes easier to squeeze the oil when tumbling.

Step 6. Squeeze rapeseed

Place the rapeseed put in a wooden trough on the ball tightening press.This press has been used for more than 70 years from the beginning of Showa to the present.
 Rolling balls are attached to the press, squeezing the rapeseed slowly by applying weight to the balls.While making fine adjustments, we will apply approximately 1-2 tons of weight. After a while, the weight of the ball will cause the oil of gold and gold to overflow from the wooden pail. The way to squeeze oil by the weight of the ball is called "ball tightening".Currently there are only a few places in Japan that are squeezing rapeseed oil with beads. Freshly squeezed oil is thick and has a rich color.It also smells strong rapeseed.
 Rapeseed residue after squeezing oil has been reduced to fields as organic fertilizer.

Step 7. Filter on Japanese paper

We will filter the rapeseed oil with a filter of hand-made handmade Japanese paper in a cylindrical shape.
 I put a hand made Japanese paper made into a tubular shape in a lattice-like box and pour rapeseed oil into it. I will slowly take time to wait for being filtered by nature. Filtering oil with handmade Japanese paper is a tradition only in Japan.Finishing filtration is finished with rapeseed oil.

Step 8. Bottling / Labeling

Rapeseed oil that has been filtered is collected in a small stainless steel tank.And it will all be bottled by hand.
 Finally, we put on labels and complete rapeseed oil as a product.Basically, there is nothing to make and leave, we label bottles for shipping on that day.
 In this way, Mr. Hiraide's rapeseed oil is completed. "It would be the best product to squeeze as it is"Mr. Hiraide told us in a later interview.>>Interview article is here In pursuit of efficiency, the quality of oil is inevitably impaired, so it seems to be daring to continue making oil with traditional manufacturing methods.


Belief of Hirate Oil Oven

Hiraeda Oil Shop squeezes oil in a way that does not change from the beginning of Showa period, with the belief that "as much as possible naturally, and fragrant well delicious oil".
 "Once you use rapeseed oil in a dish, other oils can not be used"I will have many such voices. Most of edible oils currently in supermarkets and department stores are efficiently extracted by chemical treatment and oil extraction is taking place. By applying high temperature and pressure, chemical treatment such as deoxidation, degumming, deodorization, etc., we can efficiently extract inexpensive rapeseed oil with uniform quality without waste. But in this way the oil will degenerate.In addition, the mellow rapeseed oil and the beautiful color of golden color are greatly impaired.


What is traditional oil squeezing method "ball tightening"?

 It is a manufacturing method that uses a dedicated machine called ball tightening machine to slowly pressurize oil at low pressure, at room temperature over time.Because it squeezes at low pressure and ambient temperature, it retains the rich aroma of rapeseed and nutrients such as vitamins as it is, finished in a bright amber-colored edible oil.
 The history of ball tightening sashimi is old, and it seems that the manufacturing method has already been established in the middle term of the Edo period.Many manufacturers previously employed ball tightening squeezes, but now, several small and medium enterprises have only kept the tradition.It is oil of very valuable formulation, less than 1% even from the overall market share. In general, rapeseed oil that is circulating is using petroleum solvent, using chemical substances by deodorization, decolorization, etc. It is not very useful.On the other hand, since the ball tightening squeezes over time with low pressure at normal temperature, no frictional heat is generated, so there is no need for useless processing, and finished in an extra virgin oil that simply filtered the squeezed oil . It is a commodity that is difficult to obtain in an ordinary supermarket.

Recommended way of eating

Details of the recipe are announced to this page.Hirate Oil shop introduction page SavoryAs a Chinese dressing of vegetables. The fragrance of sesame oil complements the vegetable taste.Peanuts whoRecommended for hot vegetables. Especially it goes well with boiled crab and taro.Spicy hot dressingRecommended for vegetable dipping etc. The fragrance of sesame oil and hot pepper paste become toxic.


Message from producer Yuichi Hiraide

The daily amount of oil intake required for Japanese adults is roughly between 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoons.This little intake will affect the body for a long time.(Trans fatty acid by coconut oil which is currently a problem)I think that we want you to eat genuine oil for daily health improvement.
 The foundation of the oil maker was opened in 1842.Originally we sell silk fabrics and millets, and began to extract rapeseeds from the Meiji Period. Mr. Yuichi Hiraide, the current president, will become the sixth generation head.

Points to note about sesame oil of Hiraeda oil store

【Name】 Edible sesame oil【Raw Material Name】 Edible Sesame Oil[Contents] 720 ml bottle[Preservation method] Storage at normal temperature, dark place【Pressing Station】 Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
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