About Kiri Canister with Transparent Lid This is the traditional-style Kiri (Paulownia) Box with sliding lid. The material used for the lid is transparent acrylic.You can see the contents inside,...

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About Kiri Canister with Transparent Lid


This is the traditional-style Kiri (Paulownia) Box with sliding lid.

The material used for the lid is transparent acrylic.
You can see the contents inside, making it easy to check what the content is and the remaining amount of the content.

Besides foodstuffs, you can also use it as a collection case for glasses, wristwatches, etc.


Producer's Commitment to Make an "Easy to Use" Product


By cutting each of the upper edge at an angle of 45 degrees in the bottom oblique, this product can have a definite sharpness and easy to stack with other sizes.

To make a product you can easily check its content, we are developing a unique combination of acrylic with high transparency and the traditional technique for Kiri (Paulownia) Box called the four-side Kiri (四方桟).

This type of technique is known to have a good level of airtightness and the lid is hard to come off even if it is toppled down.

The Sizes That can Be Use in Combination

There is 3 type of sizes.
Because the depth and height are the same for each size, it is possible to stack it together if you place the lid face up.

S (Width 140 × depth 100 × height 82 mm)

M (Width 215 × depth 100 × height 82 mm)

L (Width 280 × depth 100 × height 82 mm)

What is The Good Part About Kiri (Paulownia) Wood


The Kiri (Paulownia) Box made by the long-established Kiri Store, Masuda Kiri Box Store.
Kiri acts as the protector against humidity and has a high resistance towards insects, which keeps the content tasty.

Constant Humidity

Depending on the temperature and humidity of the place where the paulownia box was placed, it keeps the environment in the box by breathing to keep the constant the moisture content of the paulownia itself.

Insects Repellent Effect

The Kiri is contained lots of things that won't let insects easily get in or out. The dry Kiri (paulownia) wood itself is said to be resistant to insects.

※ We can't fully ensure for this effect to be happen. Depending on the environment, insects can't be avoided. So we are recommending you to use it while doing scheduled cleaning for long-term use. Please clean it using cloth or brush, never wash it with water because it may cause mold.

The Kiri (Paulownia) Wood Box That Used Since The Ancient Times in Japan

It's beauty and function

Japan is using the Kiri (Paulownia) Box product to store art objects, ceramics, and kimono fabrics. Japanese people use the box because it is not only beautiful, but it is also have a insect repellent effect, humidity and moisture control effect and also light at weight.


As The "Special Item"

Even now, The Paulownia Boxes are popular as a product package.
Japanese people continue to use this box to pack an important item when they send it to someone else. The item packed will be described as a "special item."

The Masuda Kiri Box Store is creating kiri boxes with that philosophy in mind. They are making the boxes in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture that is filled with green scenery, manufacturing the boxes one by one with full heart.


How to Take Care of Kiri for Long-Term Period

We are thinking that trees will continue to live and breathe even after becoming products.

There are many kinds of tree's parts. Some of them are good, and there are also weak parts.
Of course, the way to take care of it also changes.

Here I will show you how to clean the Kiri (Paulownia) Box.
Please make it as your reference.


1. The basic way to take care of the box when replacing the ingredients inside

Please fill new ingredients when the stock is empty to prevent any residue from the last remaining ingredients.

Before putting new ingredients inside, turn the box over in the empty condition and tap the bottom lightly to discard the remaining ingredients.

After that, wipe the box with a dry cloth to remove the debris. You can fill it with new ingredients afterward.

2. How to take care of it in season transition

After doing point one above, it is recommended to dry the box in a well-ventilated area for half a day in the empty state. That way, the Kiri (Paulownia) Box will be able to release the moisture inside the box.

There are some people who place the box far from the place with high humidity level to maximize the box effectiveness in storing their items.


Usage Consideration

・Kiri is good for preserving dry objects because of its humidity control effect, but actually, the object's odor is easy to transfer to the box along with the humidity.

・In the case for flour materials, it is best to keep it in a paper bag or other bags and not put it directly to the box. Putting it directly may interfere with the wood grain.

・Kiri (Paulownia) may react with water and sweat. Contact with water and sweat may cause mold and discoloration. Please be careful about that.

・We are recommending to place the box in a well-ventilated place with sufficient ventilation. Please avoid places with high level of humidity and when there's direct wind from air conditioner.

What is "Kirihaco"

Kirihaco とは

Kirihaco a project brand for specialty product of Masuda Kiri Box Store from Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture that founded 88 years ago.

Japan has a long history for Kiri (Paulownia) Box as a package and storage box, but this kind of product is rarely developed as one product alone.

Therefore, we are developing Kiri (Paulownia) Wood as wood crafts with the high technology in Fukuoka Prefecture in order to appeal Kiri's charm and promote the Japanese culture to the young users.

It is a project that creates new products that match the modern lifestyle by using advantageous materials if compared to other wood materials. Kiri have some advantages that other wood doesn't have such as insect repellent, humidity and moisture control effect and also light at weight.

Product Details

Size S (Width 140 × depth 100 × height 82 mm)
Material Made of Kiri (Paulownia) (outer part is made by beeswax finish), lid: acrylic, Kiri (Paulownia)

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