About Kiri Coffee Canister A Coffee Canister made by a high-class domestic (Japanese) Kiri (Paulownia) Wood, and crafted carefully one by one by Kiri artisans. This Coffee Canister is made...

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About Kiri Coffee Canister


A Coffee Canister made by a high-class domestic (Japanese) Kiri (Paulownia) Wood, and crafted carefully one by one by Kiri artisans.

This Coffee Canister is made in a long-established Kiri-tansu Studio named "Suzuki Ishitarou". They start their production since 20th of Meiji Era (1887) in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture.

Not only made from high-quality material, but the sophisticated design is also attractive. Very suitable for the contemporary interior.

Available in 6 color variations, from the natural and colorful type of color. It is also good to arrange them with different content based on their colors.


A canister made by Kiri craftsmen using the technology that make the lid can close tightly.
The high level of airtightness does not let any moisture to enter the box. So it can maintain the flavor of the coffee beans.

Not only function to store your favorite coffee bean, this material is suitable for food preservation such as rice and wheat flour.


The craftsman are very attentive, resulting the square lid can be close exactly in any orientation.

The corners in every side of the lid are neatly rounded, making it easy to hold and doesn't make any injury at all.


Kiri (Paulownia) Wood contains ingredients called sesamin and paulonin.
These ingredients act as odor and insect repellent.

Kiri (Paulownia) are also excellent in refining effect, make it keeps the flavor and scent of the coffee beans or other ingredients if you put it there for a long time.

In addition, it will keep the delicious taste of the food ingredients because the alkalinity contained in the box is hard to oxidize.


Color Variation

About Suzuki Ishitarou Store

Established since 20th year of Meiji Era (1887) in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

The reason behind the excellent products are the elder brother with the qualification of a traditional craftsman and the younger brother (a skilled craftsman) who is full of new innovative ideas.

The Suzuki Brothers are working together to produce the superb and highly innovative Kamo Kiri-tansu Dressers and other kiri crafts.


About Kamo Kiri-tansu Dressers

Skilled Craftsmen using The Traditional-Style Skill

The beautiful and straight grain drawer that will respond smoothly with a slight breeze if someone pulling it out.

You can feel that Kiri have a high level of airtightness by opening and closing the drawer.

Only the skilled craftsmen with traditional-style skill can create this delicate feeling.

Even if it is made of exclusive paulownia wood, unless it is manufactured with reliable technology, it can not become highly airtight dressers.

The craftsmen in the Kamo City area have been manufacturing the Kamo Kiri-tansu Dressers since about 220 years.
They are the craftsmen who inherit the traditional techniques from years ago.

With relying on their own senses and experiences, they will keep making the high quality of Kamo Kiri-tansu Dressers. Today and even in the future.


The Kiri Dressers full of Deep Feelings from Paulownia Wood

Kiri is known as a popular material that can protect valuable items inside it and as a protector against humidity.

Kiri product was assembled without using any metal nails, but the completion have a delicate and powerful finish, yet has a surprisingly lightweight.
This product is produced by special techniques that have been passed down to the present age by many of anonymous craftsmen who have refined their skills in Kiri crafts making.

Kamo City is a famous area where furniture making is using various materials since ancient times.

They were blessed with an easy distribution route of Shinano River and Kamogawa River. This distribution route was established in the early days, which pushed the development of furniture making in Kamo City.

Kamo City has studied the preferences of furniture in various places in Japan. They have repeatedly devised to have merchandise that spread nationwide.

As a result, Kamo City became known as the best Kiri-tansu production area in Japan, which then followed by other areas.


The Lifestyle That Changes with The Flow of Time

The famous brand of Kamo Kiri-tansu was gradually recognized as the synonym for high-class furniture.

Although the number is decreasing now, the parents before Showa Period who knew the culture of wearing kimono for daily activities ordered the complete set of a drawer (dresser, a drawer for cushions, Obis, night wears, etc.) for a wedding present for their daughter.

There was a traditional custom in Japan that when a girl is born, they are crafting the fast-growing Kiri (Paulownia) tree into a dresser when the daughter is at the age of marriage. The products were distributed nationwide.

However, the more product takes spirit in the production process, there's a big gap for profit in every product. That is also one reality facts from traditional crafts.

The trend changes together with the flow of time. Such as the increasing demand in the Western-style chest, so the demand for the traditional chest is decreasing.


The Traditional Kiri-tansu and The Contemporary Design

The present Kamo Kiri-tansu craftsmen have devised their skills and evolve further in this trend.

The result is a new shape of a chest that can shines in either Western-style or Japanese-style rooms. It is a Kiri Chest or other Kiri crafts, which have a low height model.

Not only for storing kimonos and clothes, you can also store valuable things. It became the spotlight for contemporary consumers.

Meanwhile, the Japanese culture boom is currently happening abroad. The traditional Kamo Kiri-tansu crafts is also being reconsidered in some places.

Having a superior functionality from then and now, the design variation is also developing every day. It is become a product is loved by any generations.


Suzuki Ishitarou is The Long-Established Kiri-dansu Store

While we are good at traditional craftswork that is suitable for Japanese style furniture, we have also published numerious designs of Kiri chest that suitable for the contemporary style.

We are stick to the high quality of domestic Kiri (Paulownia), and consistently doing our production process in our work studio.

With the spirit of craftsmen who inherit the tradition faithfully and the spirit of craftsmen who is full of new ideas, we are working hard day by day to produce the best Kiri-tansu and other crafts.


Important Point to Note when Using The Product

- for daily maintenance, please only wipe the surface with dry or damp cloth.

- Please wipe the inside with only a dry cloth.
If any moisture enters, it may cause mold.

- When moisture adheres, it is difficult to stain with wiping off immediately.

Product Details

Color Yellow
Size width 100mm, depth 100mm, height 110mm
Material 100% of Japanese Kiri (Paulownia)
Amount of beans to enter About 200g

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