Green soybean - small grain - (Ogata health plants special agricultural pesticide · fertilizer cultivation) 200g It is green soybean produced in Kumamoto Prefecture of rare non-pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivation. Among...

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Green soybean - small grain - (Ogata health plants special agricultural pesticide · fertilizer cultivation) 200g

 It is green soybean produced in Kumamoto Prefecture of rare non-pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivation. Among domestic soybeans, it is especially rare green soybeans. It is sweet and rich in Hokuhoku, it is very delicious soybean.When it is soy milk, there is no egg taste, and sweetness of beans is felt straight and clearly. Because it is smaller than ordinary soybeans, it can be delicious even if it is rice bean.What is Green Soybeans Green soybean has a small amount of circulation, it is not sold to the supermarket. Domestic green soybeans are very expensive.
 Cultivation characteristics The harvesting of soybeans is handmade often and tough.
 If we do not touch weeds of alien species, we will see painful eyes,There are such thorns in squirrels, if you touch inadvertently you will see very painful eyes.It is raining heavily this year and her weeding tends to be wrong. A soybean flower, a small flower as small as 5 mm, it is cute.
 Green soybean It is the figure on the 14th day after germination, at the same time the weed grows big.
 We cultivate weeds by rotary cultivation, weeding work covering weeds with soil.Rain of grace will rise later and will grow bigger and bigger,


Voice of staff

There are original sweetness and rich beans, and delicious bean rice is completed.By all means, I hope you enjoy the difference with other soybeans.

How to eat delicious green soybean

 The one who ate the beans is "boiled with salt" and "bean rice".Green soybeans are very tasty and sweet, so keep the taste of the ingredients intact.Even if you make delicious natto easily by Bacillus natto, you can eat it deliciously. ↓ Easy to make Natto page here ↓ Bacillus natto powder - Bacillus natto derived from 100% organic soybean extraction 


Attention of Otaka Health Farm

 Idea The goal is "Creation of a world without sickness"For that purpose, we aim to create a healthy and happy family and society by delivering agricultural products of fertilizer natural cultivation purely to the tableCommitment "No use of pesticide and nonuse of herbicide"We do not use any agricultural chemicals from seed stage to harvest. "No use of fertilizer"Chemical fertilizer blurred fertilizer Livestock manure manure compost is absolutely not used "Clean up the soil"We plow in only the residue of the previous work and do not bring organic matter etc. from the outside but emphasize the natural ecological cycle and purify the soil(Rice husk bran generated in the production process is discarded in some fields due to difficulties in handling) "Based on self-production"We carried out in-house seeding for many years, we measured the detoxification of pesticide and fertilizer ingredients remaining in seedI try to keep healthy seeds.


Messages from Ogata health plantation

 Thank you for having me through with soybeans. This soybean is soybean of farming method "fertilizer natural cultivation" which does not use pesticide or fertilizer at all.I brought up life force that springs out from the earth, raised time, labor and love.We deliver the wishes of family health and longevity. In the first place, our distant ancestors are said to have occurred miraculously due to the overlap of changes in the global environment and coincidence in the early days of ancient times.The fused energy of the sun, the moon, and the earth There is no fertilizer or pesticide there. If it is such an epic event, it is only a historical history, such as the modern farming law.It seems that contemporary civilization is established by so-called Asada's technique. Adam and Eve's forbidden tree nuts,The Old Testament states that human beings who ate foods they can not eat have become turbid and evil has occurred. That forbidden tree nut, perhaps it may be pesticides or fertilizer.Mankind was polluted by eating things that should not be eaten, and suffered from various intractable diseases, including cancer ...Maybe. Forecasting such sadness, and advocated by "Okada Shigichichi" is the natural farming method. We grow rice without using pesticide or fertilizer at all ...The farming method which seems to be insane is spreading now quietly. I started naturally cultivating to protect my family 26 years ago.If you clean up the natural cultivation and the soil cleans up, the energy of the earth will be transcribed and those who eat will gradually become healthy.Now we are pleased to deliver to many families including those with various troubles. Nature adaptation or anti-nature ... It is no exaggeration to say that this is a choice that will also affect your family's life. Because human beings are made from what they ate.


Green soybean - small grain - (Ogata health plants special agricultural pesticide / fertilizer cultivation) Notice of 200 g

 Product Name: Green soybeansPlace of Origin: Kamimoto Prefecture Musakijo-gunRaw material: SoyContents: 200 gStorage method: Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save in a cool place.In summer we recommend storing refrigerator as much as possible.
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