What is organic red beansErimo Azuki is a naturally grown farming red bean grown in Makubetsu, Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido, without using pesticides and chemical fertilizer.It has a rich flavor and a...

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What is organic red beans

Erimo Azuki is a naturally grown farming red bean grown in Makubetsu, Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido, without using pesticides and chemical fertilizer.
It has a rich flavor and a rich aroma of red beans, making it ideal for making red rice cooked in addition to rice, anko, boiled beans, and Japanese sweets. Cooked with brown rice, you can enjoy healthy brown rice red bean rice. It is a variety that is highly evaluated at famous stores nationwide and bean specialty stores.

About Orikasa Farm

 A farm that focuses on the unique non-fertilizer-free and pesticide-free natural farming method using green manure in Tokachi Makubetsu Town, Hokkaido's premier agricultural area. In an era when mechanization progressed and chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides began to increase productivity, we introduced green manure that does not use chemical fertilizers to the plantation, with the idea of ​​`` I want to regain the rich land of the Hokkaido pioneering era. '' Turned into a farm that produces Ten years after starting natural cultivation with the aim of "safe, secure and independent agriculture", Mr. Ken Orikasa inherited his thoughts and realized the production of natural vegetables that are free of pesticides.

Making fields using green manure

 Green manure is used as a natural fertilizer by cultivating plants grown in the field together with plowed soil without harvesting the plants. Advantages of using green manure ・ Drainage and water retention will increase due to improved soil structure. -Increased organic matter promotes the growth of microorganisms in the soil. -The balance between microorganisms in the soil will be improved, preventing the occurrence of pests. To keep the field healthy. This fertilizer is in line with Ken Orikasa's desire to regain rich land.

Organic red beans producer Ken Orikasa's commitment

Organic red beans grown at Orikasa Farm are carefully cultivated by natural cultivation with a focus on pesticide-free and chemical fertilizers. Natural cultivation is still a new field, and it is very difficult to cultivate without fertilizers and pesticides. Mr. Orikasa also received advice from specialists in soil science, microbiology, and Hokkaido agricultural research at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, and made field cultivation while constantly conducting research. going. Not only does it take on the difficult field of natural cultivation of crops, but it also sticks to the taste of the crops. If the consumer feels that the taste is not delicious just because of natural cultivation, there is no real spread. Orikasa, who thought so, experimentally planted 30-35 varieties of crops with potatoes every year, and researched which of them had the best taste and quality for natural cultivation. Mr. Orikasa, who thinks it is important to have a good reason for deliciousness, is convinced that the reason will become clearer after further research.

Encounter with Akinori Kimura

 It was eight years ago when I met Akimori's apple farmer, Akinori Kimura, who had succeeded in producing pesticide-free and naturally cultivated apples that were said to be absolutely impossible, and attracted much attention as a “miracle apple”. I was struck by the phrase “If you can't understand the natural cycle, you can't grow naturally.” The challenge of natural cultivation without using chemical fertilizers began. Mr. Kimura was taught how to make soil from scratch, and met with pioneers of natural cultivation. Currently, 28 ha of the total area of ​​75 ha, about 30% of the total became natural cultivation fields. In the future, we are aiming for natural cultivation that can be continued on a larger scale, and we are striving every day to contribute to the development of agriculture in Hokkaido, which Kimura-san hopes.

Nutrients of organic red beans "Erimo Red Beans"

Azuki is a treasure trove of nutrition even in small grains, and is a health food containing abundant nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. The amount of abundant dietary fiber that azuki beans have is three times that of burdock, so you can expect to eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol levels. It has been eaten as a medicine centuries ago in China because it contains globulin, which helps the immune system to protect the body from illness and serves as an energy source. In addition, polyphenols are more effective than red wine to prevent cell aging and to improve spots and wrinkles. It is a very popular ingredient as a comprehensive health food that is not only delicious but also packed with elements to keep your body healthy.

How to eat organic red beans

How to make enzyme brown rice (Materials for making brown enzyme rice) ・ Brown rice 600g (4gos) ・ Red beans 50g ・ Salt 3g ・ Water proper amount (Refer to the memory of the rice cooker) ① Wash the brown rice and red beans First put the brown rice and red beans (dried red beans) in a bowl Wash lightly. Let's drain garbage and dust on brown rice and red beans. Brown rice absorbs the first water as well as white rice, so throw away the first water quickly. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times to wash and throw away water, and then wash and throw away water. ② Add salt and water and mix. Add brown rice, red beans, water and salt. Please put the appropriate amount of water according to the rice cooker memory. ③ Submersion and rice cooking When using a normal rice cooker, leave brown rice in the water for about an hour before cooking. Then cook rice. If the rice cooker has a brown rice cooking mode, use that function. ④ Insulation / ripening Once brown rice is cooked, heat it in a rice cooker for 2-4 days. Stir brown rice once a day while keeping warm. When stirring, use a rice scoop once a day so that the surface does not dry out. If you are concerned about drying, you can prevent it by applying a wrap or wet cloth to the surface. Eating time is 2 to 4 days after cooking.
How to make enzyme brown rice >>Click here for more details

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Organic red beans "Erimo Red Beans" 300g Origasa Farm Special

・ Product name: Organic red beans “Erimo red beans” ・ Place of origin: Tokachi Makubetsu, Hokkaido ・ Contents: 300g
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