Hokkaido organic leading death of beans and isHokkaido makubetsu in more than 30 years,no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to beans continue to make 平譯 it isHaving Hokkaido organic major late...

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Hokkaido organic leading death of beans and is

Hokkaido makubetsu in more than 30 years,no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to beans continue to make 平譯 it isHaving Hokkaido organic major late beans.
The leading death of beans with the seed coat color of white not the beans of the name.Fook beans and white kidney beans, along with the white beans may also be called.Mainly sweets for the most typical example of the material used. The dishes as cooked beans or bean salad,I love croquettes, and soup it wasComforts.Especially the compote is recommended.
No pesticides or chemical fertilizers organically grown and dried naturally in the care of grown pesticide-free Leading lost beans.Boiled beans in it,plump beans of sweetness can be enjoyed at the hotel. Major passed away the beans from the ripe from the harvest, for theNutrients with plenty of absorption, and excellent taste and flavor as a result of it.

Major passed away beans nutrition

Major passed away and I have not the beans is,dietary fiber is legumes, the most abundant.Or boil the starch part of the fiber creating aAmount of dietary fiber is dry when compared with 1. 5 times more than it is.

The customer's voice

Most typical example based on the use Organic white beans, looking for this and this product I have been looking for something like this for a while. Most typical example based on the use I want. Thank you.

出川 your (40s・women)

The color of the grain shape is also pretty good leading die for The color of the grain shape is also pretty good leading die for. Thank you. Organic in affordable price and also good. Or purchase want.

Plain your (40s, male)

Easily boiled beans can be delicious, but the texture is a waste of money. Cooked beans like,a variety of beans to cooked beans in. The leading death of beans to cook for, clean white, to any taste of one from the pressure cooker was. Other beans just as easily boiled beans can be delicious, texture was in......

The US (40s・women)

Beans to the salad and the children will rejoice A variety of beans to mix the salad in. Beans to the salad when a child is willing to eat vegetables, we would love to see it.

Matsushima customer(woman in her 30s)

Major Lost Bean how to eat

Excellent taste characteristics of the Major died of the beans, using the southern French countryside dishes such as stewed dishes, and so on.Major death are not sweet and almost like a firm texture.Of pork flavor and vegetable taste moved to the bean dish again and again make your food.For making, curry and pasta can also arrange to again and again was very tasty.The Major died of the deliciousness you can enjoy such dishes will be introduced. 【Material 4 person min.]Major death(手亡 beans) 200gPork belly(block)600gCelery(muscle and chopped) 1 bookOnions (chopped) 1 pieceWestern-style soup 800㏄Flour dosage [A]The leaves of celery, one and one onlyParsley stems dosageLaurier in 1 oil (if you have goose fat oil) 30㏄Salt and pepper each dosage 【advance preparation】・Major death of wash and overnight soaked in water.・Celery is a muscle and chopped and.・Onions and the chopped and.・Pork belly is,it can be 2 equal pieces, and much more. An hour before, the temperature was returned to room temperature and. 《Make》
《Points》The major lost is in the water back let's.Celery and onions, and stir-fry.Parsley stems, etc., in addition to the,choice of herbs with the addition of even delicious.The pork in the flour bake and the aroma and mushy it can be prevented.

Hokkaido organic"major death"beans producers 平譯's

This major lost beans is no pesticides or chemical fertilizers so important to grown.The use of pesticides for weed removal on hard takes effort.Every year 100 ~ 150 people part with and you are going to have to work with it. 平譯 of field size is 30 hectares. Just 22 hectares in the beans to make delicious bean to make the rest of the field is the rest.
Also, the"natural drying"by this Bean features.The General circulation of beans to most, the machine is heated to dry it.平譯 farm, set in Tokachi plain, blowing through the cold North using 2~3 weeks of the period,Beans dry.Such old-fashioned, natural dried by soybean farmers is now negligible.Natural drying thoroughly, you can of soybeans a delicate flavor that can protect our all. Photo left: the harvested beans piled up in this way dry. Beans sweetness of the condensed to.Right photo: small beans or pebbles to remove the primitive tools used.
Also, beans every grain like that of hard work and time.Struggling even, white or pink small pea-flowers are in bloom, the bean pods are cracked threshing, andCute Bean saw the face of that, and even the fun of it.A lot of types of beans in one press what is it? And the question that"really I not only I......" And,The beans really and I have the state.Also,is there a way to"just beans"and"beans".And from beans,they're soft and delicious, the beans of the pattern of the White other is not the content of black and white,"No, one of the first to do this yet~"with that.

Hokkaido organic leading death beans notes

・Product name: organic the leading death of beans・Place of origin:Hokkaido makubetsu・Content amount:200 g・Shelf life: approx 8 months

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