What is 1 kg of red soybean (Urabe plantation, organic farming method, cultivation of origin)It is 100% domestically produced organic red soybean produced carefully by being carefully produced and managed...

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What is 1 kg of red soybean (Urabe plantation, organic farming method, cultivation of origin)

It is 100% domestically produced organic red soybean produced carefully by being carefully produced and managed in domestic organic certified factory, using organic soybean produced by Urabe Farm.Among the valuable domestic soybeans, it is red soybeans, among the rare traditional varieties. It is sweet and rich in taste, its taste and softness superbly "I do not need it" which is awarded as delicious as not to require sugar.What is red soybeans Red soybeans characterized by red seed coat are very soft and very easy to eat soybeans.Very highly evaluated for boiled beans, natto etc. can be eaten with surprisingly delicious.Actually, red soybean is slightly dusky green while young, it is not so different from general edamame.When ripe and dry it becomes soybeans covered with crimson epidermis.
I know that there is more isoflavone content than general white soybeans.The red epidermis contains a kind of polyphenol "anthocyanin"Its strong antioxidant action is said to clean blood and improve liver function.

Voice of staff

There are original sweetness and rich beans, and delicious bean rice is completed.By all means, I hope you enjoy the difference with other soybeans.

How to eat delicious red soybeans

The one who ate the beans is "boiled with salt" and "bean rice".Red soybeans are very tasty, so leave the taste of the ingredients intact.Even if you make delicious natto easily by Bacillus natto, you can eat it deliciously. ↓ Easy to make Natto page here ↓ Bacillus natto powder - Bacillus natto derived from 100% organic soybean extraction 

Commitment of Urabe Farm

Earthworks that do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides at all, which draw out microorganisms to the utmost.We deliver grain of peace of mind that is safe and safe.
 Microorganisms that degrade organic matter are living in paddy field where chemical fertilizer and pesticide are not used at all.Only rice is taken out from the rice field. Both rice straw and rice husk are returned to the rice fields.The returned organic matter is decomposed by microorganisms and becomes a fertile soil.


Message from Urabe Farm

I think that my farmhouse has been here so far that there were many people 's faces.Nevertheless, without mentioning that, farmland should never disappear,I tried hard with imminent feelings. If I think about it, there were lots of things that were harder than it was now,Even though we have overcome each of them, the establishment period that we did not sell Ate etc,Even when I was defeated by fraud, when I lost to the grass and there was not anything to sell,Even so, were you supported by customers, have you brought new ties, did not you come to today? When I think about it, miraculously, my spirit has been protected by a cool spot.Pollution was not detected even in inspections squeezing up to 1 bq with all items and varieties including soybeans. If you have a list of customers who can let you know this fact,I have the opportunity to speak in the Web like this.Rice with confidence and safety, confirmed rice, wheat and soybeans are in your hands,I think that this is by no means the worst. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the future.
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Red soybean (Urabe plantation · Organic farming method · cultivation of origin) 1 kg Note

赤大豆(浦部農園・有機農法・原種栽培 1kg
Product name: Red soybean (Urabe plantation · Organic farming method · Original cultivation 1 kgPlace of Origin: Fujioka, Gumma PrefectureStorage method: Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save in a cool place.In summer we recommend storing refrigerator as much as possible.
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