Business Partner Wanted

Kawashima the Japan Store is looking for partner

Business Partner Wanted

Kawashima The Japan Store is looking to partner their business with retailers, sales agents and distributors in every country throughout the world. We are looking to bring Japanese speciality items more accessible throughout all the countries.

In addition, we ALSO wanted to partner with excellent craftsmen, farmers and producers around the world who make great products. We would like to import your products to Japan and sell them to you.

Kawashima The Japan Store is interested in importing specialty products which are not yet introduced in Japan. We would like to promote them for domestic sales as we encourage business partners around the world.

We can refine our products and customize it to make it more suitable for use in your country. Also we can make new specialized products for your country. We are very happy to produce excellent and innovative products which your locals will surely love.

If you are interested to work as our business partner please contact us via e-mail. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or questions. We are looking forward to hearing from.


Our mission is to deliver customer and our partner satisfaction and give employees opportunities to improve their lives.


Kawashima the Japan Store is looking for partner

Our concept is to find and present traditional crafts and delicacies refined with excellent skills and great passion from Japan. And market them world wide.

Kawashima The Japan Store would love to work together with you and market your products if:
1. You prioritize in safety and quality of the product rather than just productivity and efficiency
2. You have a close relationship with the producers and manufacturers (In order to understand the core value of the craftsmanship in the product itself)
3. You would like to maintain good relationship with Kawashima The Japan Store


Now our company has good relationships with more than 200 farmers,100 craftsmen, and 50 food and kitchenware manufacturing companies in Japan.

We have more than 65,000 customers in Japan and still growing. With the positive relationship we have with them, we can efficiently create and develop the products that our customers need based on their demands and one that they will surely love.

Our company vision is to be globally recognized a a provider of traditional Japanese products that are made with dedicated passion and excellent skills.To provide organic foods that are naturally made without the use of any chemicals.

Our company is continuously innovating our products and we are partnered with highly-skilled Japanese craftsmen, farmers and food makers.


Our customers can find useful articles such as unique recipes, also informative interviews, customer reviews,testimonials and other informations on our website.

You may want to check our videos on our YouTube channel, Instagram account and Facebook pages.


Kawashima The Japan Store Achievement

Our online shop is still young and growing but we are now one of the most influential companies in Japan in the organic and natural food industry.

For three consecutive years, 2017-2019, we recieve awards and were recognized as one of the most famous shops in Japan by Global Media Online.


Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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