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KAWASHIMAYA is looking to partner its business with wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturing companies in every country throughout the world. We are looking forward to bringing Japanese specialty items more accessible throughout all the countries. Join our business partnership to be the part of our rapidly-growing operations.

Why Partner With Us?

Pride In The Products

KAWASHIMAYA [Tohata Inc.] takes pride in engaging local Japanese enterprises that provide organic foods cultivated naturally without chemical use.

Growing Customer Base

Our customer base reaches more than 150,000 customers domestically and is still growing. We started our global website in 2018 to expand beyond Japan and accelerate our international market reach.

Our Vision To Go Global

With our vision to be recognized globally as the purveyor of authentic and quality-certified Japanese products, we simply cannot do this alone. Thus, we are on the lookout for business partners who are interested in establishing a long-term cooperation in order to expand our distribution network.

If our brand values resonate with you, we invite potential businesses to venture together. We trust that building strategic connections with like-minded partners will mutually benefit both sides by opening up access to new markets, improved customer experience, larger product selection and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Achievements

For 3 consecutive years in 2017-2019, we have received awards and recognition as one of the most influential shops in Japan by Global Media Online.

Join Us Together With 300+ Partners

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Hirawake
Organic Hirawake Farm, Hokkaido (Soybean and Azuki bean)

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Ogata
Organic Ogata Farm, Kumamoto (Brown Rice)

kawashimaya business partner

President Mr. Sukeno
Koji Maker Hishiroku, Kyoto

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Toyonaga
Toyonaga Organic Shochu Brewery, Kumamoto

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Uchibori
Japanese Vinegar Master

kawashimaya business partner

President Mr. Ukon
Saga Vinegar, Saga

kawashimaya business partner

Mr. Hiraku Ogura
Fermentation Designer

kawashimaya business partner

President Mr. Hiraide
Hiraide Oil Store, Fukushima (Cold Press Oil

To this date, KAWASHIMAYA has teamed up with over 200 farmers, 100 craftsmen and 50 food and kitchenware manufacturing companies all across Japan. We want to deliver the best, authentic product possible for our customers who are highly aware of health and a sustainable environment. If you believe we have the same vision, please reach us out by all means!

What They Say About Us

Our Partners Opinion

Mr. Hirawake (Organic Hirawake Farm, Hokkaido)
We've been growing pesticide-free azuki beans and soybeans in Hokkaido for over 40 years.

Our business with KAWASHIMAYA goes way back. Their work ethics and support along the way has tremendously helped us, especially with their time and effort when we encountered difficult circumstances with production. With the growing demand year after year, We feel immensely grateful for the growing demand year after year, and will continue to work hand in hand with KAWASHIMAYA to deliver high-quality beans to many people.

Our Partners Opinion

Mr. Ogata (Organic Ogata Farm, Kumamoto)
We're growing pesticide-free brown rice in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. We have been doing business with KAWASHIMAYA for more than 5 years.

I'm grateful that the speciality of our brown rice can be enjoyed by customers through KAWASHIMAYA. Besides that, we also developed and sell black-grilled brown rice tea. The customer feedback is very helpful when developing new products with KAWASHIMAYA.

Our Partners Opinion

President Mr. Hiraide (Hiraide Oil Store, Fukushima)
We're making rapeseed oil and sesame oil with the traditional pressing method in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. We received a large amount of orders for rapeseed oil from KAWASHIMAYA every year.

We're also impressed by their product pricing strategy. By communicating our product’s value effectively to customers, we’re confident in the longevity of our products. We look forward to working closely with KAWASHIMAYA.

Our Partners Opinion

Okumoto Organic Farm
We are developing the Dokudami Tea product with KAWASHIMAYA. The system cooperates well in the development of our new products, and therefore is very reliable.

We are very excited to expand our market worldwide.
If you are a Wholesaler, Retailer, or Distributors with the same vision, we would like to offer a partnership for Wholesale Business.

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