Tokunoshima Spring Turmeric PowderRare spring turmeric from Tokunoshima in the Amami Islands, with freeze-dried processing to preserve nutrients and flavorIt made it easy to drink. Tokunoshima with a temperate climate...

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Tokunoshima Spring Turmeric Powder

Rare spring turmeric from Tokunoshima in the Amami Islands, with freeze-dried processing to preserve nutrients and flavorIt made it easy to drink. Tokunoshima with a temperate climate suitable for turmeric cultivation. With the rich soil of this areaSpring turmeric bred by organic pesticide-free chemical fertilizer, so you can drink with confidence.Please drink about 3 g / day as a guide. Spring turmeric containing plenty of essential oil ingredients and minerals.Please try as a means of maintaining your health.
 Good quality turmeric grown at contract farmers in Tokunoshima, the Amami Islands.Pesticides such as herbicides and chemical fertilizers are not used at all. We will freeze-dry process this raw turmeric and make it easy to drink and deliver it.
 Tokunoshima is one of the remote islands belonging to the Amami archipelago, located south of Yakushima.It has a subtropical climate and features warmth throughout the year. The circumference of the island is about 80 km.Due to the rich soil surrounded by the sea and the subtropical warm climate,It can be said to be one of the areas suitable for growing turmeric in the best quality in Japan.
 In order to drink with peace of mind, we carefully raised with no pesticide, no chemical fertilizer. The cultivated turmeric is subjected to a freeze-drying process and then subjected to a crusher,It is processed into powder.


What is freeze-drying?

In freeze-drying, foods and ingredients containing moisture are rapidly frozen at minus 30 ° C,It means to dry under reduced pressure after vacuuming. In the case of powdering, usually it is dried at high temperature and then powdered,Processing at high temperature will reduce the turmeric enzyme and nutrients. However, because freeze drying process does not treat high temperature, enzymes and nutrients do not escape,You can process fragrance to powder with almost no change. By adopting this method this time, without greatly impairing nutritional components and flavor contained in turmericWe are now able to deliver it to you. It is also excellent in resilience and solubility, it is very soluble in water, so you can drink easily.
 【Analytical test result】· Curcuminoids (curcumin class): 0.1055 g / 100 g- Breakdown -- Curcumin: 0.051 g / 100 g- demethoxycurcumin: 0.054 g / 100 g- bisdemethoxycurcumin 0.0005 g / 100 g essential oil: 1.7 ml / 100 g * Japan Food Research Laboratories Analysis
春ウコン 成分分析


Efficacy of spring turmeric

Spring turmeric is a perennial grass belonging to the ginkgo family Turmeric used for spices.The official name is Jiang Hu (Kyouou).In spring it is called spring turmeric because flowers bloom as soon as buds emerge from the turmeric rhizome. In spring turmeric, the polyphenol component "curcumin" is contained.It is a nice ingredient for those who enjoy a lot of liquor. In addition, more than 100 essential oil components such as Turmeron, Cineole, Azulen, Camphor etcIt is abundantly included.In addition, there are abundant minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Tokunoshima Spring Turmeric powder is rare among "Tokoro" from TokunoshimaWe use only 100% of turmeric in tropical pesticide-free fertilizer cultivation.


Tokundosima Spring Turmeric Powder Points to Note

· Product name: Tokunoshima Spring Turmeric powder 500 g (no pesticide · fertilizer cultivation)· Place of Origin: Tokunoshima Amami Islands· Contents amount: 500 g· Expiration date: stated in the product· Preservation method: Avoid heat and humidity, please save in cool dark place.
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