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Pine leaf powder 30 g (Hyogo prefecture-made organic-free cultivation)

What is powder from Hyogo Prefecture · pine leaf Pine leaves cultivated without agricultural chemicals are picked out in nature rich Hyogo prefecture upper county, dried,It was processed into a...
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Peach leaves drying 100 g Nagasaki prefecture produced (special cultivation) Fukushima farm

Peach leaves dry 100 g Nagasaki prefecture produced (special cultivation) What is Fukushima plantation?It is peach leaves of nature dry which made the peach leaves specially cultivated at Fukushima plantation...
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Sakuranoen Japanese black tea (Wakoucha) 60 g

Enjoy with a peace of mind, Pestides-Free with Non Chemical Fertilizer Cultivation Pestides-free・non chemical fertilizer cultivation tea making by「Sakuranoen」from the Kumamoto Prefecture, Black Tea with robust aroma, [Kurenai]. The tea...
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Deep Yoshino Wormwood fine powder 45 g (Organic · organic pesticide cultivation)

 What is Miyoshi Yoshino's fine powder? We have finished powdery wormwood in powder form by special processing. Because it is easy to dissolve in water, it is also ideal for hydration....
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Ku mA za Cytec powder 100g(Kochi Prefecture industries・no pesticide and pharmaceutical cultivation)

Veitchii powder 100g(Kochi Prefecture production・pesticide) is aKochi Prefecture production of pesticide-free of veitchii(隈笹,熊笹)dried, high quality parts easy to swallow powdery them. Water or hot water to melt it, feel free...
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