Peach leaves dry 100 g Nagasaki prefecture produced (special cultivation) What is Fukushima plantation?It is peach leaves of nature dry which made the peach leaves specially cultivated at Fukushima plantation...

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Peach leaves dry 100 g Nagasaki prefecture produced (special cultivation) What is Fukushima plantation?

It is peach leaves of nature dry which made the peach leaves specially cultivated at Fukushima plantation in Nagasaki prefecture sunny. Peach is familiar to us, but peach leaves are drunk as tea,The extract is effective for skin troubles such as rashes and eczema, as a lotionIt is also known to be used. Peach leaves contain tannin, magnesium, potassium and are said to have pharmacological action from long ago.The leaves have astringent action, and it seems that if you dry peach leaves in a bath it is effective for rash or eczema.
Currently it is hard to get raw leaves,Creams and bath additives containing peach leaf ingredients can be purchased easily in the market,There are many things that contain a lot of preservatives and alcohol-based extra ingredients. So we harvest raw peach leaves at Fukushima farm,I cleaned, cut, dried and bagged. As it is dried, you can put it in the bath as it is,After bathing after making the original lotion, you can use it for rashes and eczema,How you use is up to you. Peach leaves at Fukushima plantation are harvested by special cultivationYou can use it with confidence for your child. It is sliced ​​so that it can be used as it is for peach leaf extract and peach leaf tea.You can easily make it at home, please try it.

It is safe also for babies. How to make peach leaf lotion

Using peach leaves, it is easy to make natural additive lotion with little irritation.Since this item has finely peeled leaves which are dried,It is also ideal for peach leaf lotion making.

① Place 5 g of dried peach leaves against 500 ml of water in a pot and medium heat. ② Boil for 10 minutes, stop the boiling fire. (The fragrance of peach leaves will come out and boiled soup will come out.) ③ Wait until the cooked syrup cools as it is, leave the leaves and juice by tea strainer etc.④ After putting the broth made in ③ into a bottle etc (spray type is convenient) the lotion is completed. ※ Since preservatives etc. of alcohol etc are not used at all, it is easy to be painful. Please save it in the refrigerator, please use as much as possible as soon as possible within 3 to 4 days. A small bottle is recommended. If you add citric acid for about 1 cup of ear to 100 ml, it will last for a while. Please be careful as it becomes a burden to the skin if it is put too much. * People who have peach allergy, such as rash, may be seen by some people, so if you are worried, we recommend that you perform a patch test before use.

Sappari also in summer. How to enter peach's leaves

As a child's rash, as for summer skin trouble, the peach leaf bath will be effective. Put water in a pot and boil 10 to 50 g of dried peach leaves for about 10 minutes, it is ready.Please put this in a bath and slowly soak it. Eczema, rash, rough skin is also effective.

Efficacy as peach leaf lotion · peach leaf extract

Peach leaf extract which has long been used for skin trouble and skin disease improvement.Because it can expect antiphlogistic effect, metabolism improving effect, moisturizing and antioxidant actionEven now it is used for baby lotions that can be used for natural cosmetics and babiesBoiled out and put in a bath, has a strong popularity.

To skin trouble

Polyphenols contained in peach leaf extract have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects,It has effects on skin troubles such as heat rash, acne and eczema.

For beautiful skin and anti-aging

Tannin helps to improve skin inflammation from anti-inflammatory action and metabolic activation,There are also subcutaneous fat by Emulcin and the keratolytic action of the skin, so beautiful skin effect that glad to women can be expected.

Skin care after sunburn

Because peach leaf extract has anti-inflammatory effect, metabolic effect improving effect, moisturizing and antioxidant action alsoIt can also be expected as a measure against skin trouble after sunburn.

Relax with a gentle scent. How to make peach leaf tea

Peach leaf tea does not contain caffeine, so you can drink safely even before going to bed. Place 1 to 2 tablespoons of water 0.5 liters to 1 liter of water and dried peach leaves and put them in a kettle or pot.Stop the fire if it boils, sprinkle the tea leaves with tea leaves etc, please enjoy it. If you make it easily with teapot, please add 1 to 2 tablespoons of hot water, please drink 3 to 4 minutes. ※ This is an example, so you can drink with the desired strength by changing the boiling time and amount.

Efficacy as a peach leaf tea

Fix blood circulation and healthy blood vessels

Magnesium has a role of lowering blood pressure, keeping the blood circulation normal, and so on.Antioxidant action of tannin prevents oxidation of cholesterol and keeps the blood vessel supple.

To help metabolism, to prevent swelling

From the inclusion of potassium and magnesium, which are particularly necessary for improvement of swelling among mineralsPeach leaf tea is thought to help diuretic action · swelling.Potassium has the effect of promoting the elimination of extra moisture.

To relieve constipation and diarrhea

Peach leaf tea contains oleic acid and magnesium, which act as a lubricant in the intestine,Tannins to tighten the intestines and improve diarrhea are included.It is said that these ingredients have an intestinal action, and it helps to prevent and relieve constipation and diarrhea.

To make skin beautiful

It is thought that not only lotion but also beauty skin effect from the inside can be expected even if it is drunk.It is thought that tannin contained in peach leaves has a whitening effect, a work that tightens skin and pores,It is thought that it is good for preventing aging of the skin because it has antioxidant effect.In addition, magnesium works to prevent rough skin,Emulcin is thought to have subcutaneous fat and keratin degradation promoting action.

Active ingredient of peach leaves

■ Tannin (extinguishing action, activation of metabolism, detoxification action, antioxidant action)■ Magnesium (Energy Metabolism Assistance)■ Oleic acid (bad cholesterol removal action, gastric acid secretion action, intestinal action)Amygdalin (anticancer effect, analgesic effect, bactericidal action)■ Elmsin (subcutaneous fat decomposition action, keratolysis of the skin)

Peach leaf that has been useful for beauty and health from ancient times

Peaches are deciduous Kodaka trees of the genus Sakura of the Rosaceae family, they are sweet in the early summer and are on the market.It is said that leaves are effective for skin diseases such as rash, rough skin, eczema and the like if extracting the extract,It has been used in various ways since long ago, such as being considered good for blood circulation and beautiful skin if you drink it. From ancient times in China, peach has been thought to bring sacred power, paying off evil and bringing immortality and longevity.Even in Kampo, it has effects on women's beauty and various troubles concerning health, and it is utilized. In Japan it seems that cultivated species were transmitted in the late Yayoi era,It also appears in Kojiki's scene, and fairy tales of Momotaro's demons are widely famous.It seems that it was supposed to pay bad things as well. The Hina Matsuri called "Momo Festival""Uemi's festival" praying for health by purifying the body's impurity is considered to be the beginningThere are various opinions on this, but peaches excel evil · Faithful things that symbolize birth,It is thought that the peach blossoms match the image of the woman. In the Edo period, peach blossoms and rice cakes etc. are decorated with dolls just as it is nowIt was said that it was possible to form a girls' festival as a festival of girls,In addition, as a custom made for the summer soil of the hottest seasonIt is thought that peach leaves that take peach leaves into the bath penetrated into everyday life. Although for a while it was forgotten as an old habit,In recent years again "peach leaves" attracted attention from the growing of natural consciousness,Lotion water, bathing agent, soap etc. containing peach leaf extract are on sale.

This peach leaf has already been analyzed residual pesticide at once

Peach leaves at Fukushima Farm have received special cultivation certification,Pesticide residual agricultural chemical analysis test is already done.The result that all pesticide ingredients are undetected comes out. Small children and those pregnant also feel relievedYou can use.残留農薬一斉分析結果 福島農園桃の葉* Click on the image to open the enlarged screen In addition, Fukushima Farm has received Eco Farmer certification.エコファーマー認定 福島農園桃の葉* Click on the image to open the enlarged screen 

About Fukushima Farm

It is an introduction of Fukushima plantation located at the foot of Mt. Unzen volcano of Minami Shimabara in Nagasaki Prefecture. "Fukushima plantation operated leaf tobacco and beef cattle, but on November 17, 1990Unzen Fugendake awakens and volcanic activity began.A large pyroclastic flow occurred on June 3, 1991, and the Fukushima plantation was forced to evacuate. From the evacuation life on September 15 the same year large pyroclastic flow occurred and the houses of Fukushima FarmThe beef that had kept was also burned away.At that time, the large typhoon was approaching and where I had evacuated to temporary housing due to blackoutIt did not pass electricity, too, it was too hot and humid as volcanic ash was falling down to open the window.In the meantime, home and barn were burnt by pyroclastic flow, then it was just hopeless. However, we have achieved recovery from everyone in Fukae Town. Both leaf tobacco and beef cattle are now spreading to production as usual.Regrettably Fukushima Farm also discontinued leaf tobacco and beef cattle due to this disasterInstead, I started to cultivate the house.
The crop in the house somehow became peach. I do not know why it is a peach.However, I began making peaches and finally saw confidence and hope for over ten years. Although it is still a young man as a peach producerUsing one year a year of study, know-how and skillsI hope to continue making delicious fruit trees every year for delicious peaches. "

Remarks of peach leaves

When made into lotion, it does not contain preservatives, so it is easily damaged.Please save it in the refrigerator and try to use it within 3 to 4 days from the creation as much as possible. It is said that it is less irritating and can be used for babiesPlease note those who have peach allergy.If you are worried, we recommend patch testing before use.
 Ingredients: peach leavesContents: 100 gStorage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please save at room temperature.Production: Fukushima plantation in Nagasaki prefectureShelf Life: Items listed
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