Yuzu Kosho Made With Domestic Ingredients   Yuzu kosho is an all purpose citrus chili paste. It’s made from yuzu skin, salt, and chili. You can use this as a...

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Yuzu Kosho Made With Domestic Ingredients



Yuzu kosho is an all purpose citrus chili paste. It’s made from yuzu skin, salt, and chili. You can use this as a topping, dipping sauce, or mix it into a dish.

This yuzu kosho is made with a special ingredient such as "Hagi Yuzu" made in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the Chugoku Mountain Range, the land is blessed with temperature differences and clear air, making it a perfect environment for growing yuzu.

From the planned cultivation of raw materials to the completion of the product, we continue to stick to the taste and aroma of the yuzu and manufacture them in Hagi Factory located in a town with clean air, and we put a lot of effort into it by hand.

Hagi Yuzu That Grows In Natural Environment

Hagi City of Yamaguchi Prefecture has long been cultivating yuzu in the area.

If you go deep in the mountains, you will see yuzu trees that grow naturally, and some areas are even designated as national natural forest because of the beauty of the landscape.

Yuzu is cultivated in a part of this natural area, and hagi yuzu is made in an environment where pesticides do not reach so as not to destroy the natural environment.


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What You Need to Know About Yuzu Kosho, The Flavorful Citrus Chili Paste

With a sharp tangy taste and a spicy kick, yuzu kosho is the new trendy condiment that is loved by many. Although it might be difficult to obtain, this condiment is so simple that you can easily make it at home. This article introduces all you need to know about this all purpose citrus chili paste to enhance a range of dishes, its versatile uses and recipes to incorporate Yuzu Kosho seamlessly.

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Additive-Free, Coloring-Free, Natural Taste And Aroma



No additives such as fragrances or colorings are used in this yuzu kosho so you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients and the beautiful natural colors and flavors.

A unique blend of green and yellow yuzu skin to give off an aromatic fragrance. You can enjoy the rich scent of yuzu even though it does not use chemical fragrance.

It is also made with domestically produced salt and chili peppers

Most of the chili peppers used in yuzu kosho usually are imported from overseas, such as China. This is because Japan’s production of chili peppers is only 200 tons per year, which is less than 3% of the peak (7000 tons in 1963 is the highest).

However, due to our strong commitment to make "domestic yuzu kosho," we have ordered precious Japanese chili peppers and used them in this product.

Yuzu Kosho Product Line Up

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    Green Yuzu Kosho

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    Red Yuzu Kosho

8 Ideas on How to Use Yuzu Kosho

A collection of delicious usage ideas for Yuzu Kosho, which is given to those who are worried that they still have a lot of yuzu kosho left and don’t know what to do with it. After reading this, you won't have to worry about what to put Yuzu Kosho on!

1. Hot pot x Yuzu kosho
When there is hot pot means there is yuzu kosho. Just add a spoon to eliminate the odor of meat and spread the refreshing taste and aroma in the broth.
2. Pasta x Yuzu
Add yuzu kosho to Japanese-style peperoncino. It goes well with Japanese-style ingredients such as seaweed, enoki mushrooms, and salty soy sauce.
3. Meat x Yuzu Kosho
Yuzu Kosho is an excellent item that enhances a dish with a spicy and appetizing taste just by adding it. It goes especially well with meat.
Salad Dressing x Yuzu Kosho
Yuzu kosho is also great to combine with yuzu based salad dressing or ponzu sauce.
5. Staple food x Yuzu
Yuzu kosho, which has a spicy flavor, enhances the gentle sweetness of rice and wheat. You can add yuzu kosho to rice balls or sandwiches.
6. Drinking Snacks x Yuzu
Spicy Yuzu Kosho goes well with beer, sake, shochu, highball and other alcoholic beverages. You can add them to your drinking snacks.
7. Western-style food x Yuzu Kosho
Yuzu Kosho is loved overseas. It can be used as a marinade before grilling meat and fish, or as a sauce for garlic shrimp and sautéed fish.
8. Ethnic food x Yuzu
There are times when citrus-scented herbs such as lemongrass or bai makrut appear in ethnic cooking recipes. If you happen to not have any of those ingredients, you can substitute them with yuzu kosho.

Recommended Yuzu Kosho Recipe

Yuzu pepper stimulates your appetite refreshingly in the summer and will warm you up in the winter. From among the many Yuzu Kosho recipes, here are three simple recipes that will allow you to enjoy the charm of Yuzu Kosho.

Yuzu Pepper Chicken Meatball Hot Pot

Yuzu kosho has a vivid aroma and taste when added as a condiment at the end, but when added to meatballs, it has a mild and harmonious taste. You can also use chicken thighs or pork instead of fish balls to make it delicious, and if you replace the soup stock with soy milk, you can enjoy a different taste.
Cooking Time30Minutes

Chicken Meatball Ingredient

Minced Chicken
Burdock Root
Cotton tofu
Yuzu Kosho
1 teaspoon
Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon


Long Green Onion
Chinese Cabbage
4 Leaves
Fried Tofu

Broth Ingredient

Dashi stock
1 Litre
Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoon
Cooking Sake
2 Tablespoon
A pinch

How to Make

Finely chop the burdock root and boil it lightly. Drain the tofu and fried tofu from the tofu water and cut it into pieces that are easy to eat with green onions and Chinese cabbage.
Put all the chicken meatball ingredients in a bowl and mix well by hand until sticky.
Add the dashi stock, cooking sake, and soy sauce into the hot pot. Spoon the meatball dough and shape them into small balls, then add them to the hot pot broth.
Add chinese cabbage, long green onion, and tofu to the hot pot. Then heat the hot pot
Taste the hot pot and add salt if you think it's not salty enough

Yuzu Kosho Mushroom Pasta

We added the flavor of mushrooms and garlic to a trio of butter, seaweed, and yuzu pepper. It's easy to make and delicious.
Cooking Time20Minutes


Shimeji Mushrooms
1 Clove
2 Pieces(Cut thinly)
2 Tablespoons
Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon
Yuzu Kosho
1 Teaspoon
One pinch

How to Make

Take the mushrooms and chop them into bite-sized pieces. Then, mince the garlic. After that, dissolve the yuzu pepper in soy sauce.
Add water to a pot, add salt, and boil the pasta until your preferred softness
Oil the fry pan, add minced garlic and cook until fragrant. Then, add the mushrooms.
Add yuzu kosho soy sauce mix to the fry pan, add butter, and a small amount of pasta water. Stir well until forming a sauce
Add the boiled pasta to the sauce. If necessary, you can add more salt.
Plate the pasta with thinly cut seaweed on top

Yuzu Kosho Dressing

A dressing with an irresistible mellow scent of yuzu.

If you replace the vinegar with ponzu vinegar and add a small amount of yuzu kosho, you will get a Japanese-style dressing. It is recommended not only for Japanese salads, but also for caprese and carpaccio.
Cooking Time5Minutes


Olive Oil or Sesame Oil
2 Tablespoon
1 Teaspoon
Yuzu Kosho
1 Teaspoon

How to Make

Add yuzu kosho to a small bowl and dilute with olive oil or sesame oil
As you pour vinegar, stir the dressing until it's fully emulsified. The dressing is ready to use!

Product Detail

Product Name Red Yuzu Kosho 150gr
Ingredients Yuzu, Red Chili Peppers, Salt
Quantity 150g
Storing Guide Keep away from sunlight and don't put in place with high humidity. Keep in the fridge after opening
Origin Yamaguchi prefecture, Oita prefecture, and Kagawa prefecture
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