The user interface for this oil is The user interface for this oil,fresh rice bran(brown rice epidermis and germ), extracted from vegetable oils, with excellent characteristics. Fried food color and...

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The user interface for this oil is

The user interface for this oil,fresh rice bran(brown rice epidermis and germ), extracted from vegetable oils, with excellent characteristics. Fried food color and fried, the taste is also lightly after eating, stomach or not. Cooking, color and odor, but no tempura or frying and stir-fry the opponent to complement the Japanese cuisine is especially perfect forOxidation stability is good after cooking of tempura or frying, such as delicious will be long-lasting.Also, the domestic raw materials 100%of the recombinant worries have not. The nutritional value is vitamin E rich. Alpha・tocopherol and tocotrienols areStrong antioxidant effect, especially the tocotrienols are the super vitamin E called,TV work has now become a hot topic. Furthermore, the rice-specific oryzanol, and antioxidant effect,such as pharmaceutical also used.食物油 specific nutrients in your food sterols, unsaturated fatty acids can accumulate in the body, andOf cholesterol in the body, inhibit the absorption ingredients. HDL good cholesterol values without reducing the LDL, bad cholesterol numbers, lowering the job.
サンワユイル こめ油

The user interface for this oil features

Reducing cholesterol levels it is said that oleic acid and linoleic acid, good balance included.Oil is linoleic acid or oleic acid,linolenic acid like many fatty acids are composed.Soybean oil and corn oil,all flowers in oil (high linoleic)such as linoleic acid, and manyConversely, rapeseed oil and olive oil is oleic acid contains a lot of.Against it,this oil is oleic acid of about 42%,linoleic acid of about 37%and very well balanced Oil to prevent oxidation of the work is vitamin E and the Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases help called oryzanol include.【Vitamin E(tocopherol)】Antioxidant in the body and protects lipids from oxidation in cells, which helps to maintain healthy nutrients.Japanese intake of vitamin E and about 30% of the vegetable oil from the intake to the status quo.High quality vitamin E oil from the skin. 【γ-oryzanol(gamma-oryzanol)】Rice oil specific nutrients in menopause, 胃腸神経症 such as the improvement of these springs are said to be effective in.Complex modern society people indispensable nutrients. Taste is lightly after eating, stomach it is less.Fried food when the smell of the appetite is diminished. that the“oil sickness”of the phenomenon of the substance causing the occurrence of the amount ofThis oil is the other oil as compared to less heating smell is also very mild here.Dressing and mayonnaise is perfect. Fried food color and fried it. Fry also like.Fried foods as seeds and clothing from the water evaporating from the foam can,frying and greasiness will cause.This oil is foaming in deep-fried food color and fried can.
サンワユイル こめ油
Oxidation stability is excellent, always delicious.Fried foods to 40 ° C, and store the putrid smell occurs is a result of measurement,This oil is overwhelmingly long time of fried food quality and to keep the.This is the home of the dishes of deliciousness that keep. Domestic production of rice bran as a raw material, because genetically there is no need to worry about.This oil is fresh, the brown rice's Bran and germ from the domestically produced raw material was used only in cooking oil,The gene recombinant of concern is not safe and secure.
サンワユイル こめ油

The user interface for this oil testimonials

Is る る る る customer(woman in her 30s)The house is fried with everything else. Section without, so easy to use.

The user interface for this oil the staff of the voice

Living alone and first try to think of who to recommend. Affordable size for the oil commodity. Simple taste and odor, fried food and also deterioration of fried oil to reuse, the price for and oil.Fried foods, cookies, and finish, and the aftertaste is also refreshing and fun. Brown rice nutrition and gear, and the rice bran layer from the vegetable oil.Also, reducing cholesterol levels and said oleic acid and linoleic acid, good balance of included,Cholesterol is higher,your weight is anxious, the diet of people in the world. If you want to not greasy the oil of attraction for everyone.

The user interface for this oil diffuse balsam fir oil in an améo diffuser for respiratory and intestinal support

Tempura and fried foods also, of course, recommended for,This is without the flavours more in other cooking applications. 【Oil to cook rice in my rice boiling, when the kettle during the 3 together for 1 teaspoon/about 3"of oil"add the mix from the rice, andSweetness of flavor, and delicious. Originally rice bran that is made from the oil, the compatibility with rice is outstanding and the flavor is added in.The components of oil thanks to the cold and also the Christian and so it is. 【Oil to the bread coating】 baked bread to margarine instead of the one to eat the rest of the world.Is this for oil of how to use it.
サンワユイル こめ油
【Oil effective take from this for the oil alone to eat, of course, also arteriosclerosis effective in the Prevention ofVitamin C together to be ingested.And even that effect is up. Vegetables such as contains a lot of vitamin C to the antioxidant activity(prevent oxidation action), andVitamin E and vitamin C together take and a effectively can be absorbed and have. However, vitamin C is sensitive to heat it for example to the saladThis for a little bit of oil from the dressing as I like to eat, to raise the effects to it.
サンワユイル こめ油

The user interface for this oil from the producer of the message

◎Modern era and affluence only to pursue from the era,authentic,health-conscious, the food will have to change.Thanks to you,the customer from a great deal of credit to obtain, the Commercial Center for oil production and sales for free. ◎This challenge fromThis oil is one many people use for everyone to contribute to the health of you can I hope you.Also, the oil and the rice bran using innovation challengeFrom this, the Mizuho village may recover to receive your natural power for the employees and everyone in order to meet the expectations of our customers. Yamaguchi, President and CEO code 左衛門

The user interface for this oil on the use of note・storage method・other

サンワユイル こめ油
[Precautions]*The oil is heated too much in this catalog to prevent Smoking and / or burning, it. The heating medium is please do not leave your.*Water or oil heating, or heating oil to water, the oil will fly, I will burn you.*Fresh cooking oil is sunlight and air hate. After opening the cap to a cool place, you all please enjoy as soon as possible 【How to save】Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight please. 【Nutrition facts】Per 100gEnergy...900kcalLipid...100gProtein, carbohydrates, sodium...0mgVitamin E...39mgCholesterol...0mggamma-oryzanol...210mgTocotrienols...63mgPlant sterols...996mg
サンワユイル こめ油
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