Have you ever drank vaginal vinegar?

Moromi vinegar with a somewhat delicious sound name. I've heard of the name, but I wonder if there are many people who actually answered "No" if they have actually drunk? Actually, until I wrote this article, I did not drink moromi vinegar. It is a moromi vinegar that was not familiar with everyday life, but its health benefits are now drawing attention as special features are assembled in television and magazines etc. I would like to write about moromi vinegar which is not known unexpectedly this time.

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Moromi vinegar · Ryukyus moromi vinegar and

Moromi vinegar refers to vinegar made from the distillation bottoms of mash which is born during the awamori manufacturing process. As the name Ryukyu moromi vinegar is penetrating, it is characteristic that it is a famous product of Okinawa Prefecture and contains abundant nutrition. It is also attractive to have a lot of mild flavors, easy to drink and easy to incorporate into cuisine. It has become clear in recent research that there are various health effects, related products such as those containing black koji mold and those with brown sugar are appearing one after another. This time we will introduce the efficacy of moromi vinegar and the recipe for delicious eating.

What is the measure of intake of moromi vinegar?

It is said that the daily intake amount of moromi vinegar is 30 ml. In order to sustain the effect for a long time, rather than ingesting 30 ml at a time, ingestion in three divided doses can efficiently obtain the effect of moromi vinegar. Momuri vinegar It may be diluted depending on the product, so it is best that the intake amount conforms to the description of the product.

Moromi vinegar is stomach-friendly drinking water

Moromi vinegar does not actually contain 'acetic acid'. Vinegar products containing about 3% acetic acid are called "vinegar." Moromi vinegar does not contain that acetic acid, so strictly speaking it is said to be "refreshing drink." Because it does not contain acetic acid, there is no irritating odor which makes it unique to vinegar products. The acetic acid ingredient may become a factor that causes the stomach to become rough to the weak one of the stomach, but because there is no acetic acid ingredient in moromi vinegar, we can drink safely even those weak in the stomach. Moromi vinegar is a healthy drink that is gentle to the body and gastrointestinal tract.

Moromi vinegar is full of citric acid

Sports drinks and health drinks also contain plenty of citric acid familiar. Citric acid is the source of energy when we move our bodies. You can get fatigue recovery and other health benefits by ingesting citric acid efficiently with moromi vinegar etc.

Amino acids also have high health benefits

Moromi vinegar contains abundant amino acids in addition to citric acid as described above. Amino acids are constituents of proteins and are doing important work to make our bodies and continue activities to live. Amino acids act on parts such as internal organs, skin, and muscles, and they are materials for their activity. By ingesting at the same time as citric acid, it is expected to have an effect of activating enzymes called lipases and burning fat.

Five health benefits brought by citric acid of moromi vinegar

Moromi vinegar contains various nutrients, and attention is gaining attention to its health effect. Here, we introduce representative efficacy that momoi vinegar brings.

Health benefit 1Diet effect

Originally it is said that diet can be expected to be effective for vinegar, but moromi vinegar is certainly not an exception. Amino acid contained in vinegar and citric acid ingredient have a function to help burn fat, and it is said that the effect of diet is high by its elements.

Health benefit 2Fatigue recovery effect

Late acid accumulates in the body, probably becoming an acidic body, such as after exercise or when you are tired from work. It is said that the abundant amount of citric acid contained in moromi vinegar decomposes lactic acid and saccharides and changes the acidic body to alkaline and restores fatigue.

Health benefit 3Skin beauty effect

Citric acid contained in moromi vinegar has an effect to increase skin metabolism, to prevent spots and to preserve youthful skin. Moreover, it is said that it has an effect also on rough skin etc, and women can expect a pleasant efficacy / effect.

Health benefit 4Reduction of blood cholesterol level

Recent studies showed that moromi vinegar has the effect of decreasing blood cholesterol level. It is said to be useful for prevention of lifestyle diseases by suppressing the coterie sterol value which has been raised by an irregular life.

Health benefit 5Hypertension prevention

Moromi vinegar is rich in citric acid, amino acids, GABA (gaba), potassium etc. It is said that these ingredients have the effect of lowering blood pressure. There is no immediate effect, but it is said that improving the constitution of hypertension by drinking continues.

Moromi vinegar's diet effect is true! What?

The organic acid component (citric acid and amino acid) contained in moromi vinegar is said to have fat burning effect.

In case

Moromi vinegar diet is aerobic exercise and

Upon ingestion of these two ingredients, you can expect the effect of activating enzymes in the body, decomposing visceral fat and subcutaneous fat and decreasing it. Aerobic exercise is effective as a method to further enhance this fat burning effect. Aerobic exercise
  • ·jogging
  • ·walking
  • ·swimming
It is said that it is good to do these thirty to forty minutes after ingestion of moromi vinegar. Even if you drink moromi vinegar, fat burning effect can be obtained, but by itself it can not exceed the calorie you consume day by day. A diet method such as thinning by simply drinking is a mistaken way of thinking
It is a point of moromi vinegar diet that you exercise and increase fat burning efficiency efficiently.

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Moromi vinegar makes my skin beautiful

Moromi vinegar diet was done, and some people said that the skin became beautiful at the same time as weight loss. It is said that the ingredients contained in moromi vinegar increases skin metabolism and has the effect of accelerating the reborn of the skin.

How to drink millet vinegar delicious

Moromi vinegar, unlike normal vinegar products, does not contain acetic acid ingredients, so you can drink the amount of your choice is fine. We will get bored only by dividing it with water every time, so here we introduce delicious drinking method of momo vinegar, easy-to-make recipe and so on.

Lemon fracture of moromi vinegar

Put ice and cool feeling up! It is perfect for days with high humidity such as summer and rainy season. Vitamin is also easy to drink, it is refreshing moromi vinegar health drink.
Cooking timeFiveMinute


· Momokuri vinegar
50 ml
50 ml
· Lemon juice
5 ml

How to make

Pour molasses vinegar and lemon juice into a glass and mix.
Finally put water and ice and stir it.

Momo vinegar yoghurt

It is excellent compatibility with mild flavor of moromi vinegar and fruits and it is excellent yoghurt. You can add honey and feel more snack.
Cooking timeTenMinute


· Momokuri vinegar
Onlook 1
200 g

How to make

I will mix milk vinegar with strawberry bananas and strawberries that took off.
Put yoghurt and put honey etc as you like and it is complete.

Momon vinegar marinade

It is a sweet and sour marinade of mini tomatoes. It is a recommend recipe that also takes nutrients of moromi vinegar plus tomato nutrients.
Cooking timeTenMinute


·Olive oil
1 tablespoon
· Momokuri vinegar
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
One knob
· Lemongrass
a little

How to make

Warm mini tomato with hot water and peel the peel.
Put all the materials in a tupper and put it in a refrigerator.
It is completed overnight.

Momo vinegar pickles

It is pickles using moromi vinegar instead of vinegar. It is a handy health recipe that can also take dietary fiber with plenty of citric acid.
Cooking time1Day


· Momokuri vinegar
150 cc
· Cucumber
1/2 book
· Cracked sugar
Spoonful of tablespoon 5
·seven spice blend
1 teaspoon

How to make

Cut the cucumber and carrot into sizes that are easy to eat ※ If there is room in the stuff you can even stick it OK
Put moromi vinegar in Ziploc, add sugar, salt, Shichigi chilli and mix
Put the cut vegetables in it and complete it overnight in this state.

Q for moromi vinegar&A

I heard that you can not lose weight if you drink moromi vinegar
Moromi vinegar is supposed to obtain the auxiliary effect of fat burning to the end, so it is not possible to diet even if you drink vinegar alone. You can expect the effect of making exercise while drinking vinegar to make up a thinner constitution.
What is different from ordinary vinegar and black vinegar?
Normally, vinegar is made from white rice and brown rice. Moromi vinegar.Is vinegar made from the distillation bottoms that goes out during the awamori manufacturing process. It's less acidic than vinegar and easy to drink, so it's popular among those who drink as a supplement.
How long is the expiration date of moromi vinegar?
It is about 2 years or so, but if it is unopened the vinegar will not hurt too much so you can use it even after the expiration date. There are cases where the taste of vinegar is falling in the case of being opened, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could use as soon as possible.
Muppermy vinegar supplements are more effective?
We do not exactly verify the effect after ingestion of supplement and liquid mash, so we can not understand the degree of effect. * In the American research institution, there was a report that the liquid one is effective, but which ingredient is not disclosed. However, in terms of freshness of moromi vinegar, obviously liquid is better. Also, I think that not only the health benefits of moromi vinegar but also the liquid is superior in terms of enjoying "taste".
Do you always have brown sugar in moromi vinegar?
There is no mention that brown sugar is contained in all moromi vinegar products. There are also many products that sell brown sugar for easy drinking as a soft drink. I think that you can judge by reading the item description under consideration.

Recommended moromi vinegar

Moromi vinegar is not only delicious, but its health benefits are also drawing attention in recent years. Here we introduce moromi vinegar recommended for Kawashimaya handling.
Kamimura sake brewery
Ryukyus moromi vinegar
Natural fermented Ryukyus moromi vinegar. It is characteristic that it is easy to drink with brown sugar from Okinawa.
Price: 2500 yen Size: 900ml
Product page here
泡盛百年酢720ML 琉球もろみ酢
Ishikawa sake brewery
Awamori 100-year vinegar Ryukyus moromi vinegar
"Awamori Hyakka vinegar" is a black koji fermented citric acid drink that makes it easier to drink by adding Okinawan brown sugar to "Moromi vinegar" rich in useful ingredients
Price: 2380 yen Size: 720 ml
Product page here
Helios sake brewery
Black koji vinegar (fragrance)
Rich in citric acid Ryukyus moromi vinegar. The brewery of Awamori who knew the living black koji mold continues to build responsibly under certain technology and quality control.
Price: 1800 yen Size: 720 ml
Product page here

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