Ever since thousands of years ago, natto has been a staple breakfast food in Japan. Natto is believed to have multiple health benefits that it has become a folk remedy for heart diseases and fatigue. Today, the health benefits of natto have been proven by multiple scientific research. An enzyme...

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Natto is a popular fermented soybean food in Japan since ancient times. It is considered to have a unique flavor, with a strong smell and sticky texture. If we look behind that unique taste, natto is rich in nutrients that may even surprise you. Natto has high vitamin K2 content,...

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【How to make natto movie】 Hello, welcome to Kawashima the Japanstore.In this article, I will explain brief information about natto and an easy way to make natto using natto starter Contents List What is Natto? The Nutrients of Natto, a Superfood from Japan Types of Natto You Need to Know...

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