Maybe you’ve heard about the famous 45 days aged steak. It’s known for its tenderness and its interesting funky flavor. Just as described by the name, this steak is aged for 30 to 45 days in a sterile storage with controlled air-flow, temperature, and humidity to enhance the texture and...

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This tutorial by Kawashima The Japanstore shows how to rehydrate dried koji in your kitchen, by taking advices from dried koji manufacturer themselves. Contents List/目次 What Is Dried Koji How to Use Dried Koji How to Rehydrate Dried Rice Koji What to prepare Process of Rehydrating Dried Koji Important Points...

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“Is koji different from koji spore and koji starters?”“How many kinds of koji can I find and how to use them?” This article is about the complete guide about koji and everything you need to learn about it.Let's dive further into the Japanese fermentation food culture! Contents List/目次 What is...

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