On November 13 2019, we visited Food Diversity Multicultural EXPO, the Food Diversity Culture is expanding towards the Tokyo Olympic 2020.


picture from Expo 2019 Food Diversity

We attended "Toward the Tokyo 2020, the last chance! Learn steps by steps of Food Diversity Support that can be done from a single steps". Through this seminar, we received basic understanding and steps for how to support Food Diversity in Japan for Tokyo Olympic 2020. Food diversity refers to different types of eating diet among the five mainstream types of eating which are Halal, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-free, and Vegetarian. The seminar started by giving us the reason, problem and conclusion for the problems.

The existance of Food Diversity in Japan

What are reason of the increasing needs to provide food diversity environment?

  1. To create an environment where exchange students who came to Japan for studying are able to eat with peaceful mind
  2. To create an environment where travelers are able to eat with peaceful of mind while travelling in Japan
  3. To establish a system to secure foreign personnel in order to maintain corporate employments (understanding the employers) for stabilizing the local and global enterprise
  4. To sustain the local industry by exporting local product to the world by making a specifications

picture from Expo 2019 Food Diversity

What are the problem?

  1. Misunderstanding in conveying the information from the customer to the Travel companies to the owner of the restaurant till the chef. This long chain created lots of misunderstanding.
  2. The ways of how foreigner sees Japan
  3. What are the customer expectations from the Japanese traditional foods

What we need to do?

  1. Lets think like a vegetarian
  2. Let's arrange new menu for Halal and Vegetarian foods
  3. Let's properly tell the customer what we can provide and let them decide whether to eat or not

Towards Tokyo 2020


When think the difficulties encountered such as Vegan, is restricted to eat dairy product, egg, and honey. While Muslim only eat Halal foods. In order to understand them, we have to try to put our place in their shoes. If we were to travel to their place, and there is nothing we can eat because of the differences in the taste or appetite. We would also feel very lonely, sad and even despair. Food reflects our culture and being. That is how food is important for every each of us.

Therefore what can be concluded from the seminar is the environment where everyone can eat together with peace of mind is not far from the future. Besides that, this venture will create more business oppurtunities for the local enterprise to reach the global platform. The outcome of it, the Japanese food will be accessable not only inside Japan, but also outside of Japan.

About The Writer

Hello, this is Sekar and Farhan. We are currently working as content marketing interns at Kawashima The Japanstore. I’m (Sekar) from Indonesia, and Farhan is from Malaysia. Both of us are interested in food diversity so we visit Multicultural EXPO to see how Japanese food companies are making an effort to understand and open themselves to a more diverse market. We hope you find this event report useful. Thank you for visiting our site.