Unfiltered Nigori Vinegars KAWASHIMAYA unfiltered nigori vinegars are brewed with acetic acid bacteria that have been preserved in a brewery that was established in Edo Period. This Set will include:1...

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Unfiltered Nigori Vinegars

Unfiltered Nigori Vinegar 3 Bottles Set

KAWASHIMAYA unfiltered nigori vinegars are brewed with acetic acid bacteria that have been preserved in a brewery that was established in Edo Period.

This Set will include:
1 Unfiltered Nigori Pure Rice Vinegar (1000ml)
1 Unfiltered Nigori Pure Persimmon Vinegar (1000ml)
1 Unfiltered Nigori Apple Cider Vinegar (1000ml)

These vinegars are characterized by these points:
・ Unfiltered, so the live cultures remain intact
・ No added alcohol
・ Made with static fermentation method inherited from the Edo period

Vinegar Drink

Enjoy the excellent compatibility between honey and vinegar. This is a recommended recipe for when you want to drink vinegar easily.

Preparation Time5Minutes
Vinegar Drink


1 Tablespoon
・Warm Water
1 Tablespoon

How to Make

Mix the vinegar with water
Add the honey
Add lemon if you like, and enjoy!

Important Points Regarding Unfiltered Nigori Vinegar


Kawashimaya's Nigori vinegar contains live acetic acid bacteria, so when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, the bacteria are activated and rarely a film-like substance is formed on the surface of the vinegar. The membrane does not harm the human body, but it does impair the flavor of vinegar. Therefore, we recommend the following methods:

  • ・If unopened, avoid high temperature and humidity and store in a cool and dark place
  • ・It is recommended to store in the refrigerator after opening
  • ・Shake the vinegar well before use
  • ・Please use up as much as possible within 3 months after opening

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink vinegar as it is?
You can drink it undiluted, but be aware that there is a risk of damaging your teeth and stomach. It's recommended to dilute it and take it well.

When should I drink vinegar?
Drinking on an empty stomach can hurt your stomach. It is said that taking it with rice and potatoes has the effect of suppressing the rise in blood sugar level, so why not take it during meals? If you feel that the acidity of the vinegar spoils the flavor of the side dish, you may want to take it after a meal.

I divide vinegar with water and drink it, but I find it difficult to drink. Is there other recommended way to drink?
Mixing it with milk or soy milk instead of water may reduce the sharp acidity of vinegar. Add honey to make it even milder. Please also refer to the recipe introduced in the article.

Product Detail

Product Name Unfiltered Nigori Pure Rice Vinegar, Unfiltered Pure Persimmon Vinegar, Unfiltered Nigori Apple Cider Vinegar
Quantity 1000ml x 3 Bottles (Nigori Pure Rice Vinegar, Nigori Pure Persimmon Vinegar, Nigori Apple Cider Vinegar)
Ingredient Unfiltered Nigori Pure Rice Vinegar: Rice (From Saga Prefecture)
Unfiltered Pure Persimmon Vinegar: Fuyu Persimmon (From Kyushuu)
Unfiltered Nigori Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple (From Nagano)
Storage Guide Please keep away from direct sunlight and don’t put it at places with high temperature or humidity.
Product Origin Japan

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