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DVD"loquat leaf 温灸・base of 40 minutes the course"and is Loquat leaves 温灸 of"base Board"of the WHO explained about 20 minutes of the DVD. Concrete 温灸...
ビワの葉温灸 ツボ療法 神谷富雄・著(158ページ)
Naturopathic researcher・Kamiya Tomio teacher's book loquat leaves 温灸 acupressure therapy(158 pages)and isOver the years the loquat leaf therapy to the spread of the initiative known...
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View of therapy for all(a monthly business and health illustration collection)loquat leaves hyperthermia dissemination society (A5 size・32 pages)and isLoquat leaves hyperthermia dissemination meeting will be...
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